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Rabid Reporters Try To Claw Open Supreme Court Doors – Realize Big Mistake Way Too Late



Historically, bizarre, frenzied and even frightening behavior is often anticipated from mobs or emotion-fueled gatherings of absolutist religious cults. (Watch a throng of wild-eyed, hard-core Islamists taking to the streets on any of number of their “holy days” and you’ll see my claim validated.) But from the storied ranks of the Democrat “opposition”? Self-styled in 2018 as “the Resistance”?

It’s becoming de rigueur from the fiery fanatics of “Progressivism”.

The Daily Caller’s Scott Morefield writes,

“Dozens of protesters pounded on the doors of the Supreme Court during Brett Kavanaugh’s swearing in ceremony on Saturday.”

“The protesters stormed up the Supreme Court steps after pushing past a line of police, NBC News reported.”

“Not my judge, Brett Kavanaugh,” they chanted in the above video. Another video showed several protesters clearly trying to beat on the Supreme Court doors as the crowd chanted, “shut it down!”

Once more desiring to disregard our pretty sturdy constitutional system, churning hordes have lately replaced communal shouts of, “Not my president!” with “Not my judge!”

While we’re on this topic, I’ll ask: Can’t these people cobble together some original material?

I mean, “Not my president!” and “Hey, Hey, ho, ho, Kavanaugh has got to go?” – the latter, another one of the ditties they chanted in front of the Supreme Court building while the new Justice was being invested inside. Isn’t the “Hey/Ho” combo growing a little long in tooth? How many more variations on it can American-haters come up with before it’s pasture time for that jumbled jingle?

I also notice the upraised fist regularly featured where these Kavanaugh-hating packs were assembled – some frozen angrily in the air, others of them pumping them up and down menacingly, a few of those clenched members pounding against the doors of the chamber.

Don’t forget, this bunch claims it’s their passion for tolerance, love and peace that drives them to oppose Kavanaugh the Hun.

The good news is: “NBC reported that police were finally able to restore order between the door and the protesters, eventually building a barricade after escorting them out.”

So civilization gets a momentary reprieve, courtesy of its guardians. But the root problem endures.

Way too predictably, Leftist instincts – especially of the radical variety, weather aggressive socialists, communists, fascists (yes, fascism is philosophically a creature of the Left), or anarchists are, to put it mildly, troubling, even threatening. Sure, they’ll try, often relatively briefly, to persuade the people, winning them over to their side by presentation of their ideas. When that fails, as it often does, they often go straight to playing the coercion and bullying card – do not pass go, do not pass $200 (unless the money is someone else’s hard-earned, tax-payer loot; in which instances, they sweep it up greedily.)

Have you noticed, shrieking seems to be another tactic of choice among not a few Progressives. See: the howling banshees who accosted Sen. Jeff Flake the other day after he voted to allow Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to proceed to a full Senate vote. Commonly, “shrieking” connotes hysteria, desperation, the lack of coherent argumentation, impatience with anyone who disagrees with their side.

“Blessed are the peacemakers”? They’ve twisted it into blessed are the screech-makers.

For all the vitriol leveled by “enlightened” secularists and Liberals at the “evil Christian Right” nowadays, how often are Jesus-followers caught on film physically intimidating their ideological adversaries? Or “getting in their faces” (to borrow another phrase lately popular with Democratic stalwarts (e.g., Barack Obama and Corey Booker)? Or hurling themselves, distraught and frenzied, against the closed doors behind which those who disagree with them are placidly going about their responsibilities?

I’d say the most frequent source of unrestrained and disquieting zealotry isn’t the church-going set. They read their Bibles, pray a lot, speak their minds informed by those scriptural tenets – but generally don’t spend a lot of time assaulting buildings or working themselves up into a lathered mania when they don’t have their way. When those with differing convictions challenge them.

What we saw, that is, on the steps of the Supreme Court a couple days ago.

And these are merely the freshest manifestations of this ideological sector’s approach to civic  — but hardly civil – engagement: recall Antifa’s antics (bandana-cowled rioters, scrapping with law-enforcement, destruction of property); Black Lives’ Matters thuggish hi-jinks (calling for the murder of cops, openly stoking racial animosities); Occupy Wall Street’s filthy and brutish shenanigans (provoking their own clashes with the men in blue, obstructing traffic, callously disrupting the lives and businesses of those unfortunate enough to find themselves around them).

On full-color, sight-and-sound display, all these are the reflexes of the despotic Left. Agree with us, or else! Buy into what we believe, or we’ll make you wish that you had! Fall into line, behave – or we won’t.

Today, the excuse is the falsely maligned installation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh into the nation’s highest court. What will be the Left’s excuse their next excrescence of open barbarism?

And trust me, there will be a next time – at least as long as some of us have the audacity to express our disagreements with their statist, anti-God, anti-liberty authoritarian agenda.


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