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Hollywood Star Turns On Pelosi – Screams: “END FKNG SHUTDOWN NOW!”



I’m still checking to see if hell has frozen over today. Nope… it’s just wet and soggy. Hollywood is usually in lockstep with leftist Democrats on just about everything. That doesn’t apply to everyone in Hollywood but conservatives there usually keep a lower profile. The Trump hatred is pervasive in tinsel town so when something happens that goes even slightly against that flow, it shocks the American system.

As usual, celebrities who know pretty much nothing about anything political, think that their infamy gives them grounds to spout off about stuff. In this case, it would be the government shutdown. Most Democrats are telling their politicos to stand their ground and not give a dollar to border security and the wall.

Shockingly, Cher is turning on Pelosi and Schumer on this point. She wants them to compromise with Trump on border security and get the government funded again. How odd.

From Fox News:

Liberal music superstar Cher is holding congressional Democrats’ feet to the fire amid the ongoing partial government shutdown.

It came after President Trump delivered a prime-time address from the Oval Office on Tuesday making the case for funding the border wall, which was followed by a response from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., who argued that the president must reopen the government in order to continue conversations about border security.

Cher then took to Twitter to blast the president for promising that Mexico would pay for the wall and demanded him to end the government shutdown.

On Wednesday, however, she called out Pelosi.


Cher went on to demand that Democrats “stop” the shutdown before Trump does. “HELL B HERO… HE’LL EAT UR LUNCH & STEAL UR LUNCH YOU’LL B FKD 6 WAYS 2 SUNDAY.DONT DIE ON THIS HILL. HE STOPS AT NOTHING.”

Wonder if she had a drink or three while typing that. Trump has been addressing this emergency from the beginning. The hate is still there but even Cher wants this to stop.

From the Patriot Journal:

Cher may be a foul-mouthed, crazy liberal, but even she can see that this shutdown is not going to have a good outcome for the Democrats.

No matter what the Left does, their base is going to be unhappy. If they don’t give in to the President’s demands, their base, which largely consists of government workers, will go without pay.

And if they do give in and fund the wall, the Left’s open borders nut jobs will go off the deep end.

At the end of the day, many government employees are in agreement with Cher and just want to get their paychecks.

But Pelosi and Schumer still don’t get it, and are determined to keep this shutdown going so that they can continue to undermine the President.

When Cher is smarter than you, you have a serious problem.

Indeed and when someone like Cher is ringing the alarm bells you might want to worry that your party is going to be perceived as the bad guy in all this in the end. The left owns all of this, not President Trump.


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