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Enraged Libs Just Started RIDICULOUS GoFundMe In Attack Of $4MIL Border Wall Fund



The unprecedented explosion of donations by Americans who want and demand a border wall by funding it themselves has triggered the left to no end overnight. Having already raised $4 million since Monday, liberals are losing their minds realizing how much Americans love and want to protect our country.

They thought they had an iron grip on this immigration and border issue. They truly seemed to believe that they convinced US citizens that it’s the kinder, responsible and ethical thing to do to allow anyone and everyone who wants to come into our nation and sap our resources, pour in as they please.

Leftists had painted conservatives as cruel and inhumane to suggest locking people out by building a wall and enforcing our laws rather than “building bridges.”


They were sorely mistake and majorly underestimated the American people and President Trump supporters who see the sensibility of protecting our border for citizens’ safety. $4 million later and counting, liberals are facing the reality that We The People can and will accomplish what Congress can’t.

Funding the wall on our own could potentially change the way politics work in the US forever.

Want to built the wall NOW? Follow political commentator Amanda Shea on Twitter!

Now, liberals are fighting back the massive border wall fund that has evolved into a movement in just three days. They’ve started their own GoFundMe campaign to counter the campaign started by Brian Kolfage Jr, a triple amputee war veteran and Purple Heart recipient, who has already given so much for this country. As a wounded warrior, Brian understands the threat the nation faces with open borders more than most. But liberals believe it’s ladders that we need, not a wall.

Ladders for Migrant Siblings” began on GoFundMe just 11 hours ago and has already managed to raise $8,515 of their $100 millio0n goal. It’s laughable in comparison to our insanely popular “We The People Will Fund the Wall” campaign which grows by $100,000 every hour or less and shows no signs of slowing.

On the page dedicated to the ridiculous ladder cause, it explains, with rage and attacks on conservatives, why they want ladders, and why they believe border wall funders don’t have a chance at accomplishing their goal.

We saw some folks are raising money for a border wall to keep out our migrant siblings and fellow human beings, who are fleeing violence and persecution and whose tragically-underpaid labor is essential to the U.S. economy. Seems like a bad idea on countless levels for everyone involved. Maybe we should focus on human rights and creating a community that reflects our supposed values.

And even though at a rate of $1.7 million daily, it would take their fund about 35 years to raise the $21.7 billion that Trump’s own Dept. of Homeland Security says would be needed to build said wall, we wanna make sure ladders are ready to send over to our undocumented friends and help them.

If this seems ludicrous, we welcome you to the coalition of reasonable adults.

Should we not reach our goal–or should they (ahem) not reach theirs–all funds raised will go to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) , a Texas-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency that promotes justice by providing free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees.

This idea is the original brainchild of @HoarseWisperer on Twitter.

Questions? Concerns? Misspelled remarks full of racist vitriol you’d like to pass along? Find me at @cmclymer .

The reason for their rage and smug remarks about wall-funders has nothing to do with compassion for migrants. It’s because deep down they know the popularity of The People paying the wall themselves proves how many Americans DO want security and that they’re willing to use their own, hard-earned money to make it happen.

The left really hates to be wrong and millions in donations overnight prove just how wrong they are. They simply can’t deal with it. Maybe they could use a ladder to get over it 😉


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