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IT’S NOT OVER: Dems Come HARD After Kavanaugh With Worst Possible Weapon – Trying To Take Power



Yesterday was a historic day. Justice Brett Kavanaugh was finally confirmed to the Supreme Court and sworn in. Democrats and leftist protesters screamed and wailed outside as all of it transpired. But as flummoxed as the left is, they are now doubling down and swearing that it’s not over. They are coming after Kavanaugh even harder.

Yesterday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi threatened further investigations and possible impeachment of Justice Kavanaugh if the Democrats are able to win back Congress. This is why every Republican must get out there in the midterm elections and vote. We can’t let the Democrats regain any power here or there will be neverending chaos and obstructionism for President Trump and the Republicans.

Pelosi also accused Republicans last week who support Justice Brett Kavanaugh of being “cowardly, patriarchal people” who want to “undo the ‘Me Too’ movement.”

Pelosi also said in reference to President Trump, “I guess there’s a similarity that people have with the people that they respect. [Trump] is crazy about [Vladimir] Putin, in love with Kim Jong Un, and thinks Kavanaugh is a great, outstanding person. Well, you know what? He doesn’t even know what he is talking about.” Says the woman who can’t string two coherent sentences together.

From Fox News:

“On Saturday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced she planned to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to obtain documents related to the FBI’s supplemental probe of Kavanaugh, which senators said showed no corroboration of the decades-old sexual misconduct allegations against him. FBI background checks on judicial nominees have traditionally been kept confidential so that only senators, White House officials, and certain aides can view them.

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“In purposefully limiting the FBI investigation, it is clear the Republicans were not seeking the truth,” Pelosi, D-Calif., wrote in a statement. “They were seeking cover to do what they wanted to do anyway. To add insult to injury, they blocked the public’s access to the report.”

“Pelosi also requested any communications from Senate Republicans to the FBI concerning the scope of the investigation. Congress is legally exempt from FOIA requirements, and it was not immediately clear to what extent the FBI would respond to Pelosi’s request.

“Meanwhile, an online petition to impeach Kavanaugh reached more than 125,000 signatures in wake of Kavanaugh’s confirmation. The petition claims as grounds for impeachment, among other grievances, that Kavanaugh lied under oath about not having “legacy” connections to Yale Law School because his grandfather attended Yale as an undergraduate.

“However, Yale Law School admissions officials have said that Kavanaugh would have received no boost from his grandfather’s attendance at the university as an undergraduate.

“The petition also accuses Kavanaugh of lying under oath about when he learned of Deborah Ramirez’s uncorroborated allegation that he exposed himself to her at a college party. Kavanaugh testified that he had heard generally that Ramirez was asking former classmates over the summer about the party to try to find someone to support her story; his denial appeared in The New Yorker’s piece describing her allegations.

“There is no room for an accused sexual predator and liar on the Supreme Court,” the petition, organized by the progressive CREDO Action group, continues. “Brett Kavanaugh faces credible accusations of sexual assault and perjury and should be impeached. Initiate impeachment proceedings to remove him from the federal bench.'”

Note to Pelosi, Congress is not subject to FOIA. And you might want to ask Feinstein why she wanted the FBI’s report sealed. That’s not the Republican’s doing.

We all saw this coming. Those such as Pelosi will now ratchet up their impeachment rhetoric. “You better believe that Democrats are going to do everything in their power to impeach Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court if they take control of Congress in November,” Donald Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter Friday. He’s absolutely right about that.

Rep. Jerry Nadler {D-NY), who is poised to become the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee if Democrats prevail in the lower chamber in November, promised this weekend that the FBI’s recently completed supplemental review of Kavanaugh’s background wouldn’t be the final word. Nadler must not take control of that committee. In my opinion, he is a stone cold Marxist and he will find a way to try and destroy Kavanaugh.

“The Senate having failed to do its proper constitutionally mandated job of advice and consent — we are going to have to do something to provide a check and balance, to protect the rule of law and to protect the legitimacy of one of our most important institutions,” Nadler told The New York Times on Friday. And I’ll bet the NYT drooled in anticipation of such an unconstitutional move.

“We would have to investigate any credible allegations certainly of perjury and other things that haven’t properly been looked into before,” the ranking Judiciary Committee Democrat said in a separate interview. Yes, even if they have to fabricate them.

A new witch hunt by the Democrats could very well lead to impeachment proceedings. Federal judges can be impeached by a simple majority of the House, but actually removing Justice Kavanaugh from the bench would then require a two-thirds vote of the Senate. That will never happen. No sitting U.S. Supreme Court justice has ever been removed from the bench using this mechanism.

Democrats are lining up for a piece of Kavanaugh and they aren’t giving up. This is political warfare and the Republicans have to double down even harder now that Kavanaugh is confirmed. The next major battle is at the ballot box in November. Make sure you do your part and vote and stop the chorus of ‘cray cray’ from the left.


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