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Liberal Author: Normal People Shouldn’t Wear Red Hats, ‘You’re Making Everyone Scared’



We have long passed peak-Trump Derangement Syndrome. An excellent example of that is a liberal author named Rebecca Makkai, 41, out of Chicago who says no self-respecting American should ever wear a red hat — even a baseball or basketball cap. If that is so, there are a lot of sports teams that are going to have to give up their attire. That’s just plain ridiculous and I hate to break it to her… she’s freaking out over red MAGA hats… they also come in white. Which I’m sure she will also call ‘racist’.

Make America Great Again hats are as American as apple pie. They do not symbolize hatred regardless of what the left spouts. For an accomplished author, this woman is as dumb as a box of rocks, neurotic, and bigoted. She was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award with a book about AIDS. She says MAGA hats are like the N*zi swastika. But more than that, she says “normal people” shouldn’t wear any type of red hat, saying they’re “making people scared.” It’s the ‘normal people’ who are wearing the MAGA hats deary.

“Is anyone else made really uncomfortable these days by anyone wearing any kind of red baseball cap? Like, I see one and my heart does weird sh** and then I finally realize it only says Titleist or whatever. Maybe don’t wear red caps anymore, normal people?” she wrote. “Also, for the love of God: The clever folks wearing ‘Make America Read Again’ or whatever caps — NO. You’re making everyone scared. Don’t do it,” she went on.

Give me a break. This woman is simply a censor-happy fascist. She has no tolerance for anyone who does not think the warped way she does. And by the way, that’s a trait that has more in common with the Third Reich than a million MAGA hats ever will. Her tyrannical slip is showing.

From The Daily Wire:

“After some Twitterers mocked Makkai’s post, she shot back. She said the swastika — a symbol in the ancient Sanskrit language — once stood for good luck and well-being in Hinduism and Buddhism but noted that the faiths stopped using the symbol after it was used by the N*zis.

“If you’re here to be contrary: an equivalent here would be western Hindus choosing not to use the swastika symbol in public despite it being sacred to their faith because it would offend/frighten people. The red hat has become a symbol of hate bc of how its wearers act,” she wrote.

“And she said she was speaking only to “normal people” — so, you know, not anyone who thinks differently than her.

“Also I love all the people who are like ‘YOU CAN’T POLICE ME, LIBTARD!’ Please note that I was specifically addressing ‘normal people.’ The ones who don’t want to freak people out at a distance. The ones who enjoy it should absolutely continue letting us know who thy are,” she wrote on Twitter.

“But critics of her comments dismantled her argument.

“It’s a hat, and this is a Free Country,” one user on Twitter wrote. “The very fact that you’re triggered by the hat shows what a serious problem you have with tolerating opposing political views.”

“Is anyone else made really uncomfortable by closed-minded leftists?” wrote another, while a third said: “Maybe find out everyone with a red hat, even ones with MAGA on them, aren’t some sort of bogeyman and learn to adult better, like a normal person would.”

“Ryan Wilde summed up the absurdity best.”

Freedom evidently is a tough concept for those on the left. It rankles them and makes their fur stand up. It’s still a free country for now and this kind of behavior makes me want to buy a dozen MAGA hats and give them out as gifts as well as wear them. Put that in your fascist pipe and smoke it, honey.

Makkai’s initial tweet has received more than 19,600 likes and been retweeted more than 1,500 times. That’s just sad – leftist hatred and stupidity seem to be viral. Several users posted screenshots showing the author had blocked them on Twitter after slamming the “leftist” novelist for being so easily “triggered” by red hats.

On Monday, Makkai wrote in a tweet that a red hat is “not [her] idea of oppression” and questioned why social media users would see her comments as censorship.

“It’s also interesting (I mean that sincerely) that ppl will take a tweet w a ‘maybe’ and two question marks (by someone with no real sway) as policing, bullying, censoring,” she wrote. “Is that their idea of oppression? (And no, dumb*ss, a red hat is not my idea of oppression, don’t try.)”

Yes, she really is that clueless and lacking in self-awareness.

Sigh… I have no patience for Marxist snowflakes who want to abridge our constitutional rights like this. And the fact that they are so easily triggered is simply pathetic. Get over it already. The right does not meltdown every time a liberal wants to go hedonistic and show their lack of manners, intelligence, and basic humanity… a red MAGA hat should not engender a psychotic break among leftists either. GROW UP.



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SNL Host Jokes That Senators Should Stab Trump Like Julius Caesar – WATCH




* By

Isn’t it amazing how violent the left is? And they truly think they are funny. It’s beyond pathetic at this point. The left has gone so far left there is no more “center” anymore.

If this was a conservative joking about doing this to Barack Obama…what do you think would happen? The double standards are infuriating.

What’s sad… this hatred for America is being taught to our young people.

Via Breitbart:

Former Saturday Night Live writer and host John Mulaney made a joke Saturday on NBC, that compared President Donald Trump to Julius Caesar “a powerful maniac” who was assassinated by a group of senators.

Mulaney said, “It is a Leap Year, as I said. Leap Year began in 45 B.C. under Julius Caesar. This is true, he started the Leap Year in order to correct the calendar, and we still do it to this day.

Another thing that happened under Julius Caesar, he was such a powerful maniac that all the senators grabbed knives, and they stabbed him to death. That would be an interesting thing if we brought that back now.

SNL Ratings fall

Via Deadline:

Saturday Night Live alum John Mulaney returned as host for the third time last night. The show, featuring musical guest David Byrne and appearances by Jake Gyllenhaal, Larry David and SNL alums Jason Sudeikis and Rachel Dratch, drew a 4.0 Live+Same Day household rating in the 44 local metered markets and a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating in the 25 markets with local people meters. That was down from SNL‘s last original (4.3, 1.9) hosted by RuPaul with musical guest Justin Bieber.

The Feb. 29 show’s demo rating was in line with most SNL episodes this season, while the the household delivery was on the lower side.

The fall finale/holiday episode of SNL on December 21 continues to hold the season highs ratings benchmark with the return of Eddie Murphy as host (6.7 in metered-market HH and a 3.4 in 18-49). Featuring Lizzo as musical guest, that episode has grown to a 6.88 rating in 18-49 and 20.8 million viewers overall with delayed viewing on digital and linear platforms to date.

Versus primetime programming on the Big 4 networks last night, SNL is easily the No. 1 show of the night in both metered-market households and in 18-49 in the local people meters.


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B-List Actors Alyssa Milano & Rosie O’Donnell Head Trump ‘Impeachment Task Force’




* By

You would think this is hilarious satire..but it’s not. Has-been actors truly believe that America looks to them for political advice. I know..I can’t stop laughing.

This is how insane and delusional the left is. Remember how they told us to accept the 2008 election results and just deal with it? Here we are…and they still can’t handle that Trump is President. They stay on twitter for hours..ranting, whining and lying about the President. The left should never ever allowed in power. Let these lunatics be a reminder to you when you go to vote in 2020.

Dear Hollywood has-beens, Americans don’t give a flying crap about what you have to say. You ain’t going to impeach the President. He’s not going anywhere. For the sake of America..go away. Don’t lecture the people about politics. No one looks to you for what’s going on in our country.

Just wait until Trump wins 2020…..

Via The Daily Wire:

If you’re worried about the current state of democracy, fear not: Alyssa Milano, Rosie O’Donnell, and their rich anti-Trump friends are here to save America … by working to remove the duly elected president from office.

Feel better now?

According to a Newsweek report, a group called The Democratic Coalition has created a star-studded “Impeachment Task Force” (seriously) “seeking to hold Trump ‘accountable for his betrayal of America.’”

The task force is “designed to lead rapid response to Trump during the impeachment inquiry,” according to The Democratic Coalition co-founder and Twitter #Resistance king Scott Dworkin.

In addition to Milano and O’Donnell, the group has landed actors Ron Perlman, George Takei, Debra Messing, and Tom Arnold to use their “massive social media following to protect House Democrats in the front lines of the impeachment inquiry on Trump.”

“The task force launched a fundraising effort and basic plan on Thursday. The group has already started meeting and is set to go live with its website next week,” Newsweek reported.

Dworkin pointed to “Trump’s propaganda machine” as motivation in the creation of his elite task force.

“Trump’s propaganda machine is going to be in overdrive for the foreseeable future, so we need to be fighting every day, in every way,” he said.

“For now, impeachment is the only way to hold him accountable for his betrayal of America,” the task force’s chairman Jon Cooper added.

Dworkin is extremely optimistic that his ragtag group of celebs “will without a doubt, absolutely, overpower Trump’s propaganda machine.”

As you might recall, during the 2016 presidential election, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton had scores of celebrities come out to support her publicly — such as Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, LeBron James, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Bruce Springsteen, Robert De Niro, Lady Gaga, Jon Bon Jovi, Meryl Streep, Amy Schumer, and many, many others. As you might also recall, Hillary lost the 2016 election.

But it’s different this time. Or something.

“We’ve been one of the key groups fighting his propaganda machine for three and a half years,” Dworkin bragged. “We’ve learned a lot. And it’s kind of led us to this moment.”


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