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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Was Just Caught Slipping Something To Ford’s Attorney On LIVE TV



Now, this is very, very odd!

Chicks On The Right reported that during this morning’s twisted testimony from the Democrat Party’s newest darling Christine Blasey Ford something was caught on video that has the nation up in arms. And it’s not the actual testimony.

It’s something that happened in the background.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, who isn’t even a senator and has no business being at the hearings, can be clearly seen handing Ford’s attorney an envelope. An envelope which he quickly acknowledges and conceals in his jacket pocket.

Now let me ask you. Why is a sitting Congresswoman even talking to this woman’s attorney let alone handing him an envelope? And what could be in that envelope? Instructions, a thank you letter, and an autographed picture, or maybe what sounds more probable… money? We can only guess at this point and I’m sure with a timid bunch as the Republicans are we won’t know anytime soon.

According to the Congresswoman’s press office, the envelope was simply unopened stationery notes given to counsel for Dr. Ford from women who wanted to enter the hearing room but were not allowed to enter. Why do I find this explanation so hard to believe?

Here is a reminder of who Sheila Jackson Lee really is via Legal Insurrection:

“A woman named Jean Marie Simon was scheduled to take a United Airlines flight, booked into First Class using miles.

“Then she realized that United had bumped her from the seat, and given it to Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.” The reactions of both United and Jackson Lee were sadly predictable.


“United blamed the passenger, in a convoluted claim that the passenger had canceled the seat from her mobile phone app and then immediately re-booked. The passenger rejected that claim, as the Houston Chronicle reports:

“After thoroughly examining our electronic records, we found that upon receiving a notification that Flight 788 was delayed due to weather, the customer appears to have canceled her flight from Houston to Washington, D.C. within the United mobile app,” United said in a statement. “As part of the normal pre-boarding process, gate agents began clearing standby and upgrade customers, including the first customer on the waitlist for an upgrade.”

“Simon denies that she canceled her ticket. She sent a reporter a screenshot of the United website showing only one “inactive” reservation – a flight to Houston in August to visit her daughter that she had to cancel because of Hurricane Harvey.

“A United official said screenshot doesn’t show the December flight as canceled because she ultimately took the flight….

“She said the plane took off at 12:50 p.m. and she arrived home that night, still upset. Simon wrote a letter to airline’s CEO and posted it on Facebook and Twitter. A “resolution manager” called her Saturday morning and apologized at least a half-dozen times, she said.

“She said she wants a formal, written apology from United.

“It’s just impossible to suspend disbelief and swallow that story that I canceled my flight,” Simon said.

“United has suffered a string of customer relations gaffes this year.

“In June, a woman said she was forced to give up her 2-year-old’s $969 seat on a flight from Houston to Boston and hold him for roughly three hours because the airline sold the seat.

“In April, Dr. David Dao was forcibly removed from a United Express flight in Chicago to make space for crew members headed to Louisville, Ky.

“The airline announced policy changes after that incident and its CEO, Oscar Munoz, has promised a “culture shift toward becoming a better, more customer-focused airline.”

“Jackson Lee didn’t see this as a mere dispute, issuing a statement that the woman complaining was racist:

“Since this was not any fault of mine, the way the individual continued to act appeared to be, upon reflection, because I was an African American woman, seemingly an easy target along with the African American flight attendant who was very, very nice,” Jackson Lee said in the statement. “This saddens me, especially at this time of year given all of the things we have to work on to help people. But in the spirit of this season and out of the sincerity of my heart, if it is perceived that I had anything to do with this, I am kind enough to simply say sorry.


Sheila Jackson Lee is not an upstanding citizen. In fact, she is far from it. And it’s very believable that this nasty arrogant woman would, in fact, have handed Dr. Ford’s attorney something she wasn’t supposed to. But as I stated before, chances are we will never know the truth, but it’s very surprising how the senators there didn’t ask this question when they saw this happen right under their noses.

Please pray for Judge Kavanaugh and his family!


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