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POLL: Trump Picks Up YUGE Support From Latinos During Shutdown For Wall



This has got to be driving the left batty this morning. NPR and PBS just did a poll – both are leftist outlets which makes this even more wondrous. From the beginning of all this nonsense against President Trump, the left has equated the wall with racism. Which is dumb to begin with because Mexico is a country, not a race.

This has to do with national security, not racism and they know it. It’s a dishonest argument that should never have stood. But if you convince enough people who are ill-informed and easily influenced you wind up where we are… on the verge of losing our sovereignty to invaders and Marxists.

The new poll shows Trump has surged in popularity among Latinos during the government shutdown. And it’s because of a border wall. In other words, Latinos think we should have the wall for national security.

Here’s the poll in December by race – it was at 31 percent:

It’s now up to a 50 percent approval among Latinos:

Given, support has dropped among white and black Americans. I think that is burnout over the subject. But, whoa Nelly, that’s a jump among Latinos! Those polled were national adults, not likely voters. Even so, conventional progressive wisdom would have Trump losing support among Latinos here which just isn’t happening. Of course, that’s the same flawed logic that calls the wall racist in the first place.

You’ll remember that back in November, Mexican citizens in Tijuana were protesting the migrant caravans. No one wants or likes these lawbreakers except American leftists evidently.

From NPR:

“We want the caravan to go; they are invading us,” said Patricia Reyes, a 62-year-old protester, hiding from the sun under an umbrella. “They should have come into Mexico correctly, legally, but they came in like animals.”

“A few hundred Tijuanenses gathered in the city’s high-end Rio area to protest the groups migrating from Central American countries.

“Demonstrators held signs reading “No illegals,” “No to the invasion” and “Mexico First.” Many wore the country’s red, white and green national soccer jersey and vigorously waved Mexican flags. The crowd often slipped into chants of “Ti-jua-na!” and “Me-xi-co!” They sang the national anthem several times.

“The march is a foreboding sign for the migrants who have formed caravans to cross Mexico in hopes of reaching the United States. Many, but not all, of the migrants have come to Tijuana, which borders San Diego, to request asylum in the U.S. They come primarily from Honduras, though some are from other Central American countries. A number of the asylum-seekers say they can’t return home after receiving threats from street gangs such as MS-13 and the 18th Street gang, as well as threats from government figures in their countries.

“While the protesters numbered only a few hundred, in a city of more than 1.6 million, vitriol against the migrants has spread across social media in Tijuana in recent days.

“They should create concentration and deportation camps with federal funds,” wrote one commenter on the Facebook page organizing the march.

“Tijuana is a place that welcomes anyone, but you must have papers, you must identify yourself,” demonstrator Magdalena Baltazar said on Sunday, as she waved a Mexican flag and marched through the city. “We work hard here. We don’t get handouts. The government shouldn’t be giving things to migrants when plenty of Mexicans are in a difficult position.”

“Most of the protesters said the migrants should be detained and deported.”

Here’s a thought… fix the problems in these countries and have their citizens stay there. I understand the violence but we are a nation of laws and these invaders are not welcome here unless they come here the right way. Mexican citizens get that and most Americans do too.

As I write this more caravans are heading towards our border with Mexico. President Trump needs to stand firm and we need that wall.


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