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In Landmark Case, Supreme Court Eliminates Democrats’ Best Way To Steal Elections



The topic of voter fraud is still a hotly contested political issue. Now the Supreme Court is getting involved and the Democrats are fit to be tied over a recent ruling. It’s going to make it much harder for them to ‘win’ an election. Darn those justices!

In June, a divided Supreme Court handed down a ruling that failing to vote can get you purged from voter registration rolls. The ruling will most likely help Republicans and hurt Democrats. It should be a no-brainer that if someone hasn’t voted after a certain time limit, they should be removed from the rolls, but Democrats don’t see it that way. It’s that other way of getting votes for them.

The court’s conservative majority ruled 5-4 that Ohio did not violate federal laws by purging voters who failed to vote for six years and did not confirm their residency. Ohio has the strictest such law in the nation. Actually, if you ask me, every state should have a similar law. Six years seems too long to me, but at least there’s a limit. It puts a leash on this type of voter fraud.

The SCOTUS ruling will now protect similar laws in six other states. This will impact electing governors or U.S. senators this fall. Those states are Pennsylvania, Georgia, Oregon, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Montana.

Civil rights groups have been challenging Ohio’s method of cleansing their voter registration rolls. These are primarily Democrats who are claiming that it is discriminatory against minorities, the poor and people with disabilities. The Trump administration is siding with Ohio over this. Obama did not.

From USA Today:

“Justice Samuel Alito noted in his majority opinion that about one in eight voter registrations in the USA are invalid or inaccurate. He said failing to vote cannot be the sole reason for purging voters, but Ohio “removes registrants only if they have failed to vote and have failed to respond to a notice.”

“A state violates the failure-to-vote clause only if it removes registrants for no reason other than their failure to vote,” Alito said. By contrast, he said, Ohio waits six years before removal, following federal law “to the letter.”

“Justice Stephen Breyer penned an 18-page dissent for the liberal wing of the court, marking the sixth time this term the four liberals have dissented as a bloc. Rather than focusing on messy voter rolls, he recited the history of literacy tests, poll taxes and other restrictions he said were designed to “keep certain groups of citizens from voting.”

“Breyer noted that most voters simply ignore the warning notices, leaving their failure to vote as the principal cause for being purged from the rolls. The number who don’t vote or return notices far exceeds the number who actually have moved, he said.

“The streets of Ohio’s cities are not filled with moving vans; nor has Cleveland become the nation’s residential moving companies’ headquarters,” Breyer said. Rather, Ohio’s process “erects needless hurdles to voting of the kind Congress sought to eliminate.'”

The media is claiming that the Republicans will benefit from this move because of lower voter turnout. No, they’ll benefit because only those who are rightfully registered to vote will vote. Big difference. The left is claiming that minorities, young people and those with lower incomes are most likely to be disenfranchised by the state’s policy. That’s hogwash.

“Make no mistake: This case was about nothing more than Ohio Republicans trying to tilt elections in their favor by blocking communities of color from the ballot box — all under the guise of preventing ‘voter fraud,’” Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez said. Gee, he seems upset that their best way of stealing elections has been blocked. Go figure.

Myrna Pérez, director of voting rights and elections at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, warned that other states “will take this decision as a green light to implement more aggressive voter purges as the 2018 elections loom.” Oh, I hope so.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted called the ruling “a victory for election integrity and a defeat for those who use the federal court system to make election law across the country.” He said the state’s method of purging voters “can serve as a model for other states to use.” Amen to that.

And Tom Fitton, president of the conservative group Judicial Watch, said the decision “should send a signal to other states to take reasonable steps to make sure that voters who died or moved away no longer remain on their voter rolls.” He’s absolutely right.

This should be one of a number of steps to keep voting rolls clean, legitimate and current. You can tell it is the right thing to do by the wailing on the left.


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