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Former ICE Director: Dems Won’t Fund Wall Because They HATE Trump & That’s It



Families whose loved ones have been murdered by illegal aliens surrounded former ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan outside of the Capitol on Tuesday as he called for a border wall to be built.


“No matter how many times you hear these tragic stories, it doesn’t get any easier. We’re here about a border wall,” Homan said. “I’m not a politician; I’m not running for office.”

I’m a career law enforcement officer that retired about six months ago. There is no manufactured crisis,” Homan said, repeating a ridiculous claim the left has made about President Trump’s description of the national security and humanitarian crisis unfolding at the border. “We need a border wall.”

Homan made sure to point out during his remarks that until now Democrats have been in favor of building a border barrier to stop illegal aliens — way before Trump became president.

“This isn’t about national security. This isn’t about the Democrats. This isn’t about securing our border. This is about hate for Donald Trump. This is about not giving this president a win on the border. If our president wins on the border, America wins on the border.”

Homan noted the fake outrage from the left over the deaths of two migrant children in the latest border surge. He has seen other people and children die. Yet.. the left says nothing about the Americans that have been murdered by illegal aliens.

Homan also cited a statistic from Doctors Without Borders that shows 31 percent of females trying to immigrate into the U.S. through Mexico have been sexually assaulted.

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Homan confirmed President Trump’s claim that it is not just people looking for a better life who want to come to the United States but people who want to harm our country and the people, including terrorists.

“I detained them as ICE director. The question isn’t how many got arrested by border patrol. The question is how many did not get detected by border patrol?”

Read more on the story via Breitbart:

Sad isn’t it? That we have to beg for a border wall to secure our country from invaders. President Trump is the manifestation of the left’s deadliest enemy…..the American people. They can’t handle that the American people stand in the way of having complete power. Why do you think they want your guns, folks?

The left’s hatred for President Trump shows daily. I think we all can say that the majority of this country see thru their lies. They want illegals to invade so they can have their votes and stay in power. That is what it all comes down to.

Don’t surrender to the enemy. Demand border security. The left won’t win this war.

Build the wall!

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