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Trump’s New York Hotel Voted “Best In The World” By Travelers, Libs Melt Down In Epic Fashion



Liberals are melting down over this — their heads are literally exploding. I can feel their torment here… it’s freaking hilarious. Despite the left’s hatred of President Trump, the Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York has been named the best hotel in the world by readers of a luxury travel magazine. It’s the only seven-star hotel on the planet. Trump really knows how to run an elegant hotel.

The luxurious and glamorous property overlooks Central Park and has a killer view of the New York skyline. There were ten hotels on the list but the Trump International Hotel and Tower left them all behind. Second place went to the Vatuvara Private Island, Fiji where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stayed. I have to admit the rooms are beautiful and roomy. As someone who has been known to book rooms for the wealthy in New York, this is right at the top of the list.

Here is the list of the top ten hotels in the world:

1. Trump International Hotel and Tower, New York

2. Vatuvara Private Island, Fiji

3. Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

4. Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

5. Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa

6. Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

7. The Langham, Sydney, Australia

8. The Dorchester, London

9. Trump International Hotel, Washington D.C

10. The Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, Basel, Switzerland

Source: Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Notice that another Trump property made the top ten — you can just feel the fury emanating from the left over all of this.

This came from Luxury Lifestyle Magazine as a part of a gigantic travel experience reader survey. In other words, actual travelers voted for the properties.

From The Daily Mail:

“Readers of the UK-based magazine were also polled on their favorite hotels in Britain across a number of categories.

“The best beach hotel has been named as The Headland Hotel and Spa, Cornwall; the best boutique property is The Jack Russell Inn, Hampshire, while the best city location is, according to the poll, the Grand Central Hotel, Belfast.

“Other winners were The Machrie Hotel, Isle of Islay (best hotel for design), Bailiffscourt Hotel, West Sussex (best for families), The Museum Inn, Dorset (best for food) and Buckland Tout-Saints Hotel, Devon (best hotel for romance).

“Meanwhile, readers also voted for their favorite airlines, airports, cruise operators and tour operators.

“Among the winners were KLM (best short-haul airline), Emirates (best long-haul airline), London Heathrow (best airport), Star Clippers (best small cruise line), Celebrity Cruises (best large cruise line) and Hayes (best tour operator).

“Nick Gibbens, editor-in-chief of Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, said: ‘He clearly divides opinion on a political level but there is no question about it, Trump is a master hotelier.

“‘He understands what super luxury is all about and delivers the very best experience possible, usually exceeding expectations.

“‘He employs only the very best hotel staff and this ensures he can offer guests the most enjoyable of stays.

“‘It’s also interesting to see a city hotel beat a tropical paradise in the case of Vatuvara Private Island but our readers know luxury when they see it and I am grateful for their assistance in helping us crown the very best hotels in the world.’

“The magazine said that 74,915 individual votes were cast in this year’s awards.”

The catty responses from the left started pouring in after this development almost immediately. But you know what? Leftist elitists stay at Trump Tower too – they have the money to do so. There’s a lot of jealousy out there but I would pick out a Trump property for my clients any day of the week and I have. Especially when they want to play golf.

One bitter tweet stated: “If you don’t hate the president enriching himself through his term, and promoting his own businesses on his official twitter page, you’re probably part of a cult.” ‘Cult’ for one, please.

President Trump is the master at the art of the deal and he’s a world-class chess player when it comes to politics. But when it comes to hotels and luxury, he’s simply the best at what he does and so are his sons. Congratulations on this accolade — it is well-deserved.



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