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Soros Elevator Illegal Alien Activist Ana Maria Archila Made $178,071 In 2016 As A Far Left Activist – Here’s Who Paid Her



Who is Maria Archila? She is one of the two women who confronted Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake in the elevator on Friday. She is also on Satan’s payroll or at least the equivalent to Satan here on earth. On top of that, she is one of the head honchos that leads a progressive organization that is, of course, funded by him. Who himself is the leader of an $80 million dollar activist “movement” that calls themselves the “resistance.” I’m sure you have heard of them. Who is this Satan character? We will be getting to that very shortly. First, let us review.

Last Friday, Archila and a second woman involved, a young 23 year old named Maria Gallagher, took action that went viral, and quickly. The incident consisted of them entering an elevator prior to Senator Flake’s Senate Judiciary Committee vote, saying that they survived sexual assault, and challenging him to respond.

Which yes, it sounds like a whole lot of stupid, but there is more…

This incident apparently had an effect on the Senator. Ultimately, in the end, he decided to prompt a new FBI investigation into Kavanaugh as a condition for the process of nomination to move forward. The Senator was asked if the confrontation had contributed to this decision and in response, he said that the elevator moment “certainly struck a chord”.

“Flake credited his decision mostly to what he said was his desire to preserve the Supreme Court. “I don’t know if there was any one thing, but I was just unsettled,” he added.”

“Outside the elevator on Friday, Archila yelled at the senator: “What you are doing is allowing someone who actually violated a woman to sit on the Supreme Court.”

“This is not tolerable,” she added. “You have children in your family. Think about them.”

So now, let’s learn more about this Archila woman. The Satan referred to above is in fact billionaire George Soros. Archila herself is no ordinary “concerned” activist. She is, in fact, a working professional activist. Yes, she makes a living doing this. She laughs all the way to the bank while making a pest of herself and clocking in sympathy points for being a “sexual assault survivor” or whatever fits the current agenda for the movement.

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She is from Columbia, which is where she is claiming that she was sexually abused as a child, and now we have discovered something else. Thanks to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we have learned that allegedly Ana Maria Archila is also an illegal alien. What does this say? It says that now we have illegal alien activists on Soros payroll influencing Senators on the Supreme Court confirmation process.

I know it doesn’t seem like it could get any worse, but it does. Information has also been brought to our attention by Mike Cernovich who has discovered that professional activist Ana Marian Archila also made $176,071.00 in the year 2016. She earned this doing all her far-left activist stuff.

Check this out:

Here’s a little more on her:

“The CPD and the Make the Road New York immigrant activist group, which has also been led by Archila, partnered last April to form another anti-Trump activist outfit calling itself Corporate Backers of Hate. That Corporate group aims to “name and shame” any companies they claim are either working with Trump or making money from what the group claims is Trump’s “anti-immigrant, anti-worker” agenda.”

“The anti-Trump Corporate group’s website is set up for activists to send messages to the CEOs and board members of nine major companies, including IBM, Disney, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Goldman Sachs.”

“We are convinced they have the capacity to move the Trump Administration,” Archila told Time magazine of the project last year. “And to the extent that they are quietly placating the behavior of this White House, they are just as complicit as Ivanka Trump.”

“Writing at National Review, John Fund documented Archila’s ties to the CPD and also noted she is a national committee member of the Working Families Party, which has long had close links to the now-defunct, controversial ACORN.”

“Fund criticized the media for failing to detail Archila’s activism beyond cursory mention of her group:”

“I have no doubt that the vast majority of protesters who want to stop Brett Kavanaugh are sincere and are merely exercising their constitutional rights. But imagine if two women had cornered a Democratic senator in an elevator and demanded an investigation of who had leaked to the media Christine Blasey Ford’s letter alleging that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her. (Senator Lindsey Graham said today that he planned to investigate the leak.) There would have been sputtering outrage in media circles, and reporters would have breathlessly hunted down any ties between the women and outside groups.”

“It’s a sign of media bias that the people from the well-funded groups behind the anti-Kavanaugh protests are described merely as “activists” and that their political motives and origins are largely unexplored.”

We’d like to know how you feel about all of this. Do you have any words for Archila? Please join the discussion in the comments!


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