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Nancy Pelosi Just Got Nasty Surprise From ICE Director While On Vacay Away From Reality



Former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Tom Homan just let Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have it with both barrels over the government shutdown concerning President Trump and border wall funding. It’s a nasty surprise she had coming while vacationing her wealthy, elitist, limousine liberal butt off in Hawaii.

Homan had some very strong words for Pelosi after she blasted Customs and Border Patrol agents. His hot criticism of Pelosi follows the death of a second child who entered the US illegally. Felipe Alzono-Gomez was just eight-years-old when he died of flu-like symptoms after being detained by the Border Patrol. Although he was rushed to the hospital for treatment, he didn’t survive.

This young child’s death follows the passing of seven-year-old Jakelin Amei Rosmery Caal Maquin who also passed away in the hospital after falling ill during her family’s journey to the United States. Pelosi acted outraged over the deaths of these children and blamed law enforcement for their deaths.

She stated:

“The tragic death of an innocent child on Christmas Day breaks the hearts of all.

We all have a moral responsibility to ensure all children of God are treated with compassion and decency. The death now of two children in U.S. custody is unconscionable.

Democrats call on Homeland Security’s Inspector General to immediately open an investigation into Felipe Alzono-Gomez’s death. The Congress will also investigate this tragedy and the heartbreaking death of Jakelin Amei Rosmery Caal Maquin, to seek justice and ensure that no other child is left to such a fate.”

One wonders where Pelosi’s faux outrage is when an American child is killed by an illegal alien. Nowhere to be found evidently. She told USA Today that concerns raised by President Trump about terrorism, drugs, and disease entering the country through the border weren’t based on facts, saying, “He’s using scare tactics that are not evidence-based, and it’s wrong.” She said this as a Californian police officer was killed by an illegal alien. That officer has a five-month-old son who will never see him again. Where’s her outrage over that?

Homan put it bluntly:

“She is 100 percent wrong, so let me educate Ms. Pelosi. As far as crime coming across the border, ICE arrested 138,000 criminals last year. These are people that entered the country illegally and committed a crime against a citizen of this country. Over 2,000 homicides, over 11,000 weapons violations, over 11,000, almost 12,000 sexual assault crimes and sexual crimes. So crime does come across that border. The didn’t just miraculously appear in the United States. They entered the country illegally.”

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From IJR:

Homan explained that the same goes for migrants bringing disease across the border. He noted that ICE screens for TB, chicken pox, measles, lice, and other diseases. He claimed that, for many of the migrants, this was their first time seeing a doctor.

“I remember a case two years ago where a man had a strain of TB we couldn’t even treat,” said Homan. “We had to work with the CDC, the Texas Department of Health to try to find a way to treat this gentleman so we kept him locked up for months at great taxpayer expense.”

He noted that an outbreak of that strain of TB in the United States could have put many Americans at risk.

Homan hoped that Pelosi would look at the data for MS-13 gang arrests and fentanyl-laced drug confiscations, too.

“There’s your data,” Homan said. “Look at it and you can see why we need a wall.”

Homan also called the death of young children at the border “very sad” but he noted that current policies only make it more likely that these heartbreaking deaths will continue.

“When you don’t fix these [asylum] loopholes, you entice people to come to this country because they think they can get to a safe sanctuary city,” Homan explained.

These decisions on securing the border will have to be addressed by Pelosi and President Trump soon. The government will remain shut down until both sides come to an agreement. Trump has said he won’t budge until there is increased funding for the wall, but Pelosi and the Democratic Party will take over the House on January 3, taking a lot of the GOP’s power.

These children did not die because of President Trump and the Border Patrol. They died because of the law not being enforced and because of the left playing politics with people’s lives. Homan has been right from the beginning and Pelosi has been a liar who uses people’s suffering for her own gain from as far back as I can remember. She figures reality is whatever she wants it to be because of her wealth. Homan doesn’t hesitate to set her straight and lay blame where it really belongs here.


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