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Kid Rock Wins Fight Against Dems Who Wanted To Destroy Him



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Kid Rock is now a major enemy of the Democrat Party.

His attack on Friday against ABC’s “The View” host Joy Behar in which he called her a “b**ch,” cemented that.

The despise the fact that he is an unashamed conservative and fan of President Donald Trump.

But their true anger for him happened in 2017 when he teased that he would run for Senate.

They attempted to get revenge on him for that but, as The Detroit News reported, they did not succeed.

The Federal Election Commission by a 3-1 vote has dismissed a complaint about Kid Rock’s fake U.S. Senate campaign in Michigan, overruling the recommendation of the commission’s career staff attorneys.

The watchdog group Common Cause had alleged that Kid Rock, aka Robert Ritchie, violated federal election law last year by acting like a Senate candidate while failing to register his candidacy or comply with rules on contributions and spending.

Are you a Kid Rock fan?

But Ritchie, a Clarkston resident, attested that his run for office was a “concert promotion,” and use of “Kid Rock for US Senate” on merchandise was merely a slogan.

A majority of commissioners voted to close the case, with two of the Republican members issuing an explanation that investigating the claims was not worth the FEC’s resources.

“Here, Ritchie states that the ‘Kid Rock for US Senate’ was not a sincere attempt to seek federal office, but rather continued a ‘long line of celebrity parodies of running for office,’” Commissioners Caroline Hunter and Matthew S. Petersen wrote.

“Celebrities do not enjoy immunity from commission enforcement. By the same token,the commission must be cautious to avoid interference with the ‘unfettered interchange of ideas for the bringing about of political and social changes.’

“The free speech rights of many artists would be hollow indeed if, to avoid government investigation, they must parse their words when touching upon political issues and campaigns.”

Commissioner Ellen L. Weintraub, a Democrat, dissented, saying she believes Ritchie violated the law by failing to register and report as a U.S. Senate candidate to the FEC.

“The reason is simple: There is only one objective meaning of the words ‘Kid Rock for US Senate.’ The law contains no exceptions for celebrities,” Weintraub wrote.

She noted the trend of celebrity candidates and imagined one running a “stealth” campaign while avoiding reporting requirements and claiming to promote a brand — only to later drop the run if support doesn’t materialize.

The fourth commissioner, Republican Steven T. Walther, did not explain his reasoning.

Paul S. Ryan, the vice president for policy and litigation at Common Cause, stressed the FEC didn’t say Ritchie never broke the law, only that his case is not worth pursuing.

“That is not the vindication that Kid Rock or his lawyers would perhaps like the public to believe. There was no vindication here,” Ryan said.

Hunter and Petersen’s reasoned that Ritchie was covered by an exception to the law for celebrity parody, but “there is no exception to the law,” Ryan said.

True celebrity parody would be comedian Stephen Colbert’s 2012 announcement that he was running for the United States of South Carolina — an office that doesn’t exist, Ryan said.

“A lot of people considered Donald Trump’s campaign to be celebrity parody in its early stages, and the Republicans don’t acknowledge that in any way,” Ryan added. “It’s just a very weak basis for them not to pursue enforcement here.”

A representative for Ritchie and his record label declined to comment.

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