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WATCH: Parkland Student Goes OFF On MSM For Trying To Ruin Covington Teen’s Life For Supporting Trump



Parkland High school Kyle Kashuv is calling out the psychotic leftist media for trashing Covington student Nick Sandmann because he supports President Trump.

The disgusting fake news about a teen from Covington Catholic High School unfolded over the weekend, after Nick Sandmann and fellow students visited Washington, DC, for the March for Life, and also paid a visit to the Lincoln Memorial, where leftists ambushed them.

Much of the fake media ran with a short edited video clip that seemed to show the students confronting a Native American man. But once the entire video footage surfaced it was clear that a group of self-described racist Black Hebrew Israelites taunted the students with racist and homophobic slurs, and leftist activist Native American Nathan Phillips entered the scene beating a drum.

Kyle Kashuv, who has spoken out in support for Second Amendment rights after his fellow high school colleagues called for gun control after the tragic shooting, pointed out on Twitter that the left praised the Parkland students for speaking out against gun rights.

“The Media has bent over backwards to defend my Parkland Highschool liberal peers, no matter what outrageous things they have said,” Kashuv tweeted on Monday. “But now they have tried to ruin a high school kid’s life, over fake news.”

“What changed?” Kashuv tweeted. “The student was a Trump Supporter.”

The conservative Turning Point USA is named on the video Kahuv posted with the tweet.

“Last night the top story was fake news about a bunch of high school kids visiting D.C.,” Kashuv said in the video, showing one of the short clips that first surfaced of the alleged encounter.

“Let’s watch the clip that the media lost their minds over and jumped to conclusions about,” Kashuv said in the video. “The mainstream media claimed that these kids harassed the Native American man. But that could not be further from the truth.”

Kashuv said the students were confronted with racist, homophobic slurs.

“They remained calm and did not reciprocate,” Kashuv said. “They did absolutely nothing wrong.”

“The media completely lied about the story,” Kashuv said. “They did so because the left is hungry to find anything they can to blast Trump supporters.”

Kashuv showed a video clip where a 71-year-old with a pro-Trump sign was tossed around by a couple of younger people. “Where was the media outrage then?” Kashuv said.

Kashuv condemned the hatred expressed for Sandmann and the other young men, including insane nut bags on social media who have promoted acts of violence against them.

Read more on the story via Breitbart

The hatred towards these students is appalling. No words can describe the insanity we’ve been witnessing nowadays. If you are a male, white, Christian, Pro-life, Trump have a literal target on your back.

Thank God this country has strong young people that aren’t afraid to speak the truth.


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