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Trump Just Announced His New Border Wall Plan After Congress Didn’t Listen To Him



President Trump campaigned and got elected on his promise to build a wall on our southern border with Mexico. It was one of many promises he made that he will keep in the end. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have been obstructionists when it comes to building the wall… so Trump is seriously considering going around them.

Last week, President Trump let it be known that he is considering a new border wall plan using military resources to finish the construction of his long-promised border wall instead of relying on Congress to fund the project through the Homeland Security Department’s budget. I hope he does it. He could utilize the Army Corp of Engineers and they would do a fantastic job building the

Trump also won’t eliminate the possibility of a government shutdown over the wall issue if Democrats keep on blocking him from getting the money he needs for the wall. I’m also all in for a government shutdown over this if it necessary. Just do it.

“We have two options,” Trump told the aboard Air Force One as he flew from Billings, Montana to Fargo, North Dakota. “We have military, we have homeland security.” I think that’s pretty blunt and to the point. It’s vintage Trump.

The president was asked specifically about using the Army Corps of Engineers as a taxpayer-funded construction crew. That’s not his first choice and he would prefer “the old-fashioned way – get it from Congress – but I have other options if I have to.” You see the master negotiator at play here in his natural habitat.

Trump is getting ready to play hardball over the wall. Republicans are not helping as much as they could here. And for some reason, they don’t seem to get it that if Trump got his funding for the wall it would help them in the midterm elections. Sigh.

The Commander-in-Chief is seeking approximately $25 billion. Considering it’s costing Americans over $100 billion a year to fund the handling of illegal immigrants, I’d say that’s a steal.

From The Daily Mail:

“The possibility of diverting Pentagon funding and assets to build a border wall is a hole card the president is holding but has never directly acknowledged before.

“Two Defense Department officials told in August that the Army Corps of Engineers could take on the task.

“‘They build levees that hold back massive walls of water,’ one said of the agency. ‘They can build one to hold back drugs and human traffickers.’

“The White House appears headed for another confrontation with Congress over an increase in funding for the project after securing $1.6 billion for 2007 and the same amount for this year.

“A senior White House official said Thursday that the money was ‘basically a down-payment on the thing’.

“The possibility looms that the president will refuse to sign the next federal budget, due September 30, if lawmakers don’t go along with more installments. That would trigger a government shutdown.

“‘If it were up – I don’t want to say “up to me,” because it is up to me – I would do it,’ he said aboard Air Force One, ‘because I think it’s a great political issue.’

“But he said some Republicans in Congress, facing tough re-election fights, have counseled more patience.

“‘They have races, they’re doing well, they’re up,’ Trump explained. ‘And you know, the way they look at it: might be good, might be bad.’

“Typically the party in power, in this case, the GOP would shoulder most of the blame for interrupted government services. National security and military operations wouldn’t be affected.”

During Trump’s rally in Billings, Montana last week, he told a Fox News Channel interviewer that “we need Republicans elected in the midterms. We are getting the wall done. But I’ve had so many people, good people, great people – they would rather not do [it] before [November]. They’d rather do it right after the election.” In my opinion, that’s exactly backwards. It’s just another stall tactic.

President Trump will never give up on the wall. He will keep pressing Congress to write the checks he wants. And one way or another, Trump will get the wall… of that, I have no doubt. It doesn’t matter who stands in his way. Trump will go around them or through them. Whatever it takes.

“Politically speaking, I’d rather get it through Congress. If we don’t, I’m looking at that option very seriously,” Trump adamantly stated aboard Air Force One on Friday, referring to the Defense Department.

In Sioux Falls, South Dakota on Friday evening the president assured a crowd of about 600 supporters that “we’re building the wall! It works so easily!” he said. “They say walls don’t work? Tell Israel.” Exactly right. Israel is the perfect example of just how well a wall truly works.

Congress isn’t listening to Trump on the wall. I think the president has had just about enough of it and he’s considering all his options. That wall has to be built and Trump knows it. Get er done.


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