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Latina Women Supporting Trump Unleash Hell On Libs Using Them – ‘What’s So Hard To Understand?!’



At the end of the day, truth is still truth even if no one believes it. Just as, law is still law even if no one thinks they have to abide by it. These are things that are unchangeable, and as such, should not be something to be shamed over when standing up for it. In today’s America with the help of the YOLO thinkers, somehow the line between right and wrong, good and evil, truth and lie have been blurred. Now it’s all about the freedom to express yourself, no matter what rules, or laws you bend or break to do it, because YOLO!

The thing people tend to forget is that a successful democracy requires a high degree of personal integrity and responsibility on the part of the citizens. America is the baby of all countries and yet is known for her ability to progress and create abundance better than any other.

The problem we face now is a new type of people in this country who want less responsibility, less agency, less accountability, and consequently less personal progression. This affects the country as a whole because there is danger posed by these citizens who are short-sighted and undermining their own democratic government. As you already know, it is these citizens who when they want to live outside the law, use manipulation and trickery of words to try and change the law to fit their lifestyle. “I deserve equality!” “This is discrimination!” “This is racist!” “This is sexist!”

All of these types of things are used against law-abiding citizens to make them feel like they are wrong, evil, and immediately causes that blur spoken about earlier between right and wrong.

So what would happen if the person who is being attacked with these types of claims, turns around and says: Hey, I am one of you, and yes even I am “racist” against my own people who break the law!

Well… this is what happens.

This Mexican woman is alleging that she herself is a ‘racist’ against her own. A video was released of her at a recent rally, and it quickly went viral.

“The Trump supporter also attacked former United States president Barrack Obama and backed Trump’s 2020 re-election bid as she argued back and forth during a standoff with anti-White House protesters.”

“The woman, who identifies herself as ‘Karina’, jumped up and down and declared she was a ‘true Mexican sellout’ during the two-minute rant that posted on social media.”

“‘You are so stupid. My name is ‘Karina’. I am a Mexican racist,’ the Trump supporter emphatically told a person filming the exchange.”

“‘All you zombies, you’re so dumb, wake up, wake up,’ she added.”

“Sporting a blue, pro-Trump hat with the ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign slogan, ‘Karina’ skipped around chanting ‘Donald Trump, 2020, Donald Trump, 2020’, an apparent nod to the sitting president’s re-election bid towards a second term in the White House.”

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“The Trump sympathizer then took out her rage against the previous White House administration and blasted the undocumented immigrant population, a hot button issue that has dominated Trump’s presidency.”

“Obama is the greatest deception in American history. Watch the Obama deception’, she fired off.”

“‘If you’re illegally here, you’re illegally here. What’s so hard to understand,’ she added before telling a Trump protester they should take up their concerns with their local congress member.”

Karin did get somewhat worked up after she was accused of selling out the Hispanic community, so much so that she just agreed with it. She told her accusers that she was a sellout, and even went further to call herself a Mexican sellout.

“Prior to and since having taken office, the Republican commander in chief’s often offensive rhetoric towards the Hispanic community at times has been described as racist, a notion ‘Karina’ fought to dismiss during her exchange in Spanish with an anti-Trump demonstrator.”

“‘He is not a racist. You are enslaved,’ she retorted.”

“‘Stop watching CNN. Stop watching CNN. Look there is a way to enter and it’s legally.'”

Illegal is, yes, illegal. So this woman, no matter how worked up she gets, is exactly right. Why should law-abiding citizens be shamed, and judged so harshly by those that want to bend the law to fit their lifestyle. It’s gotten out of hand, and when that happens, it takes a strong hand to set things back into place. The laws of the land are part of the very foundation of why American can be so abundant and a place of great success and happiness for many people. Yes, everyone is born with the right to be happy and free, absolutely everyone. However, no one is above the law that protects that God-given freedom, or else there is chaos.

As we see in other countries, where there is chaos there is no happiness, and freedom to live like an American is limited to none.


#Otra_racista_más !!Y se verán peores cosas , El peor enemigo de un Latino en Estados Unidos Lamentablemente es otro Latino !! ??

Posted by Adrian Garcia on Saturday, September 29, 2018


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