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Adam Schiff Pressed On Steele Dossier – Doesn’t Want To Talk About It



House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (what a misnomer that title is) flatly refused to commit Sunday to investigate whether the Steele dossier is the product of Russian disinformation, a theory that has gained traction in the wake of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report. This is an intelligence tactic that Russia is an expert at. Oddly, Schiff doesn’t even want to talk about it.

I have said from the very beginning that the Steele Dossier was planted propaganda by the Russians and was passed on by leftist useful idiots here in the US. It would seem the head useful idiot doesn’t want to confront that he was played by the Russkies. Fox’s Chris Wallace got stonewalled by Schiff in an interview over the dossier. This is a remarkable shift for Schiff, who endorsed Steele’s unverified allegations about Trump associates during a public House Intelligence Committee hearing just over two years ago. Usually, you can’t shut the guy up.

During Schiff’s opening remarks at an Intelligence Committee hearing on March 20th, 2017, he cited dossier author Christopher Steele by name no less than six times. Wallace took pains to point out that the Mueller report established that much of the Steele dossier was either false or impossible to verify. He also asked Schiff point-blank whether it was appropriate to investigate whether the dossier was the product of a Russian disinformation campaign.

Our intelligence agencies are allegedly pondering whether Russian operatives planted disinformation with Steele, a former MI6 officer who has worked in Moscow, The New York Times reported Friday. No, they aren’t… they know damn well the Russians did exactly that. It’s nothing new for them. They have been doing this sort of thing to us for decades. Daniel Hoffman, a former CIA chief of station in Moscow, also recently told The Daily Caller News Foundation that he believes the dossier is the product of a Russian disinformation campaign. And he’s right… give the man a cookie.

From The Daily Caller:

“Don’t you think the question of exactly how this investigation began, was it a Russian disinformation campaign to try to get, since they were trying to set Americans against each other, not only to tarnish Hillary Clinton but also to tarnish Donald Trump, isn’t that a legitimate source of an investigation?” Wallace asked Schiff.

“The lawmaker dodged the question.

“Chris, you know, the reality is that the Republicans on our committee spent two years investigating exactly that because, frankly, they weren’t that interested in what Russia had done, the systemic attack on our democracy. They spent the focus of their two years investigating the investigators and investigating exactly that question,” Schiff said.

“Wallace jumped in to point out that the Mueller report has raised new questions about the dossier, which was funded by the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign.

“We do have new information, the Mueller report discredits a lot of that, says there was no indication that Carter Page did anything wrong. Shouldn’t you be looking at that just to find the truth?” asked Wallace.

“Schiff again refused to commit to investigating Steele’s report, which the FBI used to obtain surveillance warrants against Carter Page, a Trump campaign adviser.

“Well, what we are going to be looking at is we’re going to be looking at all the counterintelligence findings that were the genesis of this investigation,” the California representative said. “Let me be very clear about this, the Mueller report makes it absolutely crystal clear that the initiation of this investigation was not only warranted but absolutely necessary because it revealed a widespread, systemic effort by the Russians to help the Trump campaign.”’

In the Mueller report, it was stated that Russian operatives disseminated emails stolen from the DNC and Clinton campaign. They came into possession of those emails because the Dems were dumb enough to fall for phishing schemes that let the Russians get at them. Mueller did not find any evidence of Trump conspiring with the Russians to steal those emails. And as I’ve said since the last election, the Russians didn’t really care who won. They had contingency plans no matter who won the presidency. It’s what they do.

Schiff and the other Democrats don’t want anyone looking too closely at the Steele Dossier and tracing its origins and veracity. They know where that will lead… Moscow. Senator John McCain was involved up to his eyeballs in this but he has passed on. Those who were involved should answer some very hard questions over all this and the money trail has already been found to lead back to the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, and their comrades.

And why is no one looking into Skolkolvo? Russia’s Silicon Valley that Hillary Clinton helped put in place. That also just happens to be where the majority of cyber attacks against the US come from.

I find it very interesting that Schiff is suddenly tight-lipped over the dossier. Perhaps he fears legal repercussions are coming. I sure hope they are. Could it be he’s embarrassed to be a useful idiot for communists? I don’t know why since he himself is a communist. Perhaps he is actually protecting his fellow comrades in a turn-the-tables moment. Вы товарищ?


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