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Elderly Woman In Nursing Home RIPS Kamala Harris On Health Care For All – WATCH



I detest Kamala Harris. There I said it. She is an arrogant, b*itch on wheels, and a sea hag to boot. Now, that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s see what she stumbled into this time. Harris went to Iowa and figured going to a retirement home would get her a juicy photo-op with a bunch of elderly voters. It didn’t quite work out that way.

One feisty retired woman got in Harris’ face over healthcare. She blasted Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (CA) over her healthcare plan (or lack thereof) on Monday during a campaign stop at the Bickford Senior Living Center in Muscatine, Iowa. Harris’ solution to healthcare is based on massive tax increases and socialized medicine.

“Can I ask you a question?” the woman asked Harris. “I understand that you are advocating healthcare for everyone.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Harris responded.

“Who’s going to pay for it?” the woman asked.

“Well, we’re going to pay for it,” Harris replied. “Because right now, let me tell you something, we’re all paying for healthcare for everyone–”

“No, we’re not,” the woman responded as she became irritated with Harris. “No, we’re not.”

“Leave our healthcare system alone,” the woman told Harris. “We don’t want you to mess with it.”

I love this woman! She let Harris have it and the truth walloped her smug smile right off her face. The slimy politician was bending over to the woman in a condescending manner when she got nailed. Harris could not back peddle and get out of there fast enough.

From The Daily Wire:

“After a brief continued back-and-forth with the woman, Harris said it was “nice to visit” with her before she left the situation.

“Health care has been an issue that Harris has had significant struggles with as she has repeatedly shifted her position on the issue.

“Harris was the first co-sponsor on a 2017 bill from socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) which amounted to a government takeover of the health care system.

“In January, Harris told CNN she wanted to “eliminate” private insurance and to “move on” to a government-controlled system. Hours later after her comments ignited a media firestorm, Harris backed off her statement. In May, Harris claimed that her comments are “not what” she “meant.” In June, Harris flipped again, signaling during one of the Democrat debates that she would eliminate private insurance. Then, a couple of weeks ago, Harris told CNN that she would eliminate employer-based insurance plans.”

In other words, Harris is a liar. She co-sponsored the Medicare for All Act.

“Essentially, we would allow private insurance to offer a plan in the Medicare system, but they will be subject to strict requirements to ensure it lowers costs and expands services,” Harris explained. “If they want to play by our rules, they can be in the system. If not, they have to get out.” How very ‘Godfather’ of her.

From TheBlaze:

“Harris has proposed a Medicare for All health care framework and says she would still allow private insurers to co-exist under her system. Unlike other 2020 candidates, Harris has not put a price tag on her plan, which has drawn criticism and skepticism from her opponents and pundits alike.

“For comparison, Newsweek reported that White House hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) Medicare for All plan carries an estimated price tag of $32 trillion.

“Harris’ plan would be implemented over a ten-year period, and she says over that span she would raise $2 trillion by taxing stock trades, bond trades, and derivative transactions.”

Kamala Harris has flip-flopped repeatedly on healthcare. She covered up her history as a prosecutor, lied about her past, and is a stone-cold communist. But at least in Iowa, a sweet little old lady told her to get stuffed over healthcare. That gives me a happy.

And Harris was still dumb enough to use the encounter as a photo-op. Again, no self-awareness there whatsoever. Hopefully, this evil woman will never get near the White House.



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