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Nasty Worker Caught Spitting Sick Chunks In Food At MLB Game, Realizes BIG Mistake Too Late



This has to be the most disgusting thing we have seen in what might be forever!

WXYZ is now reporting that a Comerica Park employee has been fired and is now under arrest after he was filmed spitting on pizzas during Friday’s Detroit Tiger’s game.

The employee, who of course has not been named, told one of his coworkers that he was going to spit in the food. And on May, 17th that same co-worker told the Free Press that he filmed the act so he would be able to show it to management. Quinelle May then added that when he left his position to contact management instead of them firing the person who spit on the pizza they fired him for not working.

May confirmed that the incident happened during Friday’s game against the Kansas City Royals and that it was the first time he’d seen such a thing at Comerica Park.

Here is more via CBS Sports:

“If you were at the Detroit Tigers game on Friday and ordered pizza, well, you might want to proceed with caution.

Police have detained a former Comerica Park employee who was seen spitting on a pizza while working at a stadium food stand on Friday. The man has since been fired and could be charged, according to WWJ NewsRadio, but his damage was done over the weekend: He can clearly be seen spitting onto pizza dough before covering his saliva with sauce thanks to a viral Instagram video posted by his former coworker, Quinelle “Nell” May.

May wrote in his Instagram post that he was told to leave his own shift at Comerica Park during Friday’s Tigers game “because I didn’t have on my Comerica Park shirt” and because he was “at the bathroom too long.” That’s why he decided to post the video, because “I couldn’t wait until after the game to tell them an employee was spitting in customer pizzas.”

He told Detroit’s WXYZ-TV that he “went to the bathroom looking around to tell people about the video but couldn’t find anybody” and that once he finally did encounter supervisors, he was shut down and “threatened with prosecution if he didn’t take the post down.”

“Every time I tried to talk,” he said, “they told me to shut up.”

As for why his coworker at the time spat in the pizzas, May said the man was just “mad and having a bad day.” Nothing like spitting in someone else’s food — right in front of a camera, no less — to let off a little steam, right?

Detroit Sportservice, the stadium’s food provider, has since released a statement about the incident, saying it “immediately closed that food stand and disposed of all the product” upon discovery of the saliva scare and that its “top priority” is food safety and “any appropriate action necessary to protect our guests.”

One woman, however, has come forward with the threat of pressing charges, telling WWJ NewsRadio that May is her old neighbor and “thinks he was trying to warn her not to eat the pizza.” She apparently attended the Tigers game that night and is now concerned she may have been exposed to “any number of diseases.”

“It’s so sickening to think about,” she says. The 43-year-old (Lynette) Roberts said she ordered the meat-trio pizza and said they were cooking it up fresh. “I’ve literally been sick the whole time. That’s the nastiest thing you can do is to spit on someone or something.”

She says that May reached out to her on Facebook and told her he tried to find her after she got her food to tell her not to eat it.”

In a statement, Detroit Sportservice, which is the service who has catered at Comerica Park for years, said the food station was closed as soon as they learned about the food tampering. Ummm.. this was a little bit more than just “food tampering” don’t you agree?

This sick employee needs to be made an example of. You don’t do something as sick as this and just get away with losing your job. This is worthy of criminal prosecution and he should serve jail time. There is no excuse for this kind of conduct and it cannot be the norm, even in Detroit where let’s face it, thanks to over 60 years of Democrat party rule is now something out of a post-apocalyptic wasteland where people can’t even give their own homes away because people don’t want to live in such a crime infested city with no possible fix in sight.


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