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Pelosi Sticks It To Trump From Hawaii – Will Reopen Gov’t Without Him Or Wall Money



Just as news is coming in that an illegal alien who killed a California police officer was captured, we are finding out that Pelosi & House Democrats have a sick plan to stick it to President Trump and all Americans who want to be safe from illegal immigrant criminals.

President Trump was elected by the majority of people in a majority of states. One of his campaign promises was that he would have a wall built on our Southern Border in order to keep out drug dealers, criminals, murderers, and rapists. Democrats have obstructed the will of those who elected Trump at every turn, though.

Now, Pelosi & other Democrats are crafting plans that would have no money go towards the wall, and would re-open the government.

Politico is reporting:

“House Democrats — increasingly convinced they’re winning the shutdown fight with President Donald Trump — are plotting ways to reopen the government while denying the president even a penny more for his border wall when they take power Jan. 3.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her top lieutenants are considering several options that would refuse Trump the $5 billion he’s demanded for the wall and send hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal employees back to work, according to senior Democratic sources.

While the strategy is fluid, House Democrats hope to pass a funding bill shortly after members are sworn in. They believe that would put pressure on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to follow suit. And they’re confident that their political leverage will only increase the longer the shutdown lasts — a notion that some GOP leaders privately agree with.

Indeed, the specter of a lengthy shutdown could hurt Trump’s already damaged image more than it would Democrats — especially because he claimed ownership of the crisis two weeks ago. Democrats believe the shutdown battle — combined with the volatility in financial markets and special counsel Robert Mueller closing in on Trump — exacerbates the appearance of a cornered president acting out of his own political self-interest instead of the needs of the American public.

“We want … the government open, and my hope is we can get it opened before Jan. 3,” said Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.), the incoming Rules Committee chairman. “If not, one of the first things we’ll do will be to move to pass legislation to reopen the government. And the president can decide whether he wants to sign it or not.”

“I believe Democrats are going to move [to end the shutdown] on Jan. 3,” added Rep. Gerry Connolly, a Virginia Democrat whose district includes thousands of federal employees. “It’s got to be the first item of business.”

With it increasingly unlikely that Republicans will do anything in the remainder of the 115th Congress to end the stalemate, House Democrats are considering a procedural tactic that would allow them to move quickly once they’re officially in the majority on Jan. 3.

They’re weighing including multiple funding options in a package of rules for the new Congress that they intend to approve that day, according to Democratic sources. That would give Trump and Senate Republicans several options to choose from.

The alternatives under discussion have already been floated to Trump by Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). But one option they’re not considering, sources close to the Democratic leaders said, is offering the president more than the $1.3 billion they already put on the table to fund fencing at the southern border.

So far, Trump has refused the $1.3 billion as too little. But Democrats believe he’ll come under fire as stories of furloughed federal employees spread in January, and the chaos of a shutdown starts to affect everyday Americans.

“The American people know that this is a Trump shutdown,” McGovern said.

One option Democrats are considering is a short-term funding measure to open now-shuttered agencies until Feb. 8. A week ago, the Senate approved a continuing resolution with that timeline. Some House Democrats believe that if they quickly push the CR through their own chamber, McConnell — a former appropriator who despises shutdowns — will feel pressure to act.”

Democrats want illegal immigration because they know they need illegals to be future voters. This is all about implementing Democrat-Socialist policies that will control the populace. Democrats will do anything to get their way & crush the freedoms of all Americans. Just like when Pelosi pushed through Obamacare which made it mandatory that we purchase health insurance or pay a tax penalty. What happens if you don’t pay your taxes? You go to prison.

Democrats will enact more freedom-killing laws like Obamacare the second they have the chance. They will outlaw any firearms which they deem to be a threat along with ammunition and magazines as they are already pushing to do that very thing. Over a hundred million Americans could become criminals overnight if they get their way, and Democrats will use illegals to implement their totalitarian plans. President Trump needs to stand strong against them & we need to make our voices heard or we will be crushed under a dictatorial regime one day soon!


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