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Awesome news from the campaign to fund the wall started by triple-amputee vet Airman Brian Kolfage. The wall fund campaign sits right below $20 million as donations from patriotic Americans continue to pour in.

A little over a week ago, Airman Kolfage announced that a man had donated 2000 billboards to carry the wall fund message.

Kolfage wrote on his Twitter account:

“Americans are putting their money where their mouth is. A man donated over 2000 billboards across the southern US. #GofundTheWall”

Yesterday afternoon, Airman Kolfage got word that the billboards began popping up. Kolfage sent me a text to let me know it was beginning. He wrote on his Twitter:

“Our movement is growing! the left fears a well organized movement that ‘we the people’ unit on. Just wait till they see who’s backing our NEW plan. #gofundthewall SIGN PETITION

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One of the cities the billboards are going up in is Amarillo, Texas, as KAMR-4 reported:

“The fight for President Trump’s border wall has come to Amarillo.

Two billboards on I-40 in the city are encouraging people to donate to a GoFundMe page in support of the border wall.

The fundraiser was started by a Florida Veteran and has raised more than $19,600,000 at the time this article was written.

Randy Burkett, owner of Burkett Outdoor Advertising, said he originally put the billboards up after donating to the GoFundMe himself to support the campaign.

“Well with his background, you know he served and everything he’s lost, a triple amputee, it caught my eye,” said Burkett. “I mean if he’s willing to spend his time on this and he’s having some success doing it, I didn’t mind getting behind it at all.””

Airman Kolfage has been in Washington DC twice in the last few weeks assembling a team that will help get the wall built.

Kolfage & those backing him are waiting on lawyers to finish up a few details so they can begin putting the money towards construction of the wall.

Last night, Kolfage commented on a Twitter post that it’s looking like it might be Friday, then the plans will go public.

He wrote: “It’s looking like Friday according to gofundme lawyers.”

The billboards going up is major. It’s only the beginning, though! When Kolfage reveals who he’s been working with, and what’s about to happen, the campaign will explode & become much bigger than anyone could have imagined. It’s going to be massive.

Here’s what you can do to help Airman Kolfage get the wall built!

To donate to Kolfage’s wall fund, go to the official GoFundMe account HERE

SEND CHECK DONATIONS TO (This is listed on the official GoFundMe account so you can verify):
Make Payable to: WeFund The Wall
Brian Kolfage
4833 Front St. Unit B-158
Castle Rock, CO 80104

The official wall fundraiser site is at
Follow Airman Kolfage on Twitter HERE
Like his verified Facebook page HERE

To help Kolfage personally:

Purchase coffee from his company by going to
Follow Military Grade Coffee on Instagram
Follow Military Grade Coffee on Twitter

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