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BREAKING: Ted Cruz Attacked Near US Capitol – Makes Them Pay!



There seems to be no place safe for public conservatives to go anymore after the calls for attack party members and administrators has stepped up. This time, it’s gone way too far for Senator Ted Cruz and his wife, who tried to escape the ambush attack from unhinged far leftists and paid a big price before she could make it out the door.

The Senator and his wife were attempting to enjoy a evening out at a nice Washington, DC restaurant, when the night took a dangerous and alarming turn.

The Daily Mail reports:

Protesters ambushed Ted Cruz in a restaurant in Washington DC last night, surrounding his table shouting ‘We believe survivors’, which prompted the Senator and his wife to leave.

The demonstrators were heckling Cruz to protest US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by two women.

Footage shows protesters approaching Cruz in Fiola, a high-end Italian restaurant a few hundred yards from the Capitol, demanding to know his position on Kavanaugh.

One person addresses Cruz directly, saying: ‘I know that you’re very close friends with Mr. Kavanaugh, but do you believe survivors, sir? We believe survivors!’

Another shouts: ‘Vote no on Kavanaugh! ‘Cancel Kavanaugh for women’s rights.’

As the demonstrators surround their table, Cruz and his wife opt to leave the eatery, and can be seen making their way past the angry demonstrators.

The video was posted on Twitter by Smash Racism DC, and captioned: ‘BREAKING.

‘Activists just chased @TedCruz out of a fancy Washington DC restaurant, chanting ‘We Believe Survivors!’

‘Cruz has been friends with creep Kavanaugh for 20 years. Now Cruz is on judiciary committee hearing his testimony. Fascists not welcome! #CancelKavanugh.’

As long as these so-called liberal “protesters” get away with attacking innocent people in public like this, then there will only be more incidents of these vicious ambushes that get worse with every assault. The cops should have stopped this from going this far, when the couple was just trying to enjoy a dinner out together.

This was at a high end establishment, so it leaves one to wonder how these vile protesters were allowed to rush in and wreak such havoc. However, Cruz handled this insane situation perfectly by not giving into their nonsense and making his way out of the restaurant without adding to the incident. He proved the difference in behavior between leftists and conservatives.

Daily Mail continues:

Kavanaugh, 53, a former White House staff secretary to George W. Bush, has been accused of sexual misconduct by two women, with the historical allegations dating back to his high school and college days.

The claims threaten to derail what was seen as an all-but-certain confirmation to the lifelong post on the U.S. top court.

University professor Dr Christine Blasey Ford alleges that a drunken Kavanaugh and another boy shut her in a room and tried to tear her clothes off at a high school beer party in suburban Washington around 1982, when she was 15 and he 17.

On Sunday, The New Yorker dropped a new bombshell, reporting that a second woman was accusing the Washington appeals court judge of sexual misconduct, while they were students at Yale University around 1983-84.

Deborah Ramirez, 53, says Kavanaugh exposed himself to her during a party, thrusting his genitals in her face and causing her to touch them without her consent, according to the magazine.

In response, Kavanaugh launched an aggressive counter-campaign, appearing on Fox News on Monday, vowing to clear his name while appearing to claim his virginity at the time of the accusations as a defense.
With his future and reputation on the line, Kavanaugh stepped up his defense, saying ‘I’ve never sexually assaulted anyone, not in high school, not ever. I’ve always treated women with dignity and respect.’

He also sought to present an image of himself as a strait-laced student devoted to his studies and sports, and declared he was a virgin for much of his youth, apparently as a strategy of defense.

‘I did not have sexual intercourse or anything close to sexual intercourse in high school or for many years thereafter,’ he told Fox News, appearing alongside his wife Ashley ahead of his own Senate testimony due after Ford’s.

‘I’m not going to let false accusations drive us out of this process,’ he added, repeatedly calling for a ‘fair process.’

Trump later tweeted to throw his full weight behind his candidate.

‘The Democrats are working hard to destroy a wonderful man, and a man who has the potential to be one of our greatest Supreme Court Justices ever, with an array of False Accusations the likes of which have never been seen before!’

Democrats have accused Republicans of not conducting a thorough review in their rush to get Mr Kavanaugh confirmed.

They want the FBI to reopen its background investigation of Mr Kavanaugh and look into the allegations against him.

Ms Ford and Mr Kavanaugh are set to testify on Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

With emotions running high, dozens of protesters were removed from the US Capitol for unlawfully demonstrating against the judge’s confirmation.

A spokesperson for the Time’s Up movement later issued a statement calling for Kavanaugh to withdraw: ‘His confirmation would compromise the integrity of the court for generations to come,’ he said.


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