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Catholics Demand Cuomo Excommunication After Signing ‘Abortion Till Birth’ Bill



Observant Catholics are up in arms over Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) signing a horrifying abortion bill that allows the murder of the unborn right up until the mother gives birth. They are demanding that he be excommunicated from the church and you can hardly blame them for that. Limousine liberals such as Pelosi and Cuomo hide behind their faith but don’t adhere to its tenents at all.

Cuomo’s bill also loosens the restrictions on who can perform abortions and eliminates the fatal procedure from New York’s criminal code. Catholic Bishops of New York State released a statement ripping Cuomo and pro-abortion lawmakers over the euphemistically-named Reproductive Health Act. They stopped short, however, of calling for his excommunication. They didn’t go anywhere near far enough and most prominent Catholics agree with me.

Life News, Monsignor Charles Pope, writing at the National Catholic Register, said it was a “lie” to suggest Cuomo is in “good standing” with the Church. If you are a Catholic at all it is very hard to argue with that premise. “It’s time to end the charade, even the lie, that Andrew Cuomo and others like him are Catholics in good standing,” Pope wrote, adding that the bishops’ statement was “not enough.”

“Canonical penalties are due to the Governor and other Catholics who voted for this legislation,” continued Pope. “This is necessary both for the common good, to avoid the scandal of tolerance of evil, and as a strong summons to the governor and others to repent before the Day of Judgment.”

“At this point, canonical penalties forbidding him to receive Holy Communion — or even, if possible, issuing a formal excommunication — are simply affirming what is already true and what he himself has done,” he stated. “To fail to issue all possible canonical penalties at this point would, to my mind, show the Church to be irrelevant and a laughingstock.”

Matt Walsh, a writer, and prominent Catholic at The Daily Wire, was even blunter concerning all this. He asked Cardinal Timothy Dolan if he was going to excommunicate Cuomo… if it didn’t interfere with his “invitations to the cocktail parties.” Ouch. “Hi, [Cardinal Dolan]. The governor of your state is an alleged Catholic. He just legalized the murder of fully developed infants. Are you going to excommunicate him, as is your obligation, or are you concerned with making sure you still get invitations to the cocktail parties?” asked Walsh.

Dr. Taylor Marshall, who is a journalist and a professor, agrees with Walsh. He said that Dolan “needs to excommunicate these murderous Catholics in accord with Scripture and the current Canon law.”

There was more. From The Daily Wire:

“Likewise, editor of First Things magazine Matthew Schmitz said excommunication of Cuomo from the Church was in order.

“If we Catholics really believe what we saw when we talk about heaven, hell, and the dignity of the unborn, [Cardinal Dolan] should, after exhausting all means of correction, excommunicate [Andrew Cuomo].” said Schmitz via Twitter.

“I want to remind Cardinal Dolan that part of the purpose of excommunications is to remind a member of the Church that he risks damnation unless he repents,” Stephen Herreid, Catholic Vote’s managing editor and host of the Stephen Herreid Show, told The Daily Wire. “But if Cardinal Dolan refuses to excommunicate Andrew Cuomo, Dolan’s soul will be in more danger than Cuomo’s. At least faithful Catholics have the comfort of that little justice.”

“Human Coalition’s Lauren Enriquez told The Daily Wire that “Cuomo’s actions are a public scandal to the Catholic faith.”

“Celebrating death as a victory is the antithesis of our Catholic faith and a mockery of the great gift of life bestowed on us by a loving Creator,” Enriquez said. “But that is exactly what Andrew Cuomo did this week when he signed the RHA. Cuomo’s actions are a public scandal to the Catholic faith and a reminder that we as individual faithful Catholics cannot be complacent or silent in the face of evil.”

“If Andrew Cuomo remains a ‘Catholic in good standing’ after signing this abortion bill,” said Catholic Vote’s Thomas Peters, “then the Church’s institutional witness to life simply has zero teeth and the US bishops have completely abdicated their responsibilities as shepherd of souls. No other way to square it, folks.”

“Pro-life website Life News started a petition on Friday calling for the excommunication of Cuomo from the Church. The petition can be accessed here.”

Cuomo is a Catholic in name only. Devout Catholics do not believe in abortion and therefore those such as Cuomo and Pelosi should be excommunicated. The church is torn over all this when they shouldn’t be. Do the right thing per Christian dogma and excommunicate Cuomo. But don’t look for Cardinal Dolan to do the right thing here.

Through a spokesman, Cardinal Timothy Dolan said that excommunicating the governor is “not an appropriate response.” He went on to say that excommunication is typically called for by frustrated Catholics who are upset. They are upset that you are discrediting the Catholic Church by not excommunicating Cuomo over infanticide. Shame on Cardinal Dolan… he will have to answer for this.


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