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Judge Judy DEMOLISHES Freeloading Mom Who Thinks She’s Entitled to Other People’s Money (VIDEO)



When a do-nothing freeloader came into Judge Judy’s courtroom with a sob story about how life isn’t fair, she got a brutal reality check.

Judge Judy gains many ratings and viewers for a good reason. She may be a bit harsh at times but her blunt honesty, stern expressions and high confidence makes you want to watch her over and over! Some viewers lover her for being real and others just do not appreciate the way she does things.

Judge judy can be seen on video shutting criminals down and putting them in their place, but this clip below has to be one of the best clips from her show you could ever see.

In this particular case, a defendant named Erika Gebhardt doesn’t think she has to pay $2000 back to the person who let her borrow it. Gebhardt argues that the money she was given was a gift and she isn’t responsible for paying it back. She also argues that she had told the plaintiff that she couldn’t pay the money back anyway.

The plaintiff, on the other hand, feels like she needs to be paid back and claims that the money was lent, not given.

Video shows Erika Gebhardt complaining that she’s entitled to the money and success of her friend because she has five children (and a dog) while her friend only has two kids but drives around in a BMW (how dare she be successful).

This is exactly the narrative of the Democratic party this year – “it’s not fair that you’re successful and others aren’t”. Another word for that is… socialism. But Judge Judy clearly doesn’t believe that nonsense:

When Judge Judy asks Gebhardt how many children she has, Gebhardt responds with… “Five. My twins are 8, I have a 6-year-old, a 4-year-old, and a 9-month-old.”
“Five. My twins are 8, I have a 6-year-old, a 4-year-old, and a 9-month-old.”

Then, she asks her if she works and Gebhardt says…

“I have five children. They are my work.”

Judge Judy goes on to point out the fact that the plaintiff has two children and works and manages to take care of her children.

Gebhardt starts going off on a tangent about how the plaintiff and her husband are “rolling in the dough,” and they have two BMW’s, childcare, and a weekly cleaner.

Judge Judy’s quit wit comes right back at Gebhardt as she says…

“You can have as many children as you like, as long as you’re able to take care of them. But, when you have to rely on other people to take care of your children, then it becomes more of a problem. She chose to have two children, work and drive a BMW and you chose to have five children. What business is it of yours?”

And then, in a fabulous finale, Gebhardt lays it all out there…

“It isn’t my business but she had the money to give me…she LOANED me the money.”

And the show is wrapped up right then in there as Judge Judy makes the call for Gebhardt to pay the plaintiff back.
Commenters had a field day with this one…

“A big problem in America is that women like this are praised and called “heroes”. We need to start calling them what they really are, irresponsible whores.”

“‘I have five kids. That’s my job.’” translation: taxpayers owe me for giving birth to 5 more kids that I will raise to suck off the tax payers also.”

“This woman is what’s wrong with this country. She wants what the other couple WORKS for, apparently it’s unfair for others to have more because they work more and have fewer kids…boo hooo.”

And of course, the comments got political…

“Prime example of a Democrat…. Don’t earn it, take it from those who did.”


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WATCH: House Rep Hilariously Mocks Ocasio’s Green New Deal In Fyre Festival Parody Video




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A House Republican released a video making fun of the troubled Democratic rollout of the Green New Deal, comparing it to the catastrophic 2017 Fyre Festival — turning the insane radical proposal into a punching bag.

Rep. Mark Walker, released a short hilarious video that shows what looks like a typical ad for a festival similar to Fyre interspersed with captions presenting some of the controversial aspects of Green New Deal proposals.

“A socialist utopia.”

“Kill off all the cows”

“Ban all the airplanes.”

Underneath the text are images of party-goers, beach walks and other malarky that wouldn’t be out of place in a festival promo.

“We’ll just print more money,” it continues.

“Green New Deal, Trust Us,” it finishes, with a man washed up on the beach.`

Fyre Festival was promised as a super-cool experience filled with top-notch food, luxury housing, top bands and supermodels hanging out. Instead participants were famously given basic cheese sandwiches and housed in tents.The resulting furor went viral and made international headlines, and has resulted in two recent documentaries about the disaster.

Walker was making a comparison between the botched festival and the the troubled rollout of the deal last week.

The far-reaching but often vague proposal, formalized in the resolution, hit turbulence as reporters either discovered, or were given by Ocasio-Cortez’s office, two FAQs that included radical ideas such as phasing out air travel and giving economic security to those “unwilling” to work.

Ocasio-Cortez’s office later pushed back, initially calling one of the documents a fake before conceding that the FAQ was genuine — but just not ready for public consumption yet.

One version was published on Ocasio-Cortez’s website before being taken down, while another version was published by NPR.

The language, which included questioning whether America would be able to get rid of “farting cows” quickly enough, was met with some shock and also some delight from Republicans.

Read the full story via Fox News

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Triple Amputee Wall Funder Just Dropped Announcement on Dems Right Before Christmas




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The viral Gofundme wall campaign founder, Brian Kolfage has just dropped a bomb on Democrats who are trying io stall the wall and funding bill until after they take over control of the house.

Brian Kolfage has posted to his twitter account announcing that he’s heading to Washington DC to get the wall passed and funded.

We reached out to Kolfage for comment and he stated his team of advisors are speaking directly with House and Senate members to get the wall funded through the government as well as a Bill to allow private donations to be used to construct the wall.

This is absolutely huge news and crushing to Democrat’s who said it wasn’t possible. Kolfage further went on to say that:

“Everyone continues to say ‘you can’t do that’ or ‘it’s illegal or ‘it will never happen’. But tell me this, since when have we ever accepted defeat in America? When have we ever not gave it our all to achieve the impossible? This is The United States of America and we just don’t roll over and die when something seems difficult, we buckle up and give it our all and that’s exactly what I’m doing”

Kolfage’s can do attitude is a breath of fresh air, and politicians across the board can learn something from this man. He’s exactly right, and we need to start fighting for everything in this nation harder.


Kolfage’s tweeted below:

Brian Kolfage has faced an onslaught of attacks from political trolls, even making fake accounts in his name and posting racist remarks around the internet. But one thing is very clear about Brian, none of those fake news statements are true. He a man who loves his country and loves the people who make it great.

In an interview with the Arizona Republic, Brian stated that he supports ‘Legal Immigration‘. He wants people to use the front door and go through the process the legal way and also notes the government is falling short on the immigration process of taking nearly a decade for immigrants to become citizens, which might discourage some to cut the line and cross illegally.

“We are a nation of immigrants, but legal immigrants. everyone is welcome to America, but they must use the front door. People who are sneaking into our country and bypassing immigration are hiding things it would appear. When people break into a house to steal stuff they don’t ring the door the bell, they break in through the back. Just use the front door, immigrants just need to show up at a checkpoint and go through the proper channels and do it correctly.”

Brian cited one email he received as a perfect example:

Now who do you support? Those breaking into America, cutting the line and committing a federal crime? Or the immigrant doing it the right way and coming here legally? We know which one Democrats support, those who are the ones breaking the law.

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