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Hillary Clinton Just Got Devastating News About Her Future – It’s Not Looking Good



If Hillary Clinton is really considering running for Presidency again in 2020 against Trump, she better think twice.

The biggest loser in political history, Hillary clinton, received devastating news after the The Des Moines Register posted a poll about the the 2020 Democratic nominee hopefuls.

It was bad news for Hillary, she didn’t even rank in this state poll which so often picks the nominee, no one even wants her on the ballot.

And all this from dem voters!

Iowa Democrats gave Hillary Clinton a narrow victory in the 2016 presidential caucuses, but few want to see her try again in 2020, a new Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa Poll shows….

Just 25 percent of likely participants in the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses think another Clinton candidacy would add to the race, the poll found. Seventy-two percent think a Clinton candidacy would detract from the race, and 3 percent are unsure…

Clinton recently said in a national interview that “I’d like to be president,” even though she also said “no” when asked if she wanted to run.

Obama, who is promoting a new autobiography, has repeatedly said she doesn’t want to run for president. Winfrey has denied wanting to run, saying “it would kill me.”

Of the four celebrities, Clinton has spent by far the most time in Iowa, campaigning here in two presidential caucus cycles.

Iowa Poll participant Janie Bjork, 63, of Lake City predicted what would happen if Clinton attempted a third run: “She’d get her butt kicked again.” …

Poll participant Nathan Zehr, 26, of Iowa City backed Clinton in the 2016 Iowa caucuses. He was impressed with her intelligence, wit and experience. She might make a good appointed official in the future, but can’t succeed as a politician, he said. After her loss to Trump, he said, “the toxicity of the Clinton name will carry probably forever.”

Zehr, who works in business administration at a car dealership, said he’s impressed with Obama, but he trusts her opinion that she shouldn’t run for president. He said he doesn’t follow Winfrey closely and knows little about Schultz. He’s not keen to see a Democratic nominee running on celebrity instead of competence.

Poll participant Morgan Ely, 26, of West Des Moines, also caucused for Clinton in 2016, and thinks a third run by her would add to the 2020 race.

“It’d be interesting to see what kind of ideas she has up her sleeve,” said Ely, who works as a bagger at a Hy-Vee store. She added that if Clinton became the Democrats’ nominee again, some voters who backed Trump last time might switch to her, giving her the victory.

Democrats on Twitter were not happy with her either



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