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Young Entitled Liberal Caught On Video ASSAULTING 71-Year-Old Kavanaugh Supporter



The folks over at bring us the following in this past weekend’s train of anti-Kavanaugh enormities:

“A 71-year-old supporter of Brett Kavanaugh was physically assaulted by young liberal protesters who danced around him, screamed, and one of them smacked his signs. The attack was ended when someone came to take the attacker away from the elderly man who was peacefully displaying his message.”

Yep, there’s all kinda galling atrocity captured in this episode in front of the U.S Supreme Court just a day or two ago:

Assault anyone?

How about freedom of speech? That comes under direct attack in these images.

Disrespect for one’s elders? Nary minimalist respect for a fellow human being? Ha, how quaint – those two are swatted aside (nearly literally) by this gang. Remember when it was expected that people would exchange ideas, even contrary ones, with a modicum of decorum? When folks could agree to disagree, even passionately, but still part ways amicably? Sound the sad music. Those were the days.

Don’t forget, this indignity comes on the heels of another outrage caught on video: a pro-life activist holding signs in a Life Chain rally on a Toronto street corner was attacked by a twenty-something male who roundhouse kicked her. This, for the record, after he’d defaced two of the anti-abortion protestors signs (vandalism).

You’ll have to pardon those of us who are concerned this kind of conduct is becoming a trend among the despotic Left.

“It’s one thing to voice opposing views, have meaningful debates, and even disagree completely with each other. However, it should not be tolerated when someone is physically attacked.”

No argument, the former are a few of the reasons our Republic’s Founders labored over and ratified a Constitution, the compact sketching the system by which Americans are to conduct themselves. All that cherishing of the First Amendment stuff? Free speech, right to peaceably assemble? And can we include the pervasive Judeo-Christian ethic which saturated our nation right up to the founding era?  It was all supposed to deter the kind of aggression witnessed in this shameful incident.

Then again, if individuals right out of the gate don’t care about constitutional principles and Christian values? Rewind and review the video; this is the kind of thing you get.

It further ought to clue us in to the kind of thing we can expect to get in the future whenever we dare to cross the fragile and prickly pieties of progressive orthodoxy. That’s a chilling possibility to consider.

100percentfedup continues: “Watching videos like this is one of the reasons why many people call the left unhinged, intolerant, and violent. The leftists usually are the people asking others to be tolerant and respectful of one another, but they also are the people who most often attack others for their difference in opinions or views on politics.”

Yeah, and it seems they’re moving on to attack edifices, as well. This weekend America was witness to mobs of Kavanaugh-loathing militants ignoring police and hurling selves against the doors of the Supreme Court building on 1 First St NE, Washington, DC

“It is very strange to watch liberals protesting and demanding that everyone listen to them, and to hear them call for tolerance, but then some of them attack others and believe that it will help their cause.”

Yes, there’s word for that. Let’s see now, what is it, almost got it … Oh yes: hypocrisy. Progressives are increasingly quick on the hypocrisy draw if it’s a preacher caught flagrante delicto with a secret sweetie, or a cultural conservative who turns out to have pressured his girlfriend to get an abortion, or a pro-military Republican who, it develops, went to college rather than to war. When acolytes of the “Religious Right” or other traditionalist or “Right -Wing” factions fail to live up to the standards they profess, Leftists and their media abettors dine-out for weeks on the news. Far as they’re concerned, the entire conservative project is invalidated whenever one of its faithful falls short.

But when those occupying the sectors of modern liberalism prove themselves inconsistent in measuring up to their own philosophical yardstick? Meh. We’re only human. The message isn’t flawed, only the messengers.

That is, if the Liberal shortcomings bother getting any press attention at all.

“When people see liberals attacking others, it pushes those who are neutral or centrist in political nature away from them.”

There’s little doubt multitudes who might have been inclined to give thumbs down to the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency came around to toss their vote his way – or have come around to support his White House tenure since election day 2016 – because of the cloddish, devious, dissembling, goonish antics of deranged anti-Trump firebrands. Of course, in this case, more specifically, it’s anti-Kavanugh types making vicious spectacles of themselves, but the effect is largely the same.

“Supporting a Democrat candidate means supporting their followers, many of whom we have learned after last week that they are even more unhinged than ever.”

Just one more concern to factor in when deciding how one will be voting in November’s quickly nearing mid-term elections.


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