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Stacey Abrams: RNC Is Going To Send Off-Duty Police To Scare ‘Voters Of Color’



Former candidate for governor of Georgia Stacey Abrams is working hard these days and lying and smearing both the RNC and police officers. She seems to have a special hatred of police officers – that’s so very leftist of her… Black Lives Matter anyone? She is now openly accusing the Republican National Committee of planning to send off-duty police officers into minority polling centers to “scare voters, particularly voters of color.” That’s despicable behavior even from the likes of Abrams.

She made the outrageous statements on an appearance on ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’, where she claimed that the RNC just changed the rules in order to sway the 2020 election results. Mixed in with accusations that point towards Russia controlling our elections is a heavy dose of racism and cop-hatred.

“We know that we also face foreign influence that is being denied by the White House, by the would-be tinpot dictator of Donald Trump, but also that Moscow Mitch is stopping voter rights legislation and election security legislation,” Abrams said on the MSNBC program. “But we also know they just lifted a consent decree that’s kept Republicans and the RNC from going into local communities and intimidating voters by having off-duty officers tell people that they are monitoring their votes.”

Just asking… but does anyone remember the Black Panthers in the last presidential election standing outside of voting areas to intimidate voters? That was true harassment. I guarantee you off-duty police officers are not going to scare voters of color in the next election. That’s bull crap… but racist communists will be out doing exactly that.

The Democrats have officially gone insane and they are hoping and praying that Americans buy into it.

Abrams continued:

“For the first time since 1981, the RNC will be allowed to cheat and lie and go into polling places and scare voters, particularly voters of color,” Abrams claimed. “Fair Fight 2020 is designed to anticipate all those challenges, but not just worry about them, work against them, and that’s what we learned from 2018. We cannot wait for the cavalry to come. We have to be the army, and we have to stand up now.”

“We have to be the army,” she said in an apparent attempt to mobilize people who share her mindset. Furthermore, the Georgia Democrat says that if asked, she would agree to run for Vice President of the United States in 2020… by any Democratic candidate. No one seems to want her – go figure.

From Law Enforcement Today:

“Abrams lost the 2018 Georgia election to become governor, and has since been saying that she was defeated only due to a crooked election system over voter regulations inside the state.

“‘Abrams, who lost to Republican Brian Kemp last year by almost 55,000 votes in Georgia’s gubernatorial election, has repeatedly claimed her loss was the result of voter suppression tactics,’ the Free Beacon reported

“I think the election was stolen from the people of Georgia,” Abrams said. “I don’t know that empirically I would have won, but if you add together the thousands of people who faced extraordinarily long lines, who faced hurdles that should not happen in a democracy, the votes that we know were not counted, the secretary of state, who was also my opponent in the race, purged more than 1.4 million voters over basically an eight-year period.”

“The RNC fired back against Abrams’ accusations.

“What she’s saying is totally baseless and irresponsible,” said RNC Communications Director Michael Ahrens. “The RNC’s job is getting more people to vote, not less. If Abrams actually cared about the integrity of elections, she’d finally concede the governor’s race she lost by 55,000 votes. Even liberal election law experts have dismissed her claims as irresponsible and without merit.”

“PolitiFact reported that Richard Hasen, an election law expert at University of California, Irvine, has said Democrats should cool it with rhetoric that the Georgia race was “stolen.”

“I have seen no good evidence that the suppressive effects of strict voting and registration laws affected the outcome of the governor’s races in Georgia and Florida,” he told PolitiFact. “It would be one thing to claim, as some have, that these laws are aimed to suppress the vote and likely suppressed some votes. It is quite another to claim that there is good proof they affected the outcome.”

“Abrams’ newest initiative for the 2020 election is called ‘Fair Fight 2020’, which aims to cut down on so-called “widespread irregularities that characterized the Georgia gubernatorial race, including inaccurate voter rolls, shortages of voting machines and provisional ballots, and lack of uniform rules for counting absentee ballots.”

“Abrams says her opponents are “hard at work dismantling democracy,” and that her new push will help ensure that no fraud will occur during the next election.

“We have a few questions for Abrams. Who told you that this would happen? Where have you found ‘off-duty officers’ that are willing to risk their careers and reputation to try and intimidate voters? How can you turn around and blame police for your failed campaign?

“Until the election, this is just another example of police being thrown under the bus in society’s eye.”

Abrams initiative will cost millions by the way and suppress votes, not liberate them. Her new initiative, announced Tuesday in a speech in Las Vegas at the 32nd General Convention for the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, targets 20 battleground states.

“We’re going to have a fair fight in 2020 because my mission is to make sure that no one has to go through in 2020 what we went through in 2018 because despite how hard they work, I am still here, and we are going to work to make sure every voice is heard,” Abrams said in the speech.

This next election is a fight for the heart and soul of America. Leftists such as Abrams are already telegraphing they will play dirty and they are maligning the RNC, President Trump, conservatives, and the police every which way they can. I say it’s time to dance.



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Gotta love when Millionaire communists lecture you on what you can and can’t do. Good thing he will never be elected President!

Via The Daily Caller:

2020 candidate and self-described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders said that the United States has to stop using gasoline and coal, and that “there ain’t no middle ground” on the issue.

“It is no secret that we must transition away from fossil fuels, period. End of discussion. There ain’t no middle ground…There is no middle ground,” Sanders said during a speech Thursday in California.

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A key part of the plan is “Justice for frontline communities,” which refers to “under-resourced groups, communities of color, Native Americans, people with disabilities, children and the elderly – to recover from, and prepare for, the climate impacts, including through a $40 billion Climate Justice Resiliency Fund.”

Sanders’ plan, which is modeled as a “Green New Deal,” also targets “environmental racism.”

“The Green New Deal must serve to address modern and historical inequities and environmental racism,” it reads.

Sanders has sought to separate himself from the field of other 2020 Democratic contenders by proposing far-left plans on a variety of issues.

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“As President, Bernie Sanders will boldly embrace the moral imperative of climate change and mobilize the political will necessary for a wholesale transformation of our society, with massive investments in sustainable energy, energy efficiency, and a transformation of our transportation system,” his plan reads. Continue Reading


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That is some serious white supremacy right there. The Democrats racist colors always show. They can’t hide that for long…and they sure make it clear on how they love slaves.

It isn’t conservatives that are racist…it’s the Democrat party!

Via The Daily Wire:

Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) explained to his constituents earlier in the week that illegal immigrants are necessary members of New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District because they are willing to take on the jobs that the community’s teenagers will no longer do.

“We have to think about the jobs because the reason this happens is because there are a lot of jobs in our community that, like it or not, for better or worse, Americans are not willing to take,” Malinowski told the crowd while appearing at a town hall meeting.

“I mean, who do you think is taking care of our seniors? Fifty percent of the eldercare workers in the state of New Jersey are immigrants, most of them legal — most of them documented — but certainly some of them are not,” he continued. “Who do you think is mowing our beautiful lawns in Somerset County? We don’t usually ask but a lot of those workers are undocumented.”


Malinowski contended that the illegal immigrants residing in the area are able to fill the gap as teenagers who historically have been working menial jobs are now focused more on a white collar education in the technology sector.

“There just aren’t a lot of kids who — sorry — are from Montgomery High [School], who are going to be doing that full time,” the Democratic lawmaker said. “You guys are going into robotics, for goodness sake.”

Malinowski’s controversial comments come as he prepares to seek a second term in the congressional swing district. The freshman congressman, who previously served as the Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor under former President Barack Obama, successfully flipped his red district blue during the 2018 midterm elections after he edged out longtime incumbent Rep. Leonard Lance (R-NJ).

Four of New Jersey’s twelve House districts were won by Democrats after decades of being reliably red, including Malinowski’s newly acquired seat. Continue Reading


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