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WATCH: Rep. Brooks DESTROYS ‘Fake News King’ CNN: “Apparatchik For Radical Open-Border Socialist Dems’



I always enjoy listening to Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL). He did not disappoint when he ripped into CNN for fake news on the House floor. It was glorious. He called CNN the “fake news king” which is spot on. The fiery speech detailed three separate instances of CNN deliberately getting the facts wrong and spreading fake news as propaganda for the left.

Brooks started out with, “Mr. Speaker, while CNN has had a rotten, no good, horrible week, the American people have had a great week because last week exposed the CNN vitriol, prejudice, bias, and deception that crown CNN the Fake News King.” For any American paying attention out there it has been obvious that CNN is guilty of all of that so much more.

First Brooks took on the phony BuzzFeed story against President Trump. The story accused Trump of suborning purgery through Michael Cohen… that Trump told him to lie to Congress. It was so dishonest and so unprovable that it got a rare response from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who in no uncertain terms called it a lie.

As bad as that was, even worse was CNN’s smearing of the Covington Catholic High School students. That one is going to get them sued for libel. They painted the boys as racist thugs in MAGA hats when the exact opposite was true. Nathan Phillips, the elder Native American, is a professional leftist activist and antagonist. He aggressively got in the boys’ faces with his drum after the Black Hebrew Israelites spewed vicious hateful rhetoric at the Native Americans and the teens. The only place that really covered that detail in-depth was The Blaze.

Last but certainly not least, Brooks covered CNN doing a fact-check “on illegal alien and border security crime data comments by various Republicans.” CNN brought politics and opinion into the mix and tried to skew data and facts. They tried to take direct aim at Mo Brooks over that one and failed miserably.

Here is the full text of Brooks’ speech on the House floor – it is an absolute shredding of CNN and I thoroughly enjoyed it:

“Mr. Speaker, while CNN has had a rotten, no good, horrible week, the American people have had a great week because last week exposed the CNN vitriol, prejudice, bias and deception that crown CNN the Fake News King.

“First, CNN Fake News story Number 1.

“For two days, CNN drooled over President Trump impeachment propaganda in a BuzzFeed report that was so bad it prompted a rare public rebuke and “not true” proclamation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.[1]

“CNN, Strike One!

“Second, CNN Fake News story Number 2.

“CNN viciously and wrongly attacked, ridiculed, slandered and maligned Covington Catholic High School students by portraying them as racists.

“By and large, these teenagers at a pro-life march were white, males, Catholic, and, heaven forbid, President Trump supporters with Make America Great Again hats! CNN’s prejudice against this profile blinded CNN to reality.

“Had CNN done its homework, CNN would have reported from the very beginning that the students were the victims of African American racists who hurled insults at and sought to intimidate white teenage students[2] and the victims of Native American political activists who rudely accosted the students, beat a drum in their faces, and yelled that white people should leave America![3]

“Did “Fake News” CNN report from the very beginning this racism against white people and how remarkably well these Catholic High School students handled this situation? No. Sadly, CNN’s bias and prejudice did not allow that.

“CNN, Strike Two!

“Third, CNN Fake News story Number 3.

“CNN did a poorly researched “fact check” on illegal alien and border security crime data comments by various Republicans, including me.

“The segment opened with New Day host Alisyn Camerota deriding “fact-free fear-mongering” from “[Trump] supporters.”


“If you support border security and protecting American lives you are a fact-free, fear mongering, Trump supporter who must be attacked at all cost? Is that really CNN’s viewpoint?

“CNN’s John Avlon then falsely claimed I said a border wall is the way to keep death-dealing drugs out of America when I clearly stated a border wall is a necessary subpart of a broader border security strategy required to slow down drugs crossing over our southern border and save American lives.

“That truth didn’t fit CNN’s blind fealty to open border, Socialist Democrats so CNN deceived rather than tell the truth.

“CNN next showed me stating that federal officers apprehended roughly 2,000 illegal aliens per year for homicides on American soil. That’s fine. That’s true.

“The federal government’s Immigration and Custom Enforcement and Removal Operations Reports state federal officers apprehended 1,886 illegal aliens in FY 2017 and 2,028 illegal aliens in FY 2018 for homicides committed on American soil.

“But CNN’s John Avlon attacked this federal crime data by citing an unrelated Politifact analysis and making an “apples and oranges” comparison that misunderstands the difference between the words “homicide” and “murder.” While all murders are homicides, not all homicides are murders. Murders are a subpart of the word homicides.

“In any event, the Politifact analysis involved another person, not any of us, was about “murders,” not “homicides,” and disagreed with nothing that I said.

“CNN, strike Three! You’re OUT!

“Mr. Speaker, is CNN “the most trusted name in news” as it claims? No!

“Not when its reporters, fact checkers, and newscasters are so blinded by vitriol, prejudice, bias, and hatred for President Trump that they cannot think or see straight.

“Not so long as CNN is nothing more than an apparatchik for radical, open border, Socialist Democrats; not the truth, and not the American people.

“Mr. Speaker, CNN has earned its Fake News crown and, based on last week, is not at risk of losing its crown anytime soon.

“Mr. Speaker, I yield back.”

Slow clap for Mo Brooks. More truth in one sitting than CNN reports in a year.


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