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Democrats Just Launch Sick New Attack Against Justice Kavanaugh



The left never stops the smear campaigns. They will never stop until they get what they want.

The great former President Ronald Reagan once said that “the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.” The democrats are masters of snatching victory out of the jaws of defeat. They can’t handle losing elections. Which obviously shows that politics is their religion.

The Left has tried three strategies to derail the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

They tried “Guilt by Association,” ignoring Kavanaugh’s own amazing qualifications and treating him as a proxy for the president they so love to hate.

They tried “The Setup,” making demands they knew could not be met, such as confidential records about the internal workings of the Bush administration or Kavanaugh’s views about precedents or issues that would come before him on the Supreme Court. No administration would divulge such information, and no nominee would offer such views. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said in 1994 that doing so would “show disdain for the entire judicial process.”

Most famously, they tried “The Big Sex Smear,” promoting unsubstantiated claims that Kavanaugh committed rape in high school and college. The Senate Judiciary Committee, New York Times, Washington Post, New Yorker, Atlantic, NBC, and the FBI investigated and found nothing. The Left, however, cared far less about the truthfulness of the accusations than it did about the mere fact that they were made. They tend to do this to republican males.

All of these strategies failed to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court. The Left has now shifted to Plan B: discrediting his service.

The Left seeks a politically correct judiciary, one populated by judges for whom the political ends justify the judicial means. These activist judges serve certain political interests even when the law doesn’t.

This is extremely dangerous to America and her freedom. Elections do have consequences. Some forget that when voting in elections. It’s not just the president that you have to worry about. These judges have power to do what they want. We have to stay vigilant. The left never stops until they get what they want.

Judges such as Kavanaugh apply the law impartially so that the law, and not politics, decides their cases. The Left simply can’t risk that. They won’t get what they want when you put in judges that care about the law.

Which brings us to the Left’s latest smear. Its minions filed 83 complaints of “judicial misconduct” against Kavanaugh, most focusing on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Sept. 27 hearing on The Big Sex Smear. Federal law, however, allows such complaints only about “a circuit judge, district judge, bankruptcy, or magistrate judge.” Kavanaugh is none of those, so the complaints were dismissed.

A brief look at these “complaints” exposes a coordinated and planned campaign: an orchestrated political hit on Judge Kavanaugh.

Some complaints have nothing to do with Kavanaugh at all. One complainant says that former President Barack Obama fired him from “many jobs” and that Republican and Democratic “criminal senators” are trying to “criminalize the court system.” Another suggests reforms in the process of filing judicial misconduct complaints.


See? They will never stop. The American people have to fight these outrageous political attacks. It is becoming more and more clear on how dangerous it is to have these people in office. They are hell-bent on destroying America.

Read more of this story via Washington Examiner:

Some of the complaints say nothing more than Kavanaugh “lied during testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee.” Another says simply that Kavanaugh’s “actions and statements” during that hearing are “prima facie evidence of a clear violation of judicial ethics. He should be suspended!” Three complaints are identical: “Please fully investigate the testimony he has given to the Senate.” Not much to go on there.

One complaint claims that Kavanaugh committed perjury on “many occasions” and, as evidence, offered links to articles in Mother Jones, Slate, and Gentlemen’s Quarterly.

Several complaints include the identical six-paragraph rant about Kavanaugh’s testimony, followed by identical citations to nine provisions of the Code of Judicial Conduct. These complainants, who live from Maryland to Oregon, each declared “under penalty of perjury” that the “facts alleged within are my own personal knowledge based on my viewing of the hearing.”

What are the odds that each of these complainants, independently, had precisely the same six-paragraph recollection of that hearing? Or that these complainants would (again, independently) each misspell Kavanaugh’s name in the same way as “Cavanaugh”? Continue Reading


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