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Second Kavanaugh Accuser’s HUGE Secret Just Leaked And Blows Scandal Wide Open



As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service in the world, RWN offers the following information published by CDP:

A new report presents credible evidence that one of the women who accused Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of inappropriate behavior at an alleged party in 1983 has a chilling connection to liberal billionaire George Soros.

According to the Shad Olson Show, Deborah Ramirez — who recently claimed that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her college party almost four decades ago — was listed in 2003 as a “Senior Fellow” for the Open Society Initiative, a program founded and operated by Soros.

On the website archive, a press release shows that a woman named “Deborah Ramirez” is listed as a “Soros Justice Senior Fellow.”

Here’s a screenshot of the press release from the website archive, which shows Ramirez’s name listed on the Open Society Initiative website:

Reports that Ramirez appears to have been a senior fellow in a Soros-controlled initiative — which would signal that she’s a liberal who likely is against President Donald Trump, who nominated Kavanaugh — comes within days of her divulging to a liberal outlet that she all-of-a-sudden remembers a party she attended over 35 years ago. Especially given that Soros paid protesters were caught protesting Kavanaugh.

On Sunday, the New Yorker published an exclusive piece covering an interview with Ramirez, who claims Kavanaugh exposed himself to her in 1983 during a party while they attended Yale University.

In the piece, which is already falling apart, the outlet notes that Ramirez admits having “significant gaps in her memories” regarding the alleged college party and that she could not remember specific information or the alleged person.

However, after six days of consulting with a Democratic lawyer, Ramirez now believes Kavanaugh was the supposed man who exposed himself to her at the party.

The New Yorker also reports that Ramirez’s best friend said she has “never heard of” the allegations against Kavanaugh. Ramirez claimed that she “became inebriated” and “was on the floor, foggy and slurring her words” during the party in question.

“Ramirez acknowledged that there are significant gaps in her memories of the evening. Her memories contained gaps because she had been drinking at the time of the alleged incident.”

All of the witnesses Ramirez said were present have denied seeing or being aware of what she alleges Kavanaugh did at the party. Buried deep in the article, the New Yorker admits that it “has not confirmed with other eyewitnesses that Kavanaugh was present at the party.”

So, Ramirez hadn’t told anyone — including her best friend, who was at her wedding, along with an invited Kavanaugh — about the allegations from 1983, but happened to remember exactly what happened after meeting with a Democratic lawyer for nearly a week.

Totally normal, right?

Her allegations came a few weeks after Christine Blasey Ford claimed Kavanaugh groped her nearly 40 years ago while they were in college. Ford’s allegations are so shoddy that Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein, D-CA, admitted last week that she “can’t say everything’s truthful.” Read More


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Stephen K. Bannon, Jason Miller, and Raheem Kassam are joined by guest Rep. Matt Gaetz on their daily show which you can watch live or past shows. It airs daily from 9am-10am EST every single day!

at 23:14 Congressman Gaetz comes live on the show and drops bombs on democrats.

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VIDEO: Rashida Tlaib: Dems Discussing Arresting Trump Officials




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It’s crystal clear..that the left should never ever be allowed into our government. These are dangerous folks.

Maybe Rashida should be arrested for her connections to Islamic terrorists. The fact that this woman is in our government…is despicable!

Via The Daily Wire:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) stated on Tuesday that House Democrats were discussing behind closed doors how to arrest the members of President Donald Trump’s administration who did not comply with congressional subpoenas.

“Let me tell you, this is pretty — and this is the last caucus conversation we had. Do you know this is really unprecedented? This is the worst time we’ve ever had a situation like this,” Tlaib said during a town hall meeting. “So they’re trying to figure out — no joke — they’re trying to figure out, ‘Well, is it the D.C. police that goes and gets them?’ No, no.”

“What are we hoping? I mean, I’m not in those kinds of conversations, but I’m asking, like, you know, what happens? And they’re like, ‘Well, Rashida, we’re trying to figure it out ourselves because this is uncharted territory,’” she continued. “No, I’m telling you that they’re trying to be like, ‘Well, where are we going to put them? Where are we going to hold them?’ No, I mean those are the kinds of things they’re trying to tread carefully.”

Accordingly, in an escalating effort to force White House officials comply with congressional subpoenas, House Democrats have reportedly been reexamining holding those members of the administration in inherent contempt — a power that the legislature has not used since 1935.

The Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI) explains that inherent contempt is the oldest of three strategies that Congress can use to enforce subpoenas. According to the Washington, D.C.-based think tank:

“Since 1935, Congress has relied on the executive and judicial branches when people refuse to comply with congressional subpoenas. This practice makes sense: if Congress cannot get the information it needs on its own authority, then it can rely on the authority of the other branches of government. However, there is another option. Instead of turning to another branch, Congress can legally imprison or fine individuals who refuse to comply.”

Tlaib incorrectly suggested that the process could be enforced by the Washington, D.C. Police Department — the procedure actually only involves the chamber that is concerned. Following a contempt citation, the individual is arrested by the chamber’s sergeant-at-arms, and subsequently brought to the floor for punishment, which may include imprisonment.


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