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BUSTED! Reebok Throwing Tons Of Money To Back Dr. Ford As Kavanaugh Undergoes FBI Investigation



What the hell is going on here? First Nike decides to make that anti-American multi-millionaire the face of their company and now Reebok has decided to do something stupid too and throw in with an organization which has referred to Judge Kavanaugh as a rapist.

Today once again a celebrity who I have never personally heard of has come out with a statement on Instagram about what the company Reebok will be doing with their profits. “I worked with Reebok to design my own T-shirt and with every purchase, @REEBOK WILL DONATE 100% of the proceeds to two awesome foundations: @movemeant & @womensstrengthcoalition!”

Now celebrities being political these days I can understand since most seem to be suffering from Trump Derangement syndrome after suffering from years of sexual abuse under their liberal bosses, but why all of a sudden are sneaker companies who have been known for utilizing slave labor and have done so for decades feel the need to alienate more than half of their paying public by taking sides? No one with business experience can say getting political as you try to sell overpriced sports garments is a good idea.

Many people who have bought Nike shoes for most of their lives have now vowed to stop. And the best part is when both Nike announced, on the following weekend, sales skyrocketed as liberals were proud of them for so-called “Taking a stand for social justice.” But two weeks later Nike was singing a different tune when the numbers for the quarter were released. Sales are in the toilet, and they will remain there since it’s doubtful they can do anything to make it right with Patriotic Americans who used to buy their products. Reebok will suffer the same fate, just watch.

But as WWeek reports it seems Nike is all talk but no action:

“Few American companies have touted their commitment to civil rights and inclusion more proudly than Nike.

Its current ad campaign featuring quarterback Colin Kaepernick, ostracized from the NFL for kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality, is merely the latest example.

But to Jazz Lyles, a transgender software engineer who worked at the company’s Beaverton headquarters until earlier this month, Nike’s reputation is a cruel joke.

Over the past six months, Nike has been rocked by complaints and lawsuits from female employees who say a white male-dominated culture created a hostile workplace and widespread inequity.

CEO Mark Parker responded by firing a half-dozen senior executives and pledging in a May email to all employees that he was “personally committed to making Nike a place where everyone can thrive in an environment of respect, empathy and equal opportunity.”

But this week, Lyles filed a workplace discrimination complaint with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries against Nike and its IT contractor, Mainz Brady Group. The complaint, if true, paints a damning picture of a toxic workplace—and of discriminatory behavior toward a transgender person that continued even as Parker pledged reforms.

In early 2017, Mainz Brady recruited Lyles to work at Nike Digital’s engineering group. Lyles is black and transmasculine/nonbinary (meaning Lyles was assigned the female gender at birth but identifies with masculinity and as a nonbinary person.) Lyles lived in the San Francisco Bay Area but was familiar with the culture Nike claimed to promote.

But the culture Lyles actually experienced left Lyles humiliated, depressed—and unemployed.

“They talked a great game on LGBTQ issues,” Lyles says, “but when you ask them to actually stand up for these issues, it gets communicated to you that you are the problem.”

Nike declined to comment.

Track made from recycled shoes on the Nike campus in Beaverton. (Jodie Wilson / Flickr) Track made from recycled shoes on the Nike campus in Beaverton. (Jodie Wilson / Flickr)
Lyles, 36, grew up in Houston and studied art and art history at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. A photographer and tinkerer, they worked in database management for a while and then learned software skills. A stint in the video game industry led to a 2017 offer to come to Beaverton.

Before accepting the offer to work at Nike, Lyles told the recruiter from Mainz Brady that they were transgender and stressed the importance of being identified by the pronouns “they,” “them” and “their.”

Mikki Gillette, who conducts workplace training for Basic Rights Oregon and identifies as transgender, says some people may find such a request puzzling, but the correct pronouns are far more than just words.

“It reinforces a stigma and an injustice for people to look at someone and say, ‘I know who you are and I’m going to refer to you that way,'” Gillette says.

Gillette adds it’s understandable that people might get confused about pronouns when they first come into contact with people who identify as transgender.

“Everybody makes mistakes,” Gillette says. “Transgender people know that. But if somebody is willfully using the wrong pronoun or the wrong name, it’s reinforcing this idea that transgender people aren’t who they say they are.”

Erin Kirkwood, a Portland lawyer who trains other lawyers on transgender issues, says language around identity changes regularly. “In the ’70s, when people started using the term ‘Ms.,’ a lot of people struggled with it,” Kirkwood says. “Today, it’s completely normal and ‘Mrs.’ is more unusual.”

When Kirkwood represents trans clients, she lets the judge’s clerk and opposing counsel know the pronouns the client wants to be called. “If a white male were in court and a judge referred to them as ‘she,’ at a minimum the man would feel uncomfortable,” Kirkwood says.

Lyles started at Nike’s campus on May 1, 2017, working on IT teams that combined independent contractors with Nike employees and supervisors. Lyles was paid $62.50 an hour.

Lyles says from the beginning, colleagues insisted on referring to them as “she” and “her” and greeting them by saying such things as “Hey, girl, what’s up?”

Lyles’ colleagues and Nike supervisors ignored their requests to be referred to with correct pronouns. Lyles sent one colleague an article titled “What You’re Actually Saying When You Ignore Someone’s Gender Pronouns.” The colleague’s response: He stopped talking to Lyles.

A female colleague, according to Lyles’ complaint, refused to use the correct pronouns “because it would compromise [the co-worker’s] religious beliefs.”

Lyles enjoyed the technical challenges of working at Nike but increasingly came to dread interactions with colleagues. Every day brought a new slight.

“Nike’s response and solution was not to take corrective action,” Lyles writes in the BOLI complaint. “But instead [the response] was to treat me like I was the problem.”

Near the end of last year, Nike transferred Lyles to a different team. Nothing changed.

“From the moment I introduced myself to the new team on Dec. 13, 2017, I received pushback regarding the use of my proper gender pronouns,” Lyles’ complaint says.

Instead, the situation got worse. In January 2018, the BOLI complaint says, one female colleague said, “I’m really not sure what to call you. I know I’m not supposed to call you ‘shemale.'”

Nike provided employee training on gender issues Jan. 25, 2018, but only for a few people who worked directly with Lyles, not the entire department.

“It again singled me out, made me a problem, and exacerbated the issues with my team,” Lyles writes in the BOLI complaint. “It would be like holding a training on racial sensitivity with the only team with a black person on it.”

Lyles’ contract was extended twice, but the stress of continually being misgendered affected Lyles’ health, they claim.

“I felt invisible and unheard and silenced,” Lyles says. “Language has the ability to erase a person completely.”

In early August, Lyles filed formal HR complaints with Mainz Brady and Nike and began working from home. Nonetheless, Lyles says their Nike boss moved to hire Lyles as a full-time employee.

Lyles’ boss was overruled. Nike said it was entering a “hiring freeze.” Lyles did not believe that, because other contractors were shifting over to full-time Nike employment.

Lyles’ attorney, Shenoa Payne, filed their BOLI complaint Sept. 25, alleging discrimination and retaliation.Business should never”


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Yuma Mayor Declares Emergency Over Migrant Crisis – City Overrun



This story originally appeared on & was edited & republished with permission:

Sounds like a humanitarian and a national security crisis to me and I’m not the only one who sees it that way. Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls just declared an emergency in his city due to what he said was the strain caused by the incoming flow of migrants. The agents and authorities are simply being overwhelmed and swarmed by these invaders.

1,800 came over the border in one day… one day! Half of those detained on Tuesday crossing over from Mexico were found in the El Paso, Texas area, according to officials. Border patrol said more than 980 were apprehended before 5 am after crossing in three large groups. Yuma is having just as rough a time of it.

Mayor Nicholls went public with this on Facebook. He explained that he “proclaimed a local emergency” in the city “due to the migrant family releases overwhelming the local shelter system.” And it’s not just the sheer numbers of illegal immigrants… it’s the economic burden, the crime, the drugs, the danger to children and disease that is playing into this massive emergency state.

Nicholls is begging the government to step in and do something here. I don’t blame him in the least. They need help and fast. “I am calling upon the federal government to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Yuma, as our NGO’s are overcapacity and cannot sustain providing this aid,” the post said. Here’s a thought – ship all of them to sanctuary cities just as Trump proposed. Works for me. Better yet, don’t let them in at all unless they come here legally.

From Fox News:

“Nicholls, in a video, laid out his reasoning behind the declaration, saying that he ultimately feels that its what’s best for both Yuma and the incoming migrants.

“So it’s with a heavy heart that I declare that we’re at this point but it is something that I believe we need to do to make sure that our community is maintained and that the human rights of all the migrants are also maintained and that we have a path forward that respects both,” he said.

“The city of Yuma, Ariz., also tweeted about the proclamation, citing Nicholls, claiming that released migrants were coming into the area faster than they were leaving.

“The move by the local official comes after President Trump declared a national emergency at the nation’s southern border earlier this year.”

“The transportation network is just insufficient to keep up with demand,” Nicholls said. “And the backlog of people staying at the shelter has created this capacity issue.” The media and the left are playing it up that the poor illegal immigrants don’t have money for bus fare to go to relatives while they await their court date. But the issue here is that they should not be here in the first place.

Now, the city is hoping for a FEMA response. In signing the declaration, Nicholls said he hopes to draw national attention to the plight of local communities struggling with a federal issue, adding that he’s talking to officials in other border cities and calling on them to issue similar emergency declarations. The mayor stated that he had spoken to Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, who signaled his support for the declaration.

Today I proclaimed a local emergency in Yuma, due to the migrant family releases overwhelming the local shelter system. I am calling upon the federal government to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Yuma, as our NGO’s are overcapacity and cannot sustain providing this aid. I signed the proclamation of emergency and soon after spoke with media at approximately 3:15 pm (MST). You can view via the video below:

Posted by Douglas Nicholls, Yuma Mayor on Tuesday, April 16, 2019

“We will review any declaration once we receive it,” according to a statement Tuesday night from Patrick Ptak, a Ducey spokesman. “Ultimately, this humanitarian crisis is the result of Congress’ failure to act. It will only be solved by Congress actually doing something, and the governor has vocally urged Congress to quit playing politics and take action. If only they would.

“In the wake of their inaction, our office is working with local governments, non-profits and our federal partners to maximize available resources and ensure proper coordination between ICE officials and groups providing temporary services to migrants.”

Nicholls fears hungry migrants roaming the streets. He should fear much worse than that. “This isn’t a natural disaster,” Nicholls said. “But it is a disaster.”

“… the local emergency exceeds control of the services, personnel, equipment and facilities of the City of Yuma and requires the combined efforts, cooperation, and resources of the Yuma community including local and non-profit agencies such as the Red Cross, Catholic Community Services, The Salvation Army, Yuma Community Food Bank, churches, the County of Yuma, the State of Arizona, and the United States of America,” the statement said.

It’s long past time for the wall to be built and We Build The Wall should start their project this month. Meanwhile, President Trump is still scratching and fighting for every mile of barrier put up. Put the blame of all this where it belongs… squarely on the left. #WeBuildTheWall


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VIDEO: Illegals Cross Border & Walk Past 5 Members Of Congress Unnoticed



This story originally appeared on & was edited & republished with permission:

Unbelievable. A group of five congressmen touring the Arizona-Mexico border to see smuggling activity completely missed the four illegal immigrants nearby who were able to cross the border undetected right behind them. They were very lucky these weren’t violent criminals or cartel foot soldiers. This happened near Yuma, Arizona on the US border with Mexico.

Three women and one child went undetected as they illegally crossed from Mexico to Arizona through the Colorado River and walked right past a group of five congressmen. A Washington Examiner reporter was reporting at the border when this happened and got the scoop. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) was leading a tour for four Republican congressmen — Matt Gaetz of Florida, John Joyce of Pennsylvania, Pete Stauber of Minnesota, and Dusty Johnson of South Dakota — who were seeing the southern border for the first time.

How embarrassing. Didn’t they hear them? They were just a few hundred feet behind them crossing the river. Evidently, the group of women waded across the water and were able to stay out of sight of lawmakers due to the overgrown water plants and brush on the edge of the water. Still… they had to make quite a bit of noise.

A couple who retired to the area said they were the ones who flagged down a nearby Border Patrol agent. “I didn’t call anybody. I was sitting in there watching TV — knocking on the door. There’s four of them here. They wanted aqua so I went and got ’em a bottle of water,” said Dennis, who did not share his last name.

“I walked ’em out here — said they need to go up there,” Dennis said, as he pointed to the dirt road agents use to drive up and down the border. “Said they don’t want to go up there. Then Border Patrol came.” His wife, Barbara, had been out walking their three dogs on the dirt road when the group of four approached their home.

“I’m trying to motion them, ‘No, they gotta go up here to be picked up,’ because that’s where they usually get picked up. They usually turn themselves in,” said Barbara. “They were nice and smiling and all that, but they were bound to walk to Yuma.” None of them spoke English or at least played dumb on that count. Barbara could not tell where they were originally from. She said maybe El Salvador since one was wearing a hat with the country’s name on it. Gee… a clue.

From the Washington Examiner:

“A Border Patrol agent pulled up right in front of the Washington Examiner reporter and spoke with the group for a few minutes before asking them to get in the back of his pickup truck.

“So my husband walked up there — normally law enforcement’s up there. The guy happened to be right where Dennis could motion him to come here and point down the road, they were right here heading down the [other] road,” she said.

“Barbara said she and her husband have lived on the border in their current house for 5 1/2 years. They said incidents like the one on Tuesday evening were normal, but that most individuals or groups who come over the river illegally just stand on the dirt road and wait for agents to find them instead of knocking on their door.

“We had four of them that went down there the other day. We had one that was higher than a kite was out here yelling at things,” Dennis said.

“In the past several months, it’s getting to be more and more,” said Barbara. “It’s pretty much like a sieve right here because all we have are vehicle barriers and the river is very shallow right here. You can just wade across.”

“Dennis estimated 50 to 500 people are coming across “right there” daily.”’

That’s a lot of illegal aliens and it makes that area very, very dangerous. Hope that couple is armed. They don’t feel safe and I don’t blame them in the least.

This happened on the same day the mayor of Yuma, Arizona declared an emergency there over illegal immigration. This is just getting worse and worse. Instead of taking tours, these politicians should be backing Trump and getting funding for the wall in place. #WeBuildTheWall


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