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BREAKING: Illegal Deported 8 Times Caught In Utah With $850,000 In Meth & Cocaine



Yet another criminal illegal alien who has been deported no less than eight times has been busted. This time in Utah. Jose Olegario Lopez, who is a 44-year-old Mexican national from the state of Sinaloa, was arrested for trafficking $850,000 in meth and cocaine. These are the ones that Nancy Pelosi claims have a soul and should get a hug. They are the ones that President Trump is trying to get rid of and keep out of our country.

Lopez was caught traveling with his 16-year-old son over the weekend. Utah County officers pulled him over for suspected traffic violations. Bad luck for him, great luck for those officers. Lopez did not stop his car. Instead, deputies allegedly had to surround the car and force him to stop.

When Lopez was initially searched, there were traces of cocaine on his body. Then came the search of his vehicle by officers and a K9. That’s when they found multiple individually wrapped packages. 2.35 pounds of cocaine, worth roughly $106,000, and 16.7 pounds of methamphetamine, with an estimated street value of more than $750,000 were discovered.

Lopez was charged with two first-degree felony counts of possessing a controlled substance with intent to distribute, one count of failing to respond to obey an officer, and one class A misdemeanor charge of drug paraphernalia possession, according to a press release from the Utah County Sheriff’s Office. He’s been a bad, bad illegal alien.

Thankfully, Lopez is now in custody and a sane judge has ordered that he be held without bond. I guarantee you that would not have been the case if it were California.

Evidently, authorities don’t think the son was involved in all of this and they released him into the custody of his mother. My question is, if the father is an illegal alien, the son and mother probably are too. Shouldn’t they be deported immediately? Just saying.

Both ICE and DHS have confirmed that Lopez is here illegally. He’s been busted before for illegally re-entering the country eight times. Just how many times is this guy going to get away with this crap? ICE has a detainer on Lopez now. That means when he is released from prison, he will be delivered into the loving arms of ICE who will hopefully kick him out once and for all.

Sadly, Lopez isn’t the only illegal immigrant to be an eight-time deportee and make the headlines. A judge nailed a Honduran national who had been deported from the US eight times, sentencing the illegal alien to five years in federal prison. That’s not tough enough but it sure is better than nothing.

On the same day in a separate case, detectives with the Utah County Major Crimes Task Force stopped a car that had 23 pounds of methamphetamine, valued at over $1 million.

Investigators say Lopez has connections to drug trafficking operations outside of Utah and is known to regularly bring drugs into the state. Here’s a thought – one way or another stop this guy. He’s a criminal and that is why we have laws.


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San Diego Border Patrol Agents Assaulted With Rocks While Arresting 7 Illegal Aliens




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This story originally appeared on & was edited and republished with permission:

This is just another disgusting example of what our Border Patrol has to put up with.

NBC San Diego Reports:

Rocks were hurled at Border Patrol agents Friday near the U.S.-Mexico border as they arrested seven people who were in the country illegally, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said.

The agency tweeted a photo of one its patrol SUV’s that was damaged in the incident. One of its rear windows was shattered by a rock.

CBP said no agents were injured.

According to the agency, there have been approximately 125 assaults on agents in the San Diego area since October of 2018.

It is becoming more and more dangerous for our agents.

A few days ago, Breitbart News reported a Border Patrol Agent was Assaulted in Arizona Mountains

An Ecuadorian migrant assaulted a Border Patrol agent on a mountain trail about 15 miles north of the Arizona border with Mexico. The Ecuadorian migrant was traveling with two Mexican migrants.

Agents assigned to the Sonoita Border Patrol Station responded to a reported group of migrants hiking on a remote trail near Lone Mountain close to Patagonia, Arizona. As the agents attempted to take the migrants into custody, one of the migrants began fighting with one of the agents, according to information obtained from Tucson Sector Border Patrol officials.

The migrant struck the agent multiple times. He fought with the agent for several minutes causing both to slide down the hillside, officials reported. Several minutes later, additional agents responded and subdued the migrant. The additional agents handcuffed the migrant and placed him under arrest.

The agents identified the suspect as an Ecuadorian migrant who had no legal authorization to be in the United States.

Agents checked the migrant and the assaulted agent for injuries. Both declined additional medical attention.

Other agents apprehended the two Mexican migrants.

Border Patrol officials reported that the Ecuadorian migrant is now facing charges of assaulting a federal agent and immigration violations.

The two Mexican nationals will also face charges for immigration violations. All three are being held in federal custody pending the outcome of their charges.

“Assaults highlight safety concerns for agents who often encounter and arrest multiple subjects in remote and isolated locations in rugged terrain,” Tucson Sector Border Patrol officials stated. Continue Reading

It’s time lethal force is used at the border..that would stop this insanity fast. Our agents are being attacked and enough is enough! If this was anywhere else.. the person would be done.


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REPORT: Central American Migrants Paid Human Smugglers $2.3 Billion In 2017




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This story originally appeared on & was republished with permission:

On Monday, A RAND Corporation report was released and it reveals that Central American migrants paid human smugglers more than $2 billion in 2017 to get them into the United States.

RAND Corporation’s Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center reveals Central American migrants paid human smugglers, including transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) up to about $2.5 billion in smuggling fees and “taxes” in 2017.

During Fiscal Year 2017, Border Patrol agents apprehended migrants crossing the border in near-record low levels. Agents apprehended only 303,916 migrants during that fiscal year, including 75,622 Family Unit Aliens (FMUA) and 41,435 Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC), according to the FY2017 Southwest Border Migration Report from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

During the first six months of the current fiscal year, agents already exceeded the total FY2017 apprehensions with the arrest of 361,087 migrants. Those include a record-setting 189,584 FMUAs and an additional 35,898 UACs.

“Cartels + criminal organizations run a profit-driven enterprise trafficking human beings across our border,” U.S. Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) tweeted in response to the RAND report.

Congressmen Roy is leading the charge to have certain factions of Mexican cartels designated as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO) by the U.S. State Department in order to allow law enforcement to employ additional tools to combat human smuggling and trafficking, Breitbart News reported in February.

“We know that the dangerous fentanyl and heroin that is flowing through our border between the ports of entry and at the ports of entry as well as the people who are being put in stash houses, being held hostage, paying ransom back to the cartels that all of this is endangering us significantly,” Roy told Amanda House during an interview broadcast on Breitbart News Sunday. “The gangs that are now growing in Texas and throughout the country are doing so in part due to the connection to the cartels.”

“So, it is past time for us to recognize that they are a terrorist threat to the United States,” the Congressman from Texas stated.

The authors of the RAND report developed “a preliminary estimate of revenues from human smuggling flowing to all types of smugglers, not just TCOs — ranging from about $200 million to $2.3 billion in 2017.” The “range in uncertainty stemming largely from analytical challenges related to data limitations and time constraints.”

The authors also looked at “taxes,” or “pisos” paid by migrants to drug-trafficking TCOs as they pass through their cartel-controlled smuggling routes. Those “taxes” range from $30 million to $180 million, the report stated.”

Read the full story via Breitbart

Here is the complete report cites numerous examples of human smuggling fees and how they break down into payments at various points along the smuggling route.

Rand Corporation — Human S… by on Scribd


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