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The Red Sox Have Made A Decision Whether They’ll Visit The White House. Here’s What Will Happen



The 2018 World Series Champs have just made the official decision on whether they will visit the White House or not… Drum Roll…

Red Sox beat reporter Chris Cotillo posted to his Twitter the answer America has all been waiting on:

The Red Sox have accepted an invitation to be honored at the White House next year, according to team president Sam Kennedy.

The team hasn’t yet determined when it will visit Washington, D.C. According to Kennedy, the Sox are looking at the logistics of the trip and could either do a day trip at some point during spring training or build a visit into an early-season trip to play the Orioles in nearby Baltimore.

The Sox have one off day during spring training on March 11. Their first visit to Baltimore is from May 6-8, with an off day following the three-game set on May 9.

Kennedy stressed that the team will not require its players to attend the ceremony.

“Like in the past, it’s an invitation,” Kennedy said. “It’s not (mandatory). It’s a great opportunity for the players and for ownership. It’s a great opportunity for those guys to go to the White House, get a behind-the-scenes tour and get the recognition they deserve for a World Championship.”

Sox manager Alex Cora, who was critical of President Donald Trump after his controversial comments about Puerto Rico in September, will attend the ceremony.

“I’m gonna use my platform the right way,” Cora said. “I’m not gonna embarrass anybody. Actually, I’m gonna represent 4 million people from back home the right way when we go there. We just have to wait and see when we do go.”

Daily Caller further reported that “Early in November, Red Sox manager Alex Cora, who is Puerto Rican by birth, indicated he would take his team to the White House if the decision were up to him”

“If you start looking at this team, we’ve got guys from the United States and from the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico,” he said, via Mass Live. “So I’ll use the platform the right way. Like I said before, and I know the headlines don’t show it, I say I respect the president of the United States. And I know he [helps] our country (Puerto Rico). So whenever we have to make the decision we’ll make it. And it’s going to be respected.”

A date is still to be determined.



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Gotta love when Millionaire communists lecture you on what you can and can’t do. Good thing he will never be elected President!

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2020 candidate and self-described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders said that the United States has to stop using gasoline and coal, and that “there ain’t no middle ground” on the issue.

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Sanders’ plan, which is modeled as a “Green New Deal,” also targets “environmental racism.”

“The Green New Deal must serve to address modern and historical inequities and environmental racism,” it reads.

Sanders has sought to separate himself from the field of other 2020 Democratic contenders by proposing far-left plans on a variety of issues.

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“As President, Bernie Sanders will boldly embrace the moral imperative of climate change and mobilize the political will necessary for a wholesale transformation of our society, with massive investments in sustainable energy, energy efficiency, and a transformation of our transportation system,” his plan reads. Continue Reading


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