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Kavanaugh Accuser’s Boyfriend Just Spilled The Beans; It’s Over!



So it seems the third Kavanaugh accuser has a few skeletons of her own.

US News is now reporting that the ex-boyfriend of Julie Swetnick who as most of you might already know is the third woman to make uncorroborated and lurid allegations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has now gone on the record to say that she had threatened to kill his unborn child and at times even bizarrely asked him to hit her.

Richard Vinneccy said on Fox News that right after he broke up with her, she basically called him many times and at one point she even said, “You will never, ever see your unborn child alive.”

And that’s not all, according to Vinneccy, Swetnick even told him at the time, “I’m just going to go over there and kill you guys.”

Here is more via Biz Pac Review:

“Julie Swetnick — the third woman who joined the motley crew of 11th hour Brett Kavanaugh accusers last week — undermined her own credibility after giving conflicting statements about the alleged “gang rapes” she claims the Supreme Court nominee witnessed in the 1980s when he was in high school and she was in college.

In her sworn statements last week, Swetnick claimed Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge spiked punch at drunken high school parties where girls were drugged and gang-raped.

But in her October 1 interview with NBC News, Swetnick backpedaled, saying Kavanaugh was merely “near the punch,” and she never saw him spike it.

NBC News pundit Kate Snow asked: “Did you see Brett Kavanaugh spiking the punch [as you claimed in your sworn statements]?”

Swetnick stammered: “Well, I saw him giving red cups to quite a few girls. And there was grain punch at those parties. I saw him around the punch containers. I don’t know what he did. But I saw him by them, yes.”

As BizPac Review previously reported, Julie Swetnick claimed she attended at least 10 raucous high school parties were girls were routinely drugged and gang-raped.

Julie even claimed she was gang-raped at one party, but kept going back to them, and never told the police about these weekly felonies.

There are no police reports or other accounts of the alleged gang rapes, and Swetnick has produced no concrete evidence or witnesses to corroborate her claims.

Swetnick has not accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her, but merely being present at the high school shindigs where drunken gang rapes supposedly took place.

When asked directly if Kavanaugh was one of her attackers, Swetnick again hesitated and stuttered.

“I cannot specifically say that he was one of the ones who assaulted me,” Swetnick said. “But I saw Brett Kavanaugh there. I saw Mark Judge there. And they were hanging around the area where I started to feel disoriented and where the room was, and where the other boys were hanging out and laughing.”

In another instance, Swetnick got confused about the timeline of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court when responding to a question about why she decided to come forward with her claims now — 36 years after the alleged gang rapes occurred.

“I wouldn’t be here today except for about six weeks ago, I happened to learn about Brett Kavanaugh becoming one of the people who was shortlisted to go to the Supreme Court,” Swetnick said.

“Then I became aware of Dr. Ford and her description of what had happened to her at a party one time. And I started to think back to my days when I was in the early ‘80s in Montgomery County in Maryland.”

For the record, Brett Kavanaugh was nominated for the Supreme Court on July 9. Christine Blasey Ford went public with her groping accusations to the Washington Post on September 6. Swetnick came forward with her claims on September 26.

So basically, Swetnick admitted that she came forward with her hazy, decades-old, uncorroborated claims only because Christine Ford went public.

Snow asked: “So you only thought about coming forward when you learned about Dr. Ford?”

Swetnick replied: “Yes. Because I did not know how close Brett Kavanaugh was to possibly becoming the next Supreme Court justice.”

Vinneccy — a registered Democrat — told Fox News that he filed a restraining order against Swetnick in 2001 because she threatened to kill him, his then-girlfriend and their unborn baby after he ended their seven-year relationship.

“She called me many times and said, ‘You will never, ever see your unborn child alive! I’m just going to go over there and I’m going to kill you guys.’”

Vinneccy, who lived with Swetnick from 1994 to 2001, said she never mentioned that she had been “gang-raped” in high school by unknown prep-school bandits.

“Never once did she mention that to me,” Vinneccy said. “She talked about everything, and she never once mentioned that at all…She was always wanting to be the center of attention. She was always exaggerating everything. If anybody knows Julie, [they know that] everything that came out of her mouth was just exaggerations.”

Vinneccy added: “Personally, I don’t believe her. I really don’t believe her. Nobody knows Julie Swetnick better than me. And I know how she is.”

Vinneccy confirmed that he dated Swetnick off-and-on for seven years and went on to confirm that she never once mentioned to him that she had been gang-raped by Kavanaugh, or anyone else for that matter, during parties in the 80’s.

Swetnick is represented by anti-Trump lawyer Michael Avenatti, also known as “Creepy Porn Lawyer” on the internet. Avenatti did not immediately respond to FOX News’ request for comment on Vinneccy’s allegation. But in an interview on CNN on Monday night he did cast some doubt on Vinneccy’s credibility and characterized him as an estranged ex-boyfriend.

While all this was going on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell confirmed there would be a final vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation this week, “the time for endless delay and obstruction has come to a close.” he added before accusing the Democrats of wanting a “totally unbounded fishing expedition of indefinite duration” into the flimsy accusations made against Kavanaugh so that they could delay his confirmation past the November midterms.


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