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Ocasio: Millennials Are More ‘Informed’ Than Older Generations



Democratic Socialist New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just made the claim that millennials are more “informed” than older generations, praising young people for protesting and going to “the streets.” This reminds me of a quote from Al Gore: “There are some things about our world that you know that older people don’t know.” He made that remark to a bunch of 12-year-olds. Ocasio-Cortez is an acolyte of his.

Ocasio-Cortez was asked by a fan whether she thought young people were “delicate” during an Instagram live stream Tuesday night. She responded: “No! I don’t think they’re too delicate at all. I think that… they’re bad*ss.” “I think young people are more informed and dynamic than their predecessors. Um, I think that they are more sensitive in a positive way, in that they actually care about other people’s experiences and lives.”

The young socialist went on to praise the “radical acceptance” that young people show. Then, she claimed that young people are “willing to go to the streets,” unlike the “previous generations.” “I think this new generation is very profound, and very strong, and very brave because they’re actually willing to go to the streets. How ’bout that? Like, previous generations have just assumed that government’s got it.”

She also said: “I think they’re profoundly courageous because they’re willing to puncture more taboos and have conversations that, frankly, older generations sometimes struggle to have.”

From The Daily Caller:

“This is a bizarre statement given the fact that the Baby Boomer generation engaged in many protests during the 1960s and ’70s over political issues.

“The New York politician is a millennial herself, and according to some statistics, a sizable portion of millennials share her socialist views. According to a 2018 poll, almost 1 in 3 millennials think of themselves as socialists.

“During the same live-stream Tuesday night, the 29-year-old socialist expressed concerns over climate change and the melting ice caps. Specifically, she claimed that if glaciers melted, ancient diseases could be exposed and could infect humanity.

“There are a lot of diseases that are frozen in some of these glaciers that scientists fear that there is a potential that a lot of diseases could escape these melted glaciers,” she said.

“Things that were frozen for thousands of years, and that they’re going to get into our water, and that humans could contract them, and they’re going to be diseases that are thousands of years old that have vectors that we are not prepared for, that we have never seen.”

“Ocasio-Cortez introduced the “Green New Deal” in February of this year, which seeks to fight climate change as well as repair “historic oppression.”’

Yeah, Ocasio-Cortez is a real rocket scientist. Her statements scream it.

“They actually take time to read and understand our history, the history of the labor movement, history of civil rights, history of economics, history of the United States, history of colonialism, and they’re not afraid to have those conversations,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

She’s just blithely insulting older generations and calling them stupid and uninformed. It’s disgraceful.

Of course, she overlooks perhaps the most turbulent period in modern American history, the 1960s, which was marked by political protests over the Vietnam War, civil rights and more. She also doesn’t consider the Civil War or the Revolutionary War or the Boston Tea Party. For that matter, she doesn’t even consider the suffragette movement that gave women like her the right to vote. Talk about clueless.

As Fox News points out, Baby Boomers may take exception to Ocasio-Cortez’s slight, especially given studies that indicate a lack of knowledge millennials have when it comes to history. An April 2019 study by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany revealed that two-thirds of millennials polled were not familiar with Auschwitz, and 22 percent said they either had not heard of or were not sure if they had heard of the Holocaust. So much for learning from history and not repeating it.

They aren’t more informed than older generations… they are more narcissistic, elitist, dependent, and dumbed-down than those before them. I present Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as exhibit one. Case closed.



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