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Schumer Just Got Really Triggered After Seeing What’s Happening With Border Wall



Before becoming president, Trump campaigned hard on securing our southern border and building a wall the length of the border. He knew, as did most Americans, that drug cartels, murderers, rapists, and ne’er-do-wells were crossing our border & endangering the American way of life. He also knew that Democrats see illegal immigrants as a future bank of voters for their party. Once Trump was elected, he continued pushing for a wall on our border, but Democrats, who supported barriers on the border in past years, obstructed his requests for funds to build the wall at every turn, and they continue to do so to this day. Democrats hate President Trump so much, they don’t want to give him a win on the issue, despite the safety of Americans being in jeopardy.

President Trump, formerly in construction & show business, is a master of communication and of promotion. Often times the president will communicate with humor, as he knows this goes over well with most in the population, whether they support his politics or not. You recall during the second presidential debate, Trump told Hillary she would be in jail if he was in charge of the nation’s law enforcement. While addressing the serious issue of her private email server & deleted emails, he did so in such epic fashion it became one of the best burns of all time, and even Hillary had to do her best not to laugh at the perfectly timed quip. Also, recall when Trump posted a picture of himself with a Trump Tower taco bowl and saying that he loves Hispanics. While done to reach out to that demographic, it was so over-the-top in its pandering (as politicians do all the time), yet comedic at the same time, Trump scored a major PR victory as it had everyone talking, and laughing. It was 100% Trump, 100% effective, and he knew it. It also boiled the blood of his enemies, which was also hilarious.

Well, President Trump is communicating with humor on a serious matter again, that of the wall. He had a meme of a popular TV show made up featuring himself and the wall, and the left melted down as Trump surely knew they would do. In particular, it was crying Chuck Schumer who did the melting.

ILoveMyFreedom is reporting:

“Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is not pleased with President Donald Trump sharing memes about the border wall.

On Saturday, the president shared a Game of Thrones-style meme that featured a border wall, a picture of himself smiling, and the statement “the wall is coming.”

Schumer did not see the humor in the meme and responded to Trump’s tweet by complaining that he had “enough.”

“Enough with the memes. Just quit hurting innocent people and re-open the government,” Schumer wrote.

For quite some time, Trump has been sharing the Game of Thrones-style image on his social media accounts, which is aimed at keeping the attention on the border wall.

The meme Trump used with the phrase “The Wall is Coming” pays homage to the Game of Thrones slogan “Winter is Coming.”

Trump sharing the image signals his determination to get at least $5 billion in funding for the wall along the border between the United States and Mexico.

The president has vowed to keep part of the government shut for “months” or even “years” if that’s what it takes to get funding for the wall.

Schumer has accused Trump of “holding the government hostage,” but Democrats are unwilling to strike a deal that would provide substantial funding to secure the border.

Trump has also threatened to declare a national emergency and have the military build his wall.

In fact, House Armed Service Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Smith, D-WA, stunned many over the weekend and admitted that Trump has the full authority to use the U.S. military to build the border wall.

During a segment Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Smith said the president has the legal authority to declare a national emergency and use the military to build a wall.

“Well, unfortunately, the short answer is yes. There is a provision in the law that says the president can declare an emergency,” Smith began, with Stephanopoulos visibly not pleased with the answer at all.

“It’s been done a number of times, but primarily it’s been done to build facilities in Afghanistan and Iraq.”


Trump knows how to get under the skin of his political enemies, and he does it in hilarious fashion. That’s part of why we love him so much. He’s not your typical politician. He came to shake up Washington, and he’s doing it every day. He’s also keeping his promises to make America great, safe, and rich again. One of his promises was the wall, and he’s fighting to have it built while chiding his enemies at the same time. It’s classic Trump & we love him for it. Keep going, Mr. President! We’re behind you all the way!


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