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Dems’ Top Favored Candidate Just Caught In Immense Scandal – 2020 Chances Totally Fried



Democrats are scrambling at the bit as we eek into the campaign season for the presidential elections in 2020. President Donald Trump is slated to dominate the vote as the left can’t seem to provide anyone to run against him who would have even the slightest chance of beating him.

Actions speak louder than words, which is something that even Democrats can’t disagree with in their hardness of hearts. They may say different publicly, however, there’s no denying the quality of our economy under Trump, the unprecedented decrease in unemployment – both of which are just a “starter pack” of facts proving that regardless of whether you like him or not, you have to like what he’s done.

Desperate as the left perpetually prove themselves to be, it’s never been better than the pre-presidential climate that we’re currently in. They’re drawing at straws (not the kind they say kills the turtle population…), to come up with someone who can beat Trump at his own successful campaign and presidency.

They thought they had their person, but that dream has now died for the party and the POTUS hopeful, who probably thought she would be a shoo-in by, by running on a package of identity politics.

Well, sorry to let Kamala Harris and her supporters know, it doesn’t work that way, especially when your massive scams come back to haunt. Gone are the days of hiding those damning skeletons in a closet and throwing away the key. Now, she and all others who pretend that controversies are only a “conservative” candidate “thing,” (because the left creates them), have real consequences when you really were actually involved in a pretty serious scandal.

Follow my social tribe on Instagram and Twitter as we beat Democrats at their own “game.” Facts have a way of winning like that 😉 .

The Sacramento Bee has the spiel that scandalous Kamala was hoping to hide in her closet full of financial skeletons. I mean, really, Kamala?! She had to know this wasn’t going to make it past second base in a presidential campaign. But I digress and will let you get filled in on what’s going in her world right about now…

A longtime top staff member of U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris resigned Wednesday after The Sacramento Bee inquired about a $400,000 harassment and retaliation settlement resulting from his time working for Harris at the California Department of Justice.

Larry Wallace, who served as the director of the Division of Law Enforcement under then-Attorney General Harris, was accused by his former executive assistant in December 2016 of “gender harassment” and other demeaning behavior, including frequently asking her to crawl under his desk to change the paper in his printer.

The lawsuit was filed on Dec. 30, 2016, when Harris was still attorney general but preparing to be sworn in as California’s newly elected Democratic senator. It was settled less than five months later, in May 2017, by Xavier Becerra, who was appointed to replace her as attorney general.

By that time, Wallace had transitioned to work for Harris as a senior advisor in her Sacramento office.

Let’s just take two seconds real quick to think about how freaking weird working environments tend to be in Democrats offices. What’s with all this ‘under the desk’ orders (obviously referring to the Dem who seemingly brought the trend to light – Slick Willy Bill Clinton). So strange coming from the party that pioneered the faux “Me Too” movement. Nobody’s fooled, we should all see the tired tactic Kamala is attempting to use in her favor – the female sexually harassed victim who said nothing of alleged harassment until it politically suited the person.

Okay, back to what else was happening in Kamilla’s derailed life, including some particularly weird habits. So gross.

The Sacramento Bee continued:

The lawsuit describes that Hartley was “set up to fail,” micro-managed by Patterson, investigated by internal affairs on a “fabricated charge” for which she was never informed of the outcome, and “told she should quit her job and seek employment elsewhere.”

Patterson did not return a message requesting comment.

Two days before Christmas 2014, the lawsuit states, Hartley was involuntarily transferred to another bureau within the Department of Justice. She then began to search for a job outside the department, according to the lawsuit, but she was ultimately unsuccessful because the “stress from all of the harassment” took a toll on her physical and mental health.

Twice, the lawsuit states, Hartley took a state exam for a new classification and scored a 95, but she was not considered either time for the promotion.

Hartley said in the lawsuit that she began suffering from panic attacks and depression, and that in March 2016, she developed a pinched nerve in her arm that required surgery. She had the surgery in September, according to the lawsuit, around which time she also filed a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing. When she sued two months later, Hartley was still out on medical leave because the Department of Justice has “chosen to not accommodate her.”

Through her attorney, Hartley declined to comment on the case.

In an answer to the lawsuit filed a month later, the department denied “generally and specifically each and every allegation contained in the Complaint.”

Becerra, who by then had been appointed to succeed Harris, and two of this deputies said the department took “reasonable steps to prevent and correct workplace harassment” by instituting procedures for harassment and training Hartley on the policy.

Hartley “unreasonably failed to utilize the procedures during the period of time, and after, the alleged harassment or discrimination was occurring,” Becerra wrote. “Had Plaintiff taken reasonable effort to utilize these procedures Plaintiff’s alleged harm, injury or damages would have been avoided, in whole or in part.”

But on May 16, 2017, the department settled with Hartley for $400,000. It continued to deny her claims.

As part of the settlement, Hartley resigned her position and agreed not to seek employment with the Department of Justice again. She also agreed to a non-disclosure clause, forbidding her from discussing the settlement amount or alerting the media to the agreement.

The Department of Justice late Wednesday said it would not comment on what it considers a personnel matter.

Amanda Renteria, who worked as Becerra’s chief of operations before mounting a bid for California governor earlier this year, signed off on the settlement.

She said Wednesday that she did not remember the details of the case, which was a holdover from before she arrived at the department in March 2017. She did not know whether Wallace’s departure to work on Harris’ Senate staff had anything to do with the lawsuit.

“Most folks that were connected to Harris went with Harris,” Renteria said.

Editor’s Note: This story was corrected at 9:50 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018 to state that Wallace was previously a detective with the Berkeley Police Department.

Well, buckle up, everyone! The next year in politics and presidential campaigns are going to be on fire! Nobody’s secrets are safe. Let’s let the country know all that Democrats are hiding, deceiving and doing to “try” to win the next election!

Follow my social tribe on Instagram and Twitter as we beat Democrats at their own “game.” Facts have a way of winning like that 😉 .
~Until tomorrow…stay informed, Americans! We’ll laugh and get through this together.
*Amanda Shea*


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