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Shocking Announcement – ‘We Have Enough For Wall!’ – Unique Way Found To Fund It ALL!



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Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, offered an incredibly unique — and obvious — way to fully fund President Donald Trump’s border wall.

During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Paul explained to host Jake Tapper how he believes it is possible to fund the border wall without raising the federal budget.

“We promised to spend less money and so I won’t vote for it,” Paul said.

“Well, I would if we were to offset it with cuts somewhere and so what I’ve advised is we spend about 50 billion dollars a year in Afghanistan,” he continued.

“I think we should’ve declared victory years ago. I think we should come home and out of that 50 billion dollars in savings, I think we would have enough for a border wall and security,” Paul added.

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The Kentucky also recently spoke on CBS News’ “Face The Nation” and expressed his support for Trump’s views on the decades-long war in Afghanistan.

Paul said he agreed with the president’s claim that waiting for the situation to be fully resolved could take much longer and would cost the United States billions of dollars in the process.

“We’ve been there 17 years,” Paul said. “We think now we’re going to take one more village and we’ll get a better-negotiated deal?”

Paul argued that the U.S. should use that money for other projects at home.

“The president’s right and I think the people agree with him. Let’s rebuild America,” Paul said. “Let’s spend that money here at home.”

Paul’s comments came just before Trump delivered a brutal Christmas message to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer over the partial government shut down.

While speaking with reporters on Tuesday in the Oval Office, Trump stood firm on his demand for funding for the border wall between the United States and Mexico.


“I can’t tell you it’s not going to be open until we have a wall, a fence, whatever they would like to call it. I’ll call it whatever they want,” he said.

Trump accused Democrats of wanting open borders and said some federal workers are on his side about getting funding for the wall.

“Many of those workers have said to me, communicated, ‘stay out until you get the funding for the wall.’ These federal workers want the wall,” Trump said.

Watch below:

With Wednesday marking the fifth day of the federal government shut down, Trump and Democrats are locked over the issue of border security.

Last Thursday, House Republicans voted 217-185 to approve a measure that would keep the government open and allocate $5.7 billion for border wall funding.

The bill is now waiting for a full vote in the Senate, where lawmakers are hashing it out over funding for border security.

Trump originally wanted $5 billion for border wall funding and Democrats only offered $1.6 billion, which they claimed was a “very generous” offer.

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