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President Trump Takes Swift Action To Stop Liberal Billionaires Dead In Their Tracks



For a long time now we have all known that the social media giants are basically silencing conservative voices out there. The fact that this is brazenly happening in the open incenses President Trump and Americans. Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, and others should consider where this censorship leads… and it is nowhere good for them and their longevity.

Conservatives find themselves in the precarious position of ‘needing’ social media and being unable to stop the persecution of those on the right. Their voices are being silenced more and more. I’ve talked to many who just don’t know what to do and no billionaire on the right seems willing to take the initiative and risk building a fair social media platform out there.

Enter President Trump who is apparently working on this Gordian Knot behind the scenes. Supposedly, a leaked draft of a potential executive order from the White House is making the rounds at the media outlets. It aims to bring accountability to the standard operating procedures of social media giants.

The White House is reportedly working on a memorandum for President Donald Trump to sign that would direct government agencies to “thoroughly investigate” big tech companies like Google and Facebook on their bias against conservatives. They would also look into these companies and any attempts at swaying elections.

I have said for quite a while now, hit them in their wallets by taking away government funding and their status as unbiased social platforms. That would really hurt their profits and they obviously are not ‘unbiased’ and never really were. Lawfare and utilizing taxation status as a form of sanctions is the kind of thing the left would do, so why not fight fire with fire?

I watched as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) grilled Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame. He just wouldn’t answer Cruz’s questions because he knew the real answers were damning. Although Zuckerberg and others deny censorship, what is happening out in the open at their companies says the exact opposite.

The leaked draft specifically refers to a social media company’s “exercise of bias” as one way it could exercise “market power in a way that harms consumers.” That is very, very true. It has already happened to a number of large conservative outlets. The document is just preliminary but it shows that Trump is looking into how to take swift action to stop these liberal billionaires from silencing those they don’t agree with.

From the Conservative Tribune:

“Business Insider published excerpts of the draft order. Its focus centers on investigative authority of anti-trust violations by social media giants.

“… Because of their critical role in American society, it is essential that American citizens are protected from anticompetitive acts by dominant online platforms. Vibrant competition in the online ecosystem is essential to ensuring accountability for the platforms that hold so much sway over our economy and democratic process.”

“Section 2. Agency Responsibilities. (a) Executive departments and agencies with authorities that could be used to enhance competition among online platforms (agencies) shall, where consistent with other laws, use those authorities to promote competition and ensure that no online platform exercises market power in a way that harms consumers, including through the exercise of bias.”

“… (b) Agencies with authority to investigate anti-competitive conduct shall thoroughly investigate whether any online platform has acted in violation of the antitrust laws, as defined in subsection (a) of the first section of the Clayton Act, 15 U.S.C. § 12, or any other law intended to protect competition.”

“Trump’s comments on Twitter seem to validate the complaints of conservatives that social media titans are stacking the deck against their voice.

“Bloomberg reported that social media companies have acknowledged to “erroneous” targeting of figures on both sides of the political spectrum, but have fallen short of confirming a liberal bias in their operations.

“Social media companies have acknowledged in congressional hearings that their efforts to enforce prohibitions against online harassment have sometimes led to the erroneous punishment of political figures on both the left and the right and that once discovered, those mistakes have been corrected. They say there’s no systematic effort to silence conservative voices.”

“It’s not a stretch to say that the only people who believe that are liberals.”

These social media giants are private businesses. We should proceed very cautiously when it comes to government interference in private business operations. We must be mindful of constitutional precedent here and not have the federal government step in on this. It’s one of the reasons this situation is so hard to navigate. They are using our own freedoms against us here.

The anti-trust approach may be the effective and fair way to bring justice to a situation in which conservatives have felt oppressed at the hands of liberal bias. Conservatives, especially constitutional conservatives, don’t want the government interfering in private businesses. It smacks of fascism.

But using anti-trust laws is another matter entirely. Perhaps if these social media titans realize what is waiting in the wings if they don’t clean up their acts, they will reconsider their censorship. And they fear President Trump. Maybe they should.


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Yuma Mayor Declares Emergency Over Migrant Crisis – City Overrun



This story originally appeared on & was edited & republished with permission:

Sounds like a humanitarian and a national security crisis to me and I’m not the only one who sees it that way. Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls just declared an emergency in his city due to what he said was the strain caused by the incoming flow of migrants. The agents and authorities are simply being overwhelmed and swarmed by these invaders.

1,800 came over the border in one day… one day! Half of those detained on Tuesday crossing over from Mexico were found in the El Paso, Texas area, according to officials. Border patrol said more than 980 were apprehended before 5 am after crossing in three large groups. Yuma is having just as rough a time of it.

Mayor Nicholls went public with this on Facebook. He explained that he “proclaimed a local emergency” in the city “due to the migrant family releases overwhelming the local shelter system.” And it’s not just the sheer numbers of illegal immigrants… it’s the economic burden, the crime, the drugs, the danger to children and disease that is playing into this massive emergency state.

Nicholls is begging the government to step in and do something here. I don’t blame him in the least. They need help and fast. “I am calling upon the federal government to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Yuma, as our NGO’s are overcapacity and cannot sustain providing this aid,” the post said. Here’s a thought – ship all of them to sanctuary cities just as Trump proposed. Works for me. Better yet, don’t let them in at all unless they come here legally.

From Fox News:

“Nicholls, in a video, laid out his reasoning behind the declaration, saying that he ultimately feels that its what’s best for both Yuma and the incoming migrants.

“So it’s with a heavy heart that I declare that we’re at this point but it is something that I believe we need to do to make sure that our community is maintained and that the human rights of all the migrants are also maintained and that we have a path forward that respects both,” he said.

“The city of Yuma, Ariz., also tweeted about the proclamation, citing Nicholls, claiming that released migrants were coming into the area faster than they were leaving.

“The move by the local official comes after President Trump declared a national emergency at the nation’s southern border earlier this year.”

“The transportation network is just insufficient to keep up with demand,” Nicholls said. “And the backlog of people staying at the shelter has created this capacity issue.” The media and the left are playing it up that the poor illegal immigrants don’t have money for bus fare to go to relatives while they await their court date. But the issue here is that they should not be here in the first place.

Now, the city is hoping for a FEMA response. In signing the declaration, Nicholls said he hopes to draw national attention to the plight of local communities struggling with a federal issue, adding that he’s talking to officials in other border cities and calling on them to issue similar emergency declarations. The mayor stated that he had spoken to Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, who signaled his support for the declaration.

Today I proclaimed a local emergency in Yuma, due to the migrant family releases overwhelming the local shelter system. I am calling upon the federal government to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Yuma, as our NGO’s are overcapacity and cannot sustain providing this aid. I signed the proclamation of emergency and soon after spoke with media at approximately 3:15 pm (MST). You can view via the video below:

Posted by Douglas Nicholls, Yuma Mayor on Tuesday, April 16, 2019

“We will review any declaration once we receive it,” according to a statement Tuesday night from Patrick Ptak, a Ducey spokesman. “Ultimately, this humanitarian crisis is the result of Congress’ failure to act. It will only be solved by Congress actually doing something, and the governor has vocally urged Congress to quit playing politics and take action. If only they would.

“In the wake of their inaction, our office is working with local governments, non-profits and our federal partners to maximize available resources and ensure proper coordination between ICE officials and groups providing temporary services to migrants.”

Nicholls fears hungry migrants roaming the streets. He should fear much worse than that. “This isn’t a natural disaster,” Nicholls said. “But it is a disaster.”

“… the local emergency exceeds control of the services, personnel, equipment and facilities of the City of Yuma and requires the combined efforts, cooperation, and resources of the Yuma community including local and non-profit agencies such as the Red Cross, Catholic Community Services, The Salvation Army, Yuma Community Food Bank, churches, the County of Yuma, the State of Arizona, and the United States of America,” the statement said.

It’s long past time for the wall to be built and We Build The Wall should start their project this month. Meanwhile, President Trump is still scratching and fighting for every mile of barrier put up. Put the blame of all this where it belongs… squarely on the left. #WeBuildTheWall


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