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Kavanaugh Just Dropped The Anvil On Accuser In KING OF ALL STATEMENTS – We’re Sobbing



Wow… what a day today has been in Senate history.

Today Chicks On The Right reported that the Democrats managed to get their darling, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, to testify in the Senate as to what she alleges happened between her and Kavanaugh 36 years ago. Her testimony was as expected with the typical left-wing contradictions.

Dr. Ford accused Judge Kavanaugh of pinning her to a bed during a house party in Maryland in the early 1980s. Then proceeding to attempt to remove her clothes and putting his hand over her mouth when she tried to scream.

Ford was 15 and Kavanaugh was 17 at the time and she added that Kavanaugh was drunk when this allegedly took place.

“I thought he might inadvertently kill me,” Ford said. “He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing.”

Although she doesn’t recall much else that happened that night, the Democrats ran with it in order to ruin Judge Kavanaugh in an effort to stall the nomination long enough to try to win in 2020 and appoint another Ginsberg to the court.

But what really raised eyebrows was the response from Judge Kavanaugh himself. Which was excellent and unwavering. Judge Brett Kavanaugh: “I was not at the party described by Dr. Ford. This confirmation process has become a national disgrace.”

Here is more via The Christian Science Monitor:

“There are literally hundreds of thousands of people watching your testimony right now,” said Sen. Cory Booker (D) of New Jersey. “You are opening up to open air the hurt and pain that goes on across this country.”

“One woman called into C-SPAN to detail her own rape.

“It makes me almost want to cry,” says Democratic pollster Celinda Lake of Professor Blasey Ford. “Her honesty and her humanity are just unbelievable.” That Blasey Ford could describe sitting in the parking lot of Walmart trying to figure out how to find a lawyer makes her credible, she added.

“But Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) of South Carolina, sharply criticized how Democrats handled the hearing process, not sharing the allegations with the committee and leaking it at the last minute. During the questioning of Kavanaugh, he shouted that “This is the most unethical sham since I’ve been in politics,” excoriating the other side. “Boy, you all want power. God, I hope you never get it.”

“Ed Goeas, a Republican pollster who says that Blasey Ford came across as credible, points out that even before the hearings started, Democrats had decided they were against Kavanaugh. “Now they’re playing this game of, ‘you need to be open.’ ” He called it “hypocritical” showmanship.

“In emotional testimony, a fiery Judge Kavanaugh “categorically and unequivocally” denied Blasey Ford’s accusation, saying “I am innocent of this charge.” “This confirmation process has become a national disgrace,” he said telling the Senate, “You have replaced advise and consent with search and destroy.” Kavanaugh said the tenor of the hearings could have consequences long beyond his own nomination, with good people unwilling to accept government positions. “You sowed the wind. For decades to come, I fear the whole country will reap the whirlwind.”

“But he stressed that he bore Blasey Ford personally no ill will, and became overcome with emotion when talking about his 10-year-old daughter praying for her.

“The truth is that I have never sexually assaulted anyone – not in high school, not in college, not ever. Sexual assault is horrific…. I’ve never done that, to her or to anyone,” he said, urging the committee to look at the record of his life promoting the equality and dignity of women. If confirmed, he says, he would be the first justice in history to have all women law clerks. “That is who I am. That is who I was.”

“Watching history unfold

“Members of the public who were eager to watch history unfold had lined up as early as the night before, hoping to get a seat in the room. Those who didn’t get in started watching on their phones in the hall. Many women wore teal-colored clothing, in reference to Anita Hill’s outfit during her testimony against then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas in 1991.

“Outside the entrance to the Dirksen building, a small group of about 40 listened quietly as the hearing was blasted over a megaphone.

“Bill Huff, a software salesman from Atlanta, was in Washington taking his daughter on college visits but pushed off their plans to try to attend the hearing. He said he hopes the proceedings will send a positive message to his daughter. “I hope she takes away from this experience … that women are created equal and should be treated with respect,” he said. “That the world of the future doesn’t have to be the world of the past.”

“Jeotsna Grover, a physician from Riverside, Calif., who is in D.C. with her husband, decided to come show solidarity with Kavanaugh – a man they feel is being unfairly maligned. He has been previously vetted by the FBI, and “They have found no gaps in his character,” she says. “I think he is the right person – and I think politics has intervened.”

“Carol Edwards, from Dublin, Ohio, is part of a group of women who have been trying to share their stories with senators and have been part of demonstrations this week.

“I will admit that I was very predisposed to believe Dr. Ford … I was very impressed by her testimony. I thought she was extremely heartfelt,” says Ms. Edwards, a self-described survivor who arrived early this morning to show support for Blasey Ford. “She seemed so very fragile and so very strong all at the same time and so gracious to other people in a situation where much of the time I felt she was being victimized.”

“In seriousness, I really am trying to be as fair as I can. I guess I would say of his testimony, he’s very passionate about it. He’s clearly very upset,” she says of Kavanaugh. “Maybe his family has gone through hell, too, they probably have, and that’s wrong. No one should be treated that way, but he doesn’t get a free pass because he is getting the same kind of treatment, perhaps, that she’s getting.”

“Outside the Dirksen building, Americans were also riveted to what one called a national moment. “When the whole nation is watching and so many larger issues are being touched upon – abuse, sexual abuse, and women’s abilities to tell their stories … I just think this is a very powerful moment for the whole country,” says Kelly Brother, a graphic artist in Memphis, Tenn., who says he is registered as a Republican but identifies as an independent. “It’s unfortunate that all of this has gotten to the point where it’s going to have devastating personal consequences for Ford and Kavanaugh.’”

As you can see this whole thing has now turned into a full-blown circus. And the Democrats will pay a dear price for it. And if the nation rewards them with a win in November, it would be proof we are done for as a nation and we have lost our greatness after years of the left infiltrating our culture to the point that people can’t see for themselves what is really happening here.


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