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Donald Slams The Door On Illegals, Sends Dems Reeling With New Stealth Rule



The Trump administration is continuing its commitment to address the significant problem presented by porous borders and decades of sanctuary policies. Companies continue to hire illegal aliens some unknowingly due to fraudulent documentation, and others because of deliberate attempts to seek out lower compensation by hiring illegal aliens at a lower rate of pay.

The Trump administration is cracking down with plans to begin notifying employers when their employees’ tax paperwork does not match Social Security Administration records beginning in 2019. The aptly named “no-match” letters will be issued when a name and a social security number combination provided by an employee does not match the record held by the Social Security Administration.

This is a reinstatement of a longtime practice suspended in 2012 under the former Obama administration. The process is intended to be used in an effort to identify when an American citizen’s social security number has been stolen and used as proof of authorization to work in the United States.

This could potentially have a significant impact on the hiring and employment practices of some businesses and open borders proponents argue this will simply force illegal aliens further into the shadow economy.

However, to the Trump administration,  these are simply further examples of where the American government under prior administrations has stopped enforcing immigration laws.

Bloomberg Law reports – 

“Employers that don’t correct the information on the tax forms could be subject to Internal Revenue Service penalties.

Aside from the potential tax penalties, the letters have been viewed as evidence that a particular worker could be an undocumented immigrant who’s using someone else’s Social Security number in order to work.”


“The Trump Administration is committed to ensuring a more efficient and effective government for all Americans,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Lindsay Walters said in a Sept. 14 email to Bloomberg Law. “This includes protecting Americans from identify theft, and ensuring illegal aliens are not taking advantage of the benefits of American workers.”

The SSA alerted employers in July that it was resuming the practice, and will start sending the letters in 2019, agency spokesman Darren Lutz said in a Sept. 13 email to Bloomberg Law. The letters “will request that the businesses and employers take steps to correct this information on our records, using our free online services, within 60 days,” he said.”

As the no-match letter policy is resumed, it could have significant implications the identification of as many as 75% of the approximately 7 million illegal aliens who are utilizing a social security number that is not their own committing identity theft in stealing the social security of an American citizen.

According to the Daily Caller – “No-match letters can be considered preliminary evidence that a worker is an illegal immigrant who appropriated a social security number to gain employment, according to a September report from the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI). Using government records obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, IRLI found 39 million instances of social security number mismatches between 2012 and 2016.”

Historically speaking letters were not sent as a means to discourage the employment of undocumented immigrants, but rather to allow for the opportunity to correct any potential clerical errors that may keep Social Security funds from being credited to the proper account. In fact, the Social Security Administration was issuing letters even prior to the 1986 law that made it illegal to knowingly employ illegal aliens.

Some instances are repeat mismatch reports involving the same number. Others have been caused by name changes, clerical or human errors, or identity theft against Americans committed by non-aliens. However, a significant portion of the total number is thought to be related to the stolen identities of American citizens on the part of illegal aliens specifically for the purpose of faking employment or healthcare records.

Yet the Social Security Administration has “never notified the true owner of the Social Security number so that that individual can take steps to protect themselves.”

The former Obama administration quietly suspended the practice in 2012 with little fanfare citing lack of resources. Prior to the suspension of the program, no-match letters were being sent directly to employees, not employers.

The Daily Caller adds – “The termination of no-match letters has resulted in a thriving black market where illegal aliens can obtain the Social Security numbers of U.S. citizens in order to gain employment,” IRLI, the legal wing of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said a news release on Sept. 11. “The Social Security numbers of young children are especially sought by illegal aliens, as this theft is likely to go undetected for years.”

The Obama administration halted no-match letters eight days after it began accepting applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in August 2012. Due to the timing, some immigration policy analysts concluded the move was made to reassure DACA applicants they wouldn’t be prosecuted for identity theft.

“Since awareness that they had been ‘flagged’ as identity thieves might well have dissuaded them from disclosing their whereabouts in a DACA application, suspension of the SSA program was a logical add-on to the other actions taken by the administration to prevent fear of identity-theft prosecution from depressing DACA applications,” Temple University law professor Jan Ting wrote in March.

Historically, the primary aim of no-match letters has been to inform companies and employees that their social security contributions were not being credited because of mismatches. In tax year 2016, there was $1.5 trillion in the SSA’s earnings suspense file, where the agency holds uncredited wages it can’t definitively match to its database of social security numbers.

More than $409 billion of that total was added from 2012 to 2016, the period when the Obama administration stopped sending no-match letters, according to IRLI.


Following a Freedom of Information Act request and lawsuit, records obtained by the institute revealed 39 million instances of Social Security number mismatches between 2012 and 2016.”


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Senators Cruz & Cassidy Introduce Resolution To Label Antifa ‘Domestic Terrorists’




* By

This can’t happen fast enough. You have a very serious problem when allowing masked and armed thugs to wander the streets viciously attacking innocent people. It will only get worse if we continue to allow this to happen.

These relics of the Obama era have got to go.

Via U.S. Senator for Texas:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-La.) today introduced a resolution to the U.S. Senate condemning the violent acts carried out by members of Antifa and calling for the designation of the group as a domestic terrorist organization.

“Antifa is a group of hateful, intolerant radicals who pursue their unhinged agenda through aggressive violence,” Sen. Cruz said. “Time and time again their actions have demonstrated that their only purpose is to inflict harm on those who oppose their views. The hate and violence they spread must be stopped, and I am proud to introduce this resolution with Senator Cassidy to properly identify what Antifa are: domestic terrorists.”

“Antifa are terrorists, violent masked bullies who ‘fight fascism’ with actual fascism, protected by Liberal privilege,” said Dr. Cassidy. “With bullies, they get their way until someone says no. There must be courage, not cowardice, from the elected officials who allow violence against the innocent.”

Recently, Antifa took to the streets, cloaked in black masks, and engaged in violent demonstrations on the streets of Portland, Oregon. Journalist Andy Ngo was hospitalized, others seriously injured as well after being attacked by members of the group.

The full text of the resolution is below.


Title: Calling for the designation of Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization.

Whereas members of Antifa, because they believe that free speech is equivalent to violence, have used threats of violence in the pursuit of suppressing opposing political ideologies;

Whereas Antifa represents opposition to the democratic ideals of peaceful assembly and free speech for all;

Whereas members of Antifa have physically assaulted journalists and other individuals during protests and riots in Berkeley, California;

Whereas in February of 2018, journalist Andy Ngo was intimidated and threatened with violence by protestors affiliated with Antifa;

Whereas on June 29, 2019, while covering demonstrations in Portland, Oregon, journalist Andy Ngo was physically attacked by protestors affiliated with Antifa;

Whereas employees of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (referred to in this preamble as “ICE”) were subjected to doxxing and violent threats after their social media profiles, phone numbers, and home addresses were posted on the Internet by left wing activists;

Whereas according to the Wall Street Journal, an ICE officer was followed by left wing activists and “confronted when he went to pick up his daughter from summer camp”, and another “had his name and photo plastered on flyers outside his home accusing him of being part of the ‘Gestapo'”;

Whereas the ICE office in southwest Portland, Oregon, was shut down for days due to threats and occupation by Antifa members;

Whereas Rose City Antifa, an Antifa group founded in 2007 in Portland, Oregon, explicitly rejects the authority of law enforcement officers in the United States, and Federal, State, and local governments, to protect free speech and stop acts of violence;

Whereas Rose City Antifa rejects the civil treatment of individuals the group labels as fascists, stating: “We can’t just argue against them; we have to prevent them from organizing by any means necessary.”; and

Whereas there is no place for violence in the discourse between people in the United States, or in any civil society, because the United States is a place where there is a diversity of ideas and opinions: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Senate-
(1) calls for the groups and organizations across the country who act under the banner of Antifa to be designated as domestic terrorist organizations;
(2) unequivocally condemns the violent actions of Antifa groups as unacceptable acts for anyone in the United States;
(3) expresses the need for the peaceful communication of varied ideas in the United States;
(4) urges any group or organizations in the United States to voice its opinions without using violence or threatening the health, safety, or well-being of any other persons, groups, or law enforcement officers in the United States; and
(5) calls upon the Federal Government to redouble its efforts, using all available and appropriate tools, to combat the spread of all forms of domestic terrorism, including White supremacist terrorism.


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Resurfaced Video Shows Ocasio’s Tlaib Losing It At Trump Speech – Trump’s Like, ‘Whatevs’



Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) was radical long before she got into office. In 2016, when she was still just a private citizen, she showed her true temperament for all to see. A video that has surfaced shows Tlaib exploding at an economic speech of then-candidate Donald Trump and it has led to richly deserved widespread mockery of the far-left Democratic lawmaker.

This outburst happened on August 8th, 2016, as Trump outlined his economic policy in a speech at the Detroit Economic Club. The woman literally came unglued and had to be hauled away by security. Classy and not in the least sane. When the video hit Twitter it went uber-viral. Many, many big names ridiculed the Marxist Squad member. Yeah, this isn’t the kind of leader anyone should have or aspire to be.

From The Daily Wire:

“In the video clip that was widely circulated on Twitter, Tlaib can be seen screaming at everyone in attendance: “You guys are crazy!”

“An audience member who recorded the incident yelled back at her: “You’re an animal, get a job!”

“A different angle of the incident shows Trump calmly waiting for Tlaib to be physically removed by security before continuing on with his speech.

“Donald Trump Jr. weighed in on the video, writing on Twitter: “Crooked called us ‘Deplorables.’ Tlaib calls us ‘Crazy.’ In reality, we just love our country, want every American—no matter their race, religion or socioeconomic status—to have a safe & prosperous life & expect our leaders to put America First. It’s simple.”

“Tlaib has been a source of controversy and trouble for the Democratic Party ever since she took office, including engaging in foul-mouthed rants, promoting anti-Semitic tropes and conspiracy theories, associating with people who have connections to terrorism, supporting the anti-Semitic BDS movement, and engaging in anti-Semitic Holocaust revisionist history.

“President Trump has even weighed in on Tlaib on Twitter, writing: “Democrat Rep. Tlaib is being slammed for her horrible and highly insensitive statement on the Holocaust. She obviously has tremendous hatred of Israel and the Jewish people. Can you imagine what would happen if I ever said what she said, and says?”‘

14 protestors were removed from Trump’s speech at Cobo Center. This is the kind of unhinged radical that gives marching orders to communists like Antifa. They are not only whacko… they are downright dangerous. That’s Tlaib and her comrades in a nutshell.

Notice that the mainstream media isn’t covering this. They are burying it just as they do with everything that doesn’t push their propagandic agenda. Just think for a moment if a Republican had gone off like this. The segments on psychological issues alone would drone on for a year. But a female Marxist Islamic Representative gets a pass no matter how over the edge she behaves.

The audience cheered loudly when the protesters were removed. Trump did not say much during the protests… instead he kept his focus on his speech. When he did comment on the protest, Trump said, “I will say the Bernie Sanders people had far more energy and spirit.”

Fast forward to today and Tlaib is getting bolder and more aggressive in her leftist rhetoric. During a speech at the NAACP’s annual convention on Monday, Tlaib promised the crowd “I’m not going nowhere, not until I impeach this president.” She’s made a virtual career of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’.

Former state rep Rashida Tlaib removed after interrupting Trum…

By our count, 14 protestors were removed from Donald J. Trump's speech at Cobo Center today. Here you see former Michigan state representative Rashida Tlaib being removed after interrupting the candidate. Tlaib was the first Muslim woman elected to Michigan's state legislature.Hear from several of the protestors at 4 p.m. on The Now Detroit. They'll explain why they interrupted.

Posted by WXYZ-TV Channel 7 on Monday, August 8, 2016

Michigan has serious political problems. At the time of the 2016 meltdown, Tlaib was working as a public interest attorney at the Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice. Prior to that, she was a representative in the Michigan state legislature until she had to leave due to term limits, having lost a bid for state Senate. Hey Michigan… WTH?

After the incident, Tlaib explained herself in a guest column for the Detroit Free Press, where she said she interrupted the event along with “12 other brave women” because “confronting Trump was the most patriotic and courageous act I could pursue.” She said she drew inspiration from bold women like Rosa Parks. Give me a freaking break. She’s not even in the same class as Parks.

Tlaib acknowledged the criticism against her for acting in a way “unbecoming of a former state legislator,” but defended her behavior by saying Trump did not deserve “courteous behavior” or “social niceties.” That attitude was later reflected when Tlaib, after entering Congress, vowed to “impeach the motherf—–.” And she’s been getting worse ever since then.

President Trump has and is taking this all in stride. Those such as Tlaib are simply ensuring that Trump will get a second term. Maybe we should send the “Squad” a thank-you card and a nice fruit basket after Trump wins the next presidential election.


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