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Obama Caught Secretly Funneling $310 MILLION – Tried To Cover It Up



Once again we see something that Barack Obama did while in office that literally broke the law and no one seems to be addressing it. Obama obviously tried to cover it up. And it is no surprise that Obama funneled $310 million in free legal advice for these young invaders through the Vera Institute of Justice which has solid ties to George Soros.

The debt under Obama skyrocketed and at the time the left said it was irrelevant. Most Americans certainly don’t feel that way. Our nation is so far in debt that there should be a massive outcry over this development. That money could have been spent helping real Americans, not those who want to invade us, get freebies and break us. Hello Cloward and Piven.

Taking care of taxpayer money wasn’t exactly something Obama was known for. In fact, he blew up the debt like it was going out of style during his 8 years in office. You know what Obama was known for? Putting the needs of illegal immigrants before the needs of American citizens.

In fact, we are still uncovering examples of that. Check out what we just learned about the Obama Administration.

From Washington Examiner:

The Obama administration approved $310 million in free legal advice to young illegal immigrants despite federal law barring charging taxpayers for helping immigrants avoid deportation, according to a new report.

The Immigration Reform Law Institute said that the funding was provided to a top legal defense group to help unaccompanied alien children under the age of 18 land with a sponsor in the U.S.

In 2015 and 2016, contracts reviewed by IRLI showed that several worth $310 million went to one nonprofit legal group, the Vera Institute of Justice. A top director has ties to liberal philanthropist George Soros.

You think we could have come up with some better ways to spend that money?

Not only was this not a smart use of taxpayer money but it’s also against the law.

Imagine if the media spent a fraction of time investigating Obama as they do Trump.

Immigration law that bars using tax dollars to help illegal immigrants avoid deportation is the rub here.

More from The Washington Examiner:

“When the federal government pays for illegal alien minors to receive direct legal representation, it does more than flout the law,” said Dale L. Wilcox, executive director and general counsel of IRLI, in a statement.

He added, “These unauthorized payments have undoubtedly speeded-up UACs’ release from detention facilities to join their families, relatives, or fellow gang members — or help them reconnect with and pay ‘pandillas,’ the criminal cartels that make enormous profits from controlling human trafficking over the southern border. My guess is that average voters would not be pleased to know that such vast amounts of their tax dollars are being spent in aid of this giant criminal enterprise.”

This is not how immigration should ever be done and the left knows it. It’s criminal and it is meant to make us an open-borders country. That would benefit the left as they would have millions of new voters to keep them in power forever. This was Obama’s plan and it was happening whether Americans wanted it or not. Obama felt he could pull it off since Hillary Clinton would win. But then President Trump happened and that really threw a wrench into the political mix.

Obama tried to cover all of this up through legal red tape but the truth always surfaces in the end. The left doesn’t care about these people. They are means to an end. Obama should be held accountable for his crimes just like anyone else. Who knows how many other things were done out of sight by Obama like this one?

The media is useless anymore. They don’t investigate true news like this… especially since it involves their golden boy Obama. And the left spends our money like drunken sailors. They don’t ever intend to curb the debt here. As for illegal aliens, the elites thought they had it figured out on invasions and on rigging elections with these invaders. What Obama and the rest didn’t count on is how Americans would react to all of this.


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