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Democrats Just Set Washington Swamp On Fire With Supreme Court Confession



At the very last moment on the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings for his appointment to the Supreme Court, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) produced a letter from an alleged victim who was claiming that she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh has ardently denied this and the whole story is just full of holes and unfounded accusations meant to stall his nomination.

Professor Christina Blasey Ford and the Democrats have caused a national outcry over their machinations here concerning an alleged incident that occurred 36 years ago while Kavanaugh and Ford were in high school. It is more than highly suspicious that this woman would show up now and with no attendant evidence or witnesses who are willing to confirm her accusation.

In fact, at least one witness is saying that this never even happened. The man identified as the witness in an alleged sexual assault by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in the 1980s is claiming he has “no memory” of the incident.

“I did not ask to be involved in this matter nor did anyone ask me to be involved,” Mark Judge, a former high school friend, and classmate of Kavanaugh said in a statement Tuesday afternoon. “The only reason I’m involved is because Dr. Christine Blasey Ford remembers me as the other person in the room during the alleged assault.”

“I have no memory of the alleged incident,” Judge said in a statement. “Brett Kavanaugh and I were friends in high school but I do not recall the party described in Ford’s letter. More to the point, I never saw Brett act in the manner Dr. Ford describes.”

Ford can’t seem to remember any specifics of the incident either. She can’t recall the exact year, where it happened or even who exactly was present at the time. She also doesn’t know how she got there or how she got home and she doesn’t know who threw the party. Sounds less than credible to me.

It will also not surprise you that Ford is a Democrat who has marched against President Trump. She is also opposed to Kavanaugh on political grounds.

Sixty-five women who knew Judge Kavanaugh in high school are now speaking up for his character. They have written a letter supporting Kavanaugh to the Senate Judiciary Committee defending his character. The letter stated that Judge Kavanaugh has always “treated women with respect.”

From the Patriot Journal:

“But many on the Left do not care about these facts and have already decided that Kavanaugh is guilty.

“They are now demanding that Kavanaugh’s nomination be denied, despite the fact that in America we have a right to due process and the presumption of innocence.

“Interestingly, not all on the Left seem convinced that Ford’s story is accurate, and one prominent Democrat just outright admitted that she doesn’t know if Ford is telling the truth.

“There you have it. If Senator Feinstein really thought this claim of Ford’s were true, she would have released Ford’s letter when she received it months ago.

“Instead Feinstein sat on this information and released it at the 11th hour in a desperate attempt to stop Kavanaugh from being nominated.

“Feinstein also stated that Ford “did not want to go public” with her accusation, further casting doubt on Ford’s credibility.

“For his part, Kavanaugh is stating he has never even met his accuser.”

Feinstein can’t have it both ways here. On the one hand, she accuses Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, while stating that she can’t vouch for everything Ford is saying as truthful. Obviously, Feinstein knows it isn’t or would not be confessing her doubt here. Her statement did set the Washington swamp on fire though.

This is very reminiscent of the Clarence Thomas mess when he had to go through his hearings to become a Supreme Court Justice. Anita Hill accused Justice Thomas of sexual harassment during his confirmation hearing back in 1991. She claimed it happened years before that though… not decades like Ford is stretching for here. This is sheer desperation and obstructionism on the Democrats’ part.

Thomas was painted as some kind of monster back then with lies and contradictions. But it didn’t stick and Thomas is now arguably the strongest constitutional originalist on the Supreme Court.

I expect Kavanaugh will be confirmed before the midterm elections. Grassley has offered a public or private hearing to Ford. At first, she refused, then she insisted on an FBI investigation and now she is demanding more witnesses. The ones I have heard are not doing her any favors but who knows who could be dredged up and convinced into saying whatever here.

Let’s hope that Ford follows Hill into disgraced obscurity. Kavanaugh does not deserve this unwarranted attack and the Democrats should be deeply ashamed over this.


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Obama & Hillary Won’t Say ‘Christians’ Were Slaughtered In Sri Lanka, Get RIPPED For It



Both former President Barack Obama and twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton were universally ripped by Christians over refusing to use the term “Christian” when referencing the victims of the Sri Lankan slaughter. Instead, they called them “Easter worshippers.” Words matter and this was no slip – they were coordinated talking points.

And it wasn’t just those two hardened leftists… many of the Democratic leadership parroted the same term as did ABC and the Associated Press. It’s like they were gagging on the word “Christian.” But they had no reflux over using the term “Muslim” during the Christchurch attacks.

Suicide bombers targeted churches and hotels on Sunday in Sri Lanka as Christians started their Easter celebrations. The death toll stands at 310, reportedly including citizens from the United States, as well as 500 others who suffered injuries. The fact that Obama, Clinton, and their comrades could not say “Christian” after attacks clearly targeting them is deeply disturbing and telling.

“The attacks on tourists and Easter worshippers in Sri Lanka are an attack on humanity,” Obama reacted. ”On a day devoted to love, redemption, and renewal, we pray for the victims and stand with the people of Sri Lanka.”

“On this holy weekend for many faiths, we must stand united against hatred and violence. I’m praying for everyone affected by today’s horrific attacks on Easter worshippers and travelers in Sri Lanka,” Clinton wrote after news of the attacks broke.

Social media melted down over the slap at Christians. Muslim reformer and political commentator Imam Mohamad Tawhidi was quick to contrast Obama and Clinton’s reactions from the Sri Lanka attacks to that of the New Zealand mosque attacks. “Spot the difference,” wrote the Imam, posting screenshots of Obama and Clinton recognizing the “Muslim community” in the wake of the New Zealand attack. Good for him.

Daily Wire contributor Harry Khachatrian torched the left, “If only there was a single word for ‘Easter worshippers.'” Fox News’ Brit Hume similarly posted, “‘Easter worshippers’ aka Christians.” “Yeah we’re actually called Christians not ‘Easter worshippers’ wouldn’t hurt to maybe just say that,” said National Review writer Alexandra DeSanctis. The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles nailed it: “The word you’re looking for is ‘Christians.'”

From The Daily Wire:

“Blaze TV’s Allie Beth Stuckey argued with those suggesting the semantics don’t matter. “I’m seeing a lot of people say the semantics aren’t that big of a deal. Strongly disagree,” she said. “When every single top Dem used the same phrase & downright refuse to use the word ‘Christian,’ despite Christians being the #1 target of religious harassment in the world, it’s intentional.”

“Journalist Ian Miles Cheong critiqued leaders on the Left thusly: “Neat how Christchurch prompted world leaders to condemn islamophobia worldwide but hundreds of Christians are killed in multiple church bombings on Easter in Sri Lanka and not a single one of these leaders condemns this particular trend,” he wrote, adding a shot at Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN): “‘Some people did something,’ as it were.”‘

Parker Molloy of Media Matters also called Christians ‘Easter worshippers’ and tried to shred anyone for taking offense to the term. Remember, both Obama and Clinton during Obama’s tenure drew criticism for their reluctance to identify radical Islam as the source of many terror attacks.

Remember this from Obama?: “In an address to the National Prayer Breakfast in 2015, Obama attempted to draw a moral equivalence between the terror and torture used by the so-called “Islamic State” (or ISIS), and medieval Christianity. He admonished Americans not to “get on our high horse” about radical Islam, since “people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ” centuries ago.”

When the Catholic cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France was burned to the ground, Obama offered his thoughts on “one of the world’s greatest treasures,” with no mention of the church’s meaning to Christians. “Notre Dame is one of the world’s great treasures, and we’re thinking of the people of France in your time of grief. It’s in our nature to mourn when we see history lost – but it’s also in our nature to rebuild for tomorrow, as strong as we can,” Obama tweeted.

“Pointing out how odd it is that the most influential Democrats are avoiding saying the word “Christian” isn’t a conspiracy,” Independent Journal Review’s Caleb Hull noted. “It’s a legitimate observation.” Indeed.

Say it with me… “Christian.” Democrats act like the Christian faith is literally holy water being tossed in their faces. They deserve to be called out on this and lambasted for it. Let’s not mince words… the left hates Christians and Jews. They just aren’t hiding it anymore.


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Bernie Sanders Says ‘Let Terrorists, Sex Predators & Murderers Vote From Prison’



Socialist Bernie Sanders made it abundantly clear during a CNN town hall event that he would let the Boston Marathon bomber, sex predators, and murderers vote in U.S. elections while in prison. At least he’s upfront about supporting evil in order to get votes. You can say many things about Sanders but he’s jarringly honest about what he believes. I consider him a very dangerous man who should never be allowed to be president and this confirms that belief.

“Would [you] support enfranchising people like the Boston Marathon bomber, a convicted terrorist and murderer?” Sanders was asked by Harvard student Anne Carlstein. “Do you think those convicted of sexual assault should have the opportunity to vote for politicians who could have a direct impact on women’s rights?”

“Thank you for the question, and let me just say this: What our campaign is about and what I believe is creating a vibrant democracy,” Sanders stated while whining about voter turnout in the U.S.

“If somebody commits a serious crime, sexual assault, murder, they’re going to be punished,” Sanders said. “They may be in jail 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, their whole life. That’s what happens when you commit a serious crime.”

“But I think the right to vote is inherent to our Democracy,” he continued. “Yes, even for terrible people, because once you start chipping away … you’re running down a slippery slope … I believe even if they are in jail, they’re paying the price to society, that should not take away their inherent American right to participate in our democracy.”

First off, this isn’t a democracy… it’s a republic and there’s a huge difference in that concept alone. Per Wall Builders:

“Many Americans today seem to be unable to define the difference between the two, but there is a difference, a big difference. That difference rests in the source of authority.

“[O]ur citizens should early understand that the genuine source of a pure Democracy operates by direct majority vote of the people.

“When an issue is to be decided, the entire population votes on it; the majority wins and rules. A Republic differs in that the general population elects representatives who then pass laws to govern the nation. A Democracy is the rule by majority feeling (what the Founders described as a “mobocracy”); a Republic is rule by law.”

Sanders knows this… socialists want a Democracy because it is easier to control the masses.

From The Daily Wire:

“CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who hosted Sanders’ town hall, asked Sanders if he was sure that he supported allowing the Boston Marathon bomber to be able to vote from inside prison.

“Sanders doubled down.

“Look, this is what I believe. Do you believe in Democracy?” Sanders continued. “Do you believe that every single American 18 years of age or older who is an American citizen has the right to vote. Once you start chipping away at that, believe me that’s what our Republican governors all over this country are doing.”

“I believe every single person does have the right to vote,” Sanders concluded.”

No, they don’t. Those who violate the rule of law in our Republic lose that right and for good reason. Justifying their right to vote so you can have them support you in the next election is disingenuous and despicable, to say the least. Sanders is supporting terrorists, sex offenders, and murderers here and it’s all self-serving.

Sanders argued that the Constitution says “everybody can vote” and that “some people in jail can vote.” That is not true. The Constitution says that all citizens over the age of 18 can vote but it does not delineate on who can or can’t vote. Sanders is trying to deceptively argue it does for his own purposes here.

The Boston Marathon Bomber should not be breathing air much less voting in American elections. And Sanders should never be president.


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