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WATCH: Smugglers & Illegals Drag Children Through Razor Wire While Crossing Border



Footage taken by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents has surfaced that shows what lengths smugglers and coyotes will go to bring families and young children into the United States illegally over the border. This video was taken on Dec. 18th and Dec. 22nd within the Custom and Border Patrol’s (CBP) Yuma Sector in Arizona. On both days, agents filmed smugglers pulling families, including children, through razor wire laid across the U.S.-Mexico border. What’s worse some of it’s through water where they could have been endangered as well.

And the lefts says, “What crisis?” Well, this is a big part of it. It’s not just breaking the laws and invading our country (which is bad enough), it’s putting children and families at risk for profit. Speaking in Spanish in the Dec. 18th video segment, an agent can be heard yelling “Don’t do that! Look at the child!” The smuggler can be seen pushing a young boy through a hole in the metal bollard wall and past a coil of razor wire. “Hey, careful! Careful with the boy!” the agent continues as sirens go off in the background.

You see, in the end, the families and children are worthless to these smugglers if they can’t get them over the border. So, if they lose a child here and there it is an acceptable cost to them. They don’t care. This footage is the latest to showcase the dangers foreign nationals put themselves and their children in when attempting to illegally cross the U.S. southern border. As more family units attempt to enter the U.S., more stories of rescues are being released. Many are hair-raising.

From The Daily Caller:

“A Guatemalan woman and her three children, ages 2, 4 and 15, were found drowning on Thursday as they attempted to pass through the Rio Grande River. Border Patrol agents were able to reach the family on an airboat and pull them to safety before it was too late.

“Migrants continue to ignore the hazards and risk their lives attempting to cross the Rio Grande River,” Del Rio Sector Acting Chief Patrol Agent Louie W. Collins said in a statement. “Had our Border Patrol agents not been in the area to respond quickly, the woman and her children would have more than likely drowned.”

“A CBP spokesman said rescues like the one on the Rio Grande are happening more frequently.

“Rescues by BP agents along the Rio Grande have increased dramatically in recent months,” Dennis Smith, a CBP spokesman stated to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Not only are immigration enforcement officials dealing with a higher influx of migrants, but they are also contending with a much higher numbers of family units and unaccompanied alien children (UAC).

“Nearly 100,000 apprehensions are expected to have taken place in March, which would be the highest number in over a decade. CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan stated that, of those apprehended in March, nearly 40,000 of them were children, leaving greater “potential for a tragic incident” to happen.”

The numbers are staggering. So many are coming over the border that the Border Patrol and ICE are overwhelmed. They have no place to put them so they are just releasing them into the U.S. What they should do is bus them back to Mexico and let them go there. Since Dec. 21, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has freed more than 125,000 people into the U.S. who came into the country as families. They are given court dates that the vast majority will never show up for.

This has got to stop and the Democrats and a number of Republicans are keeping that from happening by blocking funding for the wall. They are playing with fire as the number of people coming in will collapse our economic and health sectors and could trigger civil unrest in the U.S.


Message from We Build the Wall, Inc:

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