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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Blames Republicans For City’s Violence



Again, we have another liberal mayor blaming the violence and crime in their city on Republicans. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lashed out at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) over the latest burst of gun violence in the city, claiming Monday that Chicago’s decades-long crime problem is actually the fault of Republican-run states like Indiana –- because they don’t have “commonsense gun legislation” in place. She can’t possibly believe that unless she is totally delusional.

Cruz tweeted out that “gun control doesn’t work” and pointed to the Democrat-run city as evidence that “disarming law-abiding citizens isn’t the answer.” His tweet referenced an article reporting that at least 25 people were shot in Chicago during Labor Day weekend amid a continuing crime wave in the city. That isn’t a one-off occurrence… it happens just about every weekend in Chicago… a city that has some of the strictest gun-control laws in the nation. It’s like blaming the victim who tried to defend herself. Lightfoot is dishonest and has blood all over her hands on this issue.

From Fox News:

“Stopping violent criminals—prosecuting & getting them off the street—BEFORE they commit more violent crimes is the most effective way to reduce murder rates,” Cruz tweeted. “Let’s protect our citizens.”

“Lightfoot, elected mayor earlier this year, tweeted a graphic claiming that the top 10 source states of recovered firearms between 2013-2016 included Indiana, Mississippi, and Wisconsin.

“60 percent of illegal firearms recovered in Chicago come from outside IL—mostly from states dominated by coward Republicans like you who refuse to enact commonsense gun legislation,” she tweeted.

“Keep our name out of your mouth,” she said.

“When @tedcruz and the @gop dismiss common-sense gun policies, they disrespect victims and their families, who deserve to live without pain and fear,” she added.

“The flashpoint comes amid a spate of mass shootings across the country, with Democrats increasing their calls for more sweeping forms of gun control.

“Presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke on Saturday gave a blunt answer when asked how he would address some gun owners’ concerns that the government could be planning to take away their firearms.

“I want to be really clear that that’s exactly what we are going to do,” said the former Texas congressman. “Americans who own AR-15s, AK-47s, will have to sell them to the government.”’

All of this came about after a mass shooting in Midland, Texas last week that claimed seven lives and wounded more than 20. But gun control is not the answer here… more armed citizens is the answer. More freedom is the way to go, not less as Cruz pointed out.

Chicago is one of the most violent cities in the nation and it is because of liberal policies including gun control that has led to it becoming a killing field for gangs and criminals of all sorts. The police are vilified and have their hands tied and citizens are not allowed to defend themselves from the bad guys. It’s a no-brainer recipe for bloodshed. Chicago has not had a Republican mayor since the early 1930s. Do the math.

In the wake of Texas’ second mass shooting in the last month, liberal politicians across the country have renewed their calls for gun control, with former Texas Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke promoting a mandatory gun buyback program and selling t-shirts that say America’s gun laws are “f-cked up.”

The left is using these shootings in a campaign for nationwide gun confiscation and the evisceration of our Second Amendment rights. It’s what I call the ‘kick the dog’ syndrome. Blame anyone and anything but yourself for what you have done. It’s what Democrats are good at.

The Chicago Tribune lays out some of the Windy City’s gun laws:

“City residents can own firearms but with several conditions: You must be 21 years old and possess a firearm owner’s identification (FOID) card and concealed carry license, both issued by Illinois State Police.

“Prior to getting a concealed carry license, residents must complete a 16-hour training course, which includes a gun range test that residents must pass, as well as coursework on gun safety. They are also subject to a background check and must pay a $150 application fee. Applicants may be denied a concealed carry license, or have law enforcement agencies object to their applications if they have particular criminal convictions.

“Those who keep guns in the home must hold only a valid FOID card. Gun owners who carry a firearm outside the home must have an FOID and a concealed carry permit.”

Cruz’s comments basically echoed that of Chicago’s leading police Superintendent Eddie Johnson in June.

“We know who a lot of these people are. And how do we know that? Because we keep arresting them over and over and over and over and over again,” Mr. Johnson said after a weekend in which 52 people were shot. “It’s just a vicious cycle. So until we hold violent offenders accountable in the way that they should be, we’re going to continue to see this.”

Lightfoot’s logic does not hold water here. If it were true, crime would be rampant in Republican governed cities but it isn’t. Out of control crime is prevalent almost exclusively in cities with liberal mayors and politicians in control. If she wants to place blame, I’d take a long, hard look in the mirror if I were her.

I bow to the sage advice that Ted Cruz has for Lightfoot — not that she will listen: “Maybe, rather than getting angry when others point out the tragically high m*rder rate in Chicago, you put aside the partisan talking points & the failed gun-control policies Chicago has pursued for decades,” Cruz tweeted. “Instead, lock up the violent criminals who are committing m*rder. PREVENT felons & fugitives from illegally buying firearms, and ALLOW law-abiding citizens (who are right now obeying Chicago’s prohibition) to exercise their constitutional right to protect their own lives and their families.”



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