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Dems Flat Refuse To Pay For Trump’s Wall – Caught Spending Millions For It Somewhere Else



It’s fascinating to watch the left maneuver their political shenanigans in order to thwart President Trump’s plans on building a wall on our southern border thereby securing our safety and sovereignty as a nation. And sometimes you just have to laugh over the stupidity of it all. This is one of those times.

Democrats refuse to pay one cent for President Trump’s wall, but they are spending $115 million in American taxpayer money to fund the Somali National Army, tourism in Egypt, quails on cocaine, and much, much more. Wow, why would you ever give cocaine to a quail? To make you high while you have tasty quail for dinner? That’s so moronic I can’t even fathom it. Where’s the left on cruelty to animals on this one? Crickets.

Breitbart has the scoop on this insanity:

House and Senate Democrats say they refuse to fund a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to stop soaring illegal immigration because it is too expensive and wasteful. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called a border wall “immoral, expensive, ineffective, not something that people do between countries,” Breitbart News reported.

Last year, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said a border wall would be “very expensive” and asked, “Why don’t we use that money for roads?” Likewise, Republican establishment lawmakers have claimed the border wall is too costly for them to support.

As the political establishment becomes budget hawks on funding a border wall, Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) annual “Festivus Report” reveals that about $115 million in American taxpayer money funded a slew of government projects, including $200,000 to put on plays in Afghanistan.

American taxpayers this year have also been forced to subsidize:

  • $76 million to provide stipends to Somali National Army
  • $18 million to promote tourism in Egypt
  • $2.4 million to study daydreaming
  • $1 million to support “legislative priorities” in Libya
  • $875,000 to study the sexual habits of quails on cocaine
  • $635,000 to develop a Pashto-language TV drama series for Afghanistan
  • $400,000 to support asset seizure programs in Paraguay
  • $360,000 to study horse and donkey hunting on the ancient Anatolian Peninsula
  • $250,000 to teach Rwandan special interest groups how to lobby elected officials
  • $75,000 to make videos marketing U.S. colleges to Indian students
  • $75,000 to blow leaf blowers at lizards
  • $35,000 to encourage people in the Republic of the Congo to use local resources
  • $15,000 to fund a fictionalized opera about Prince Harry, called “Stone Prince”
  • $50,000 to create conceptualized games in India
  • $50,000 to teach female entrepreneurs in India how to “vlog”
  • $50,000 to fund museum trips in Bosnia & Herzegovina

American taxpayers have paid nearly $30 million since 2014 to fund “reintegration” gift bags for illegal aliens and their children who were deported from the U.S. to their home countries, Breitbart News reported.


To add insult to injury, when illegal alien children go to school in the US, we have to provide school supplies, toys, coloring books, dolls, toiletries, backpacks, and clothes. In other words, these invading children are better off than many American children are. That’s just criminal.

We will also have to shoulder the cost of the USAID program and that is on top of subsidizing the annual $116 billion that illegal immigrants cost taxpayers. Per Breitbart, this amount does not include the money stripped from Americans through wage suppression, job displacement, and rising housing prices due to mass illegal and legal immigration. Criminal illegal aliens in prison also cost taxpayers about $1.4 billion every year.

This is not only disgraceful… it’s also suicidal. And it’s brought to you by the Marxist Democrats and their quest for power, wealth and anything else they can take by force.


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