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Screaming Protester Ambushes GOP Senator – Realizes BIG Mistake When He Hits Back Hard



And once again the left is up to their typical shenanigans.

Following the marching orders of the Democrat Party and their socialist friends, anti-Brett Kavanaugh protesters have overrun Capitol Hill since news of alleged sexual misconduct against him came out. They walk hallways in protest, holding loud demonstrations and even have the guts to confront senators in elevators.

One particular protester confronted Republican Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana as he walked to his office and unlike the weak RINO Senator Jeff Flake from Arizona, he didn’t back down. Instead, he fought back.

Here is the confrontation via The Daily Caller:

“She asked, “Why are you supporting Kavanaugh?” to the brisk-walking senator. Cassidy took the chance to push back, asking her if she would like it if her loved ones were “destroyed” by “uncorroborated” charges.

“Cassidy: “Why wouldn’t I support Kavanaugh?”

“Protester: “Because rapists are bad.”

“Cassidy: “Wait a second — everybody there said that it did not happen. So why am I going to–”

“Protester: “So you’re going to believe Mark Judge over a woman?”

“Cassidy: “No, I’m going to believe her best friend.”

“Protester: “Her best friend didn’t say it didn’t happen. Her best friend said she wasn’t told about it.”

“Cassidy: “She said she didn’t remember.”

“Protester: “So you’re OK as a doctor to harm a woman?”

“Cassidy: “Wait a second – are you OK as a person to go ahead and to accept a non-corroborated charge to destroy someone’s life? If it destroyed your life, your son’s life, or your husband’s? Wait a second, answer my question. If it was your husband, your son, your father, whose life has been destroyed by uncorroborated, would you like that?”

“Protester: “I would support a full FBI investigation.”

“Cassidy: “No, no. Would you like that? An uncorroborated charge, destroying—”

“Protester: “I wouldn’t marry somebody that was a drunk.”

“Cassidy: “Oh no, wait a second. Uncorroborated. Answer the question. I don’t think you’re able to. Because you know it’s unfair.”

“Protester: “I would stand up.”

“Cassidy: “You know it’s unfair.”

“Protester: “I would fight. And I would make sure women are heard. Clearly, you’re OK if a rapist goes on the Supreme Court.”

“Cassidy: “No, I’m not. But then on the other hand, clearly you’re OK, the absence of evidence obviously means nothing to you.”

“Protester: “No, there is evidence. Look at the standard. How many people are in jail for less?’”

Good for you senator. Here is more via Fox News:

“Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) spoke with Brian Kilmeade about the latest on the FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh. Dr. Cassidy pushes back against the Democrats calling into question Judge Kavanaugh’s temperament when being questioned about being an alleged rapist, saying Kavanaugh is the victim of a coordinated campaign to smear his reputation and his reaction shows he is a human being.

“When asked about pushing back after being confronted by an anti-Kavanaugh protester, Cassidy said the protester was not ready for his response and added, “By golly, if our country gets to the point where an accusation can destroy somebody which everyone who is there says isn’t true, I can tell you that everybody in our country is subject to being destroyed and that is tyranny and we cannot tolerate tyranny.”

“Senator Cassidy went on to say the protesters are all over the Capitol building and that, “It is time to push back. It is time to push back on people that think that uncorroborated accusations are enough to destroy a life lived above reproach.”

“On Senator Jeff Flake saying he wouldn’t have called for an additional FBI investigation into Judge Kavanaugh if he was running for re-election, Cassidy says, “Let’s just say that you think if think something is right, and it’s important you do it no matter what, including no matter what the electoral politics. Period, end of story.”

“Plus, Senator Cassidy on why the FBI report should remain confidential:

“I’m actually in favor of openness but I also recognize that people gave testimony thinking that their identity would be protected and it may be easy to read what they said and you would be able to figure out who they are. So I don’t want to be like Diane, let me just put it this way, I don’t want to be like some of the Democratic senators leaking things that they that they said that they would not leak. I would rather respect the confidentiality of people if they were told it would be held confidentially.'”

The Senator is correct. You can’t ruin a man’s life because of allegations which are flimsy at best. That’s not the American way and we need to get back to the days of innocent until proven guilty, not innocent unless you are a Republican or a Conservative.

It’s about damn time the right started fighting back. And the Republican Party, with the exception of Jeff Flake, has apparently had enough of this mob rule mentality the Democrat Party has instilled in the left after they lost the 2016 elections.

But our politicians can’t do it alone. We as a nation need to stand up and say “enough.” We cannot let these people who are doing this to Judge Kavanagh regain power. In fact, they have no business whatsoever even being in office as it is. We are a nation of laws, not of emotions. And we need to start acting like one again.

Now if there is any credible allegation that Judge Kavanagh did indeed commit all these crimes which no one mentioned for over 35 years, let them present the proof. If not, it’s time for the Senate to vote and confirm our new Supreme Court justice.


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