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Ocasio-Cortez Fans Urging Her To Shoot Lead Republican House Leader – BIG Mistake



Just wow. Communist-elect New Yorker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is being urged by her fans to shoot House Minority Whip Steve Scalise. You remember Steve… he almost died after a leftist radical shot him during baseball practice. Yep… that Steve Scalise.

Not only are both Ocasio-Cortez and those who follow her in serious need of brain-implants… they also seem to be violent socialists who aren’t afraid to call for someone to be killed.

And why would they do that? Well, after Alexandria called for a 70 to 80 percent tax rate for a new green movement to be funded, Scalise pointed out that the wealthy already pay the overwhelming majority of taxes and that taxing producers to death is a great way to destroy a country. I give you Venezuela and any other communist regime out there.

From The Federalist Papers:

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has the arrogance of youth.

She also has the experience and scope of understanding of youth.

That’s why she got destroyed by House Minority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise on Saturday.

But it was some of the worst comments from some of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s low class fans that got the attention.

“Snipe his a**,” on person wrote, an allusion to Rep. Scalise being shot on a baseball field by a radical Democrat.

“She’s got better aim than James Hodgkinson, that’s for sure,” said another.

A comparison to the man who shot Scalise.

Abhorrent comments that Ocasio-Cortez had no response to.

It started when Scalise mocked her idea for a 70 percent income tax bracket.

“Republicans: Let Americans keep more of their own hard-earned money.

“Democrats: Take away 70% of your income and give it to leftist fantasy programs,” he said.

Ocasio-Cortez responded in her usual, snarky way.

“You’re the GOP Minority Whip. How do you not know how marginal tax rates work?

“Oh that’s right, almost forgot: GOP works for the corporate CEOs showering themselves in multi-million💰bonuses; not the actual working people whose wages + healthcare they’re ripping off for profit,” she said.

Scalise (R-LA) abruptly halted a Twitter debate with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez early Sunday after commenters made references to the June 2017 shooting in which Scalise and three other people were shot by a left-wing activist. Good for him. It’s not worthy of answering and again, it shows the unhinged hatred by the left and how unapologetic they are for it. These are the kinds of radicals and their statements that lead to people getting killed.

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The comments came as multiple news outlets, without offering any evidence, reported that conservatives had criticized Ocasio-Cortez for a viral video that surfaced last week showing her dancing on a rooftop while in college. Seriously? Newsweek cited a single anonymous Twitter user to support its contention that conservatives were “mocking” Ocasio-Cortez.

Per Fox News, prior to the Twitter comments, Scalise and Ocasio-Cortez had been debating the Democrat’s proposal for enacting a tax rate of up to 70 percent on income. Scalise had called for letting Americans “keep more of their own hard-earned money.” That is a logical and sane response but communists are inherently ‘not sane’.

It’s a big mistake for Ocasio-Cortez to allow this kind of violent rhetoric and to seem to endorse it. If she keeps it up she will find herself on the violent end of the stick and things never go the way you think they will when you go down that road. Her behavior and that of those that follow her is alarming to say the least and disgusting in the extreme.


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