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BREAKING: Man Who Threatened To Put Bullet In Trump’s Head Just Got BRUTAL Dose Of Karma



Any president is known to receive some death threats and to be in danger, but it seems that President Trump has been dealing with this a lot lately. One man in particular was on the run after threatening to shoot the President. Now, law enforcement authorities have done everything in their power to bring him to justice.

Fox News reported,

“The manhunt for a Pennsylvania man who allegedly threatened to “put a bullet” in President Trump’s head has finally ended, officials said Friday.

Shawn Richard Christy, 26, surrendered after being tracked down to a ravine just north of Route 30 in Mansfield, Ohio, about 4:30 p.m., just three hours after the day’s search began, officials said at a press conference.

“He was captured with a firearm on him and the FBI is processing that and he going to be facing further charges on that firearm,” U.S. Marshal Brian Fitzgibbon said. He would not confirm what the firearm was other than it was a pistol believed to have been taken from a property in Pennsylvania.

Christy has been on the run since June 19, after he allegedly threatening John M. Morganelli, the district attorney of Northampton County, Pennsylvania, and Trump in a Facebook post that has since been deleted. “Keep it up Morganelli, I promise I’ll put a bullet in your head as soon as I put one in the head of President Donald J. Trump,” Christy allegedly wrote. A federal warrant was issued for his arrest as a result.

The manhunt for Christy began Sunday afternoon when law enforcement learned he was in Ohio. U.S. Marshal Ann Murphy said that he is facing “numerous charges” and would first appear in federal court in Ohio on Monday. Marshals will then take him back to Pennsylvania to face charges.

“Dog the Bounty Hunter,” whose name is Duane Chapman, said earlier this week that he would be joining in on the search for Christy. But in the end, a different kind of dog got credit for the capture. “It was a police dog,” joked Fitzgibbon. “It was a canine that picked up his scent and took him down.”

WPXI reported,

“Police have arrested a fugitive wanted for threatening President Trump after a three-month manhunt. Shawn Christy, 26, was taken into custody Friday afternoon around 4:30 p.m. in Mifflin Township, Ohio, the U.S. Marshals tell Channel 11 News. Christy, 27, of McAdoo, was found hiding between some large rocks on a streambed and was arrested with a knife and a .380 handgun, the U.S. Marshals say.

In early June, Christy allegedly made threats against Trump, police and a district attorney on Facebook. In additions, Christy had warrants in Pennsylvania for burglary, probation violation, and failure to appear for an aggravated assault case.

In the ensuing weeks and months, law enforcement officials said he’s led them on a chase through several states. “We are most pleased that this case is resolved with Mr. Christy safely in custody and headed back to Pennsylvania to face justice,” said U.S. Marshal for the Northern District of Ohio Pete Elliott. “While he may have exhibited a strong determination to avoid capture, I hope he now understands that U.S. Marshal’s fugitive task forces are resolute and will not stop until they get their man.”

In addition to U.S. Marshals from Ohio and Pennsylvania, the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office assisted with Christy’s capture. K9 Deputy Jeffrey Belback and his federally certified bloodhound, Ranger, were part of the search along with the drone team.”

There were dozens of agents that had been looking for Christy but the scour of vast thickets made it difficult in the woods. A place he was known to frequent. Regardless, agents were able to scour over 55,000 acres of the area near his home.

He had allegedly also stolen several cars. As well as had an invariable number of shotguns and pistols to aid in his cross-border escape. Included in this summation was a stolen pickup truck in Pennsylvania that the police had recovered.

The fugitives path went through various states including Kentucky, West Virginia, as well as New York. There were multiple arrest warrants under his name in the Pennsylvania jurisdiction. Marshall’s put him on high alert after the fugitive said publically that he would use full lethal force if a law enforcement tried to engage him.

In 2011 he pled guilty to harassing attorneys for Palin with hundreds upon hundreds of phone calls that were threatening. As a result, he was sentenced to probably. He spent two years in a federal prison shortly thereafter and when he was released he went to a halfway house in order to abide by the terms of his release but broke it by leaving shortly thereafter again.

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14 Illegals Among The 22 MS-13 Gang Members Charged With Machete Attacks



Is anyone surprised that MS-13 has a large contingent of illegal immigrants in their ranks? If you are, you have not been paying attention. At least 14 of the 22 MS-13 gang members charged with murdering victims with machetes came to the United States as illegal aliens according to Breitbart, who is tirelessly reporting on this as opposed to the fake media.

Last week, 22 Los Angeles-based members of the violent and uber-vicious El Salvadorian MS-13 gang were arrested and charged with a string of gruesome murders that included cases where victims were allegedly hacked with machetes to death and had their hearts cut out from their chests. Neat, huh? And some of these evil demons literally worship Satan. Not a joke.

From Breitbart:

“Records obtained by Breitbart News confirms that of the 22 MS-13 gang members charged with the vicious murders, at least 14 came to the U.S. as illegal aliens. Thirteen of the illegal alien gang members came from El Salvador and one arrived from Honduras.

“In multiple cases, the illegal aliens were ordered to be removed, petitioned to bring relatives to the U.S., were granted or denied work permits, attempted to get asylum, and claimed to be the victims of crimes.

“Four of the 22 gang members were born in the U.S. and granted birthright citizenship, while another four have unconfirmed immigration statuses and are presumed illegal aliens until proven otherwise.

“The case sheds light on how the MS-13 gang has been highly effective in smuggling its members and potential recruits across the U.S.-Mexico border and avoiding deportation by claiming asylum or petitioning for special immigrant visas.

“In some scenarios, illegal alien MS-13 gang members are even released by sanctuary cities. In May, officials with the sanctuary city of Prince George County, Maryland, defended releasing two illegal alien MS-13 gang members who are charged with allegedly murdering a 14-year-old girl, as Breitbart News reported.

“The MS-13 gang is primarily made up of illegal aliens, Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs), and newly arrived immigrants living in the U.S. Today, the gang operates largely in Los Angeles, New York, Virginia, and Washington, DC, but conducts gang activities and drug distribution across at least 40 states and has at least 10,000 members in the country.”

This puts the left’s claim that the downtrodden and those fleeing violence are the ones coming across the border. They bring their violent ways with them and this gang is growing across the United States. They bully and threaten teens in school to join their ranks or they kill them and their families in incredibly gruesome ways. Another reason to get out of the public school system.

Democrats keep claiming these animals are no threat to us. When they start kidnapping, raping, and beheading their family members, I think they will change their tune. But it will be too late by that point and it may already be at the point of no return especially in California.

Charges against these gang members include racketeering, kidnapping, murder, assault, robbery, and numerous other counts. Those arrested are accused of carrying out seven grisly killings over the past two years. These murders include:

  • Six members of the gang suspected the victim of being in a rival gang. They believed he had defaced MS-13 graffiti. They abducted him and drove him to a remote area of the Angeles National Forest. They then killed him with a machete. They dismembered him, cut out his heart and threw his body parts into the canyon.
  • Two members drove a person they believed to be an informant to the same forest and killed him with a machete.
  • Multiple members were involved in the stabbing death of a 26-year-old man. They stuffed him inside a suitcase and dumped it off of the freeway.
  • Members beat an 18-year-old man to death with a baseball bat.
  • Members bludgeoned a 17-year-old girl with a rock and left her remains in the San Gabriel Mountains.
  • Members shot and killed a 34-year-old man. They wanted to see the victim’s tattoos to see if he was from a rival gang.
  • The crime that started the indictment, Brayan Andino was lured by two female gang associates to Lake Balboa. He was then abducted by other gang members. Andino’s body was later found at the bottom of Lopez Canyon.

In an interview with KTLA, Paul Delacourt, assistant director in charge of the FBI field office in LA said:

“We haven’t seen this level of violence associated with MS-13 in Southern California. Many of those accused are young individuals who came to the country within the last four years. They communicated about their crimes through social media, posted photos of themselves online throwing MS-13 hand signs and dealt in narcotics to fund their activities, according to authorities.”

That’s either an outright lie or it’s ignorant to a degree that is frightening. Los Angeles is one of MS-13’s headquarters. Of course that ‘level of violence’ has been seen in Southern California for years.

Law enforcement officials said the two-year spasm of violence was carried out largely by Honduran and Salvadoran immigrants hoping to return MS-13 to its bloody roots. Delacourt said the bloodshed was motivated in part by the group’s desire to make MS-13 less deferential to the Mexican Mafia, which wields influence over most Hispanic and Latino street gangs in the Los Angeles area.

MS-13 has zero-tolerance for members and associates who cooperate with law enforcement. Once MS-13 has evidence that someone has cooperated with law enforcement, by reputation, word of mouth, or by receiving and reviewing law enforcement reports or videos of interviews, MS-13 issues a “green light” on that person, which is an order that if any MS-13 member sees the person who was allegedly or actually cooperating with law enforcement, that person was to be killed on sight.

And yet, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore both stand firm against ICE and are on the side of illegal immigrants, which means they side with MS-13. No wonder so many are fleeing LA.

This gang has a real thing for rape and beheadings as well. If there was ever a domestic terrorist group that needed ‘handling’ it’s these guys.

As Law Enforcement Today put it: “If California was not a sanctuary state, ICE may have been able to remove these individuals prior to them committing these heinous crimes. It is about time the police start policing, politics be damned.” Well put.


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22 MS-13 Gang Members Charged With Machete Murders In California




* By

Just think.. the Democrat party wants these criminals to be able to vote in our elections. This is why it is so important that we take our elections seriously. Elections have serious consequences that can put all of us in danger.

Thank you for this plague on our country, Democrats.

Via Breitbart:

Twenty-two members of the violent El Salvadorian MS-13 Gang in Los Angeles, California have been charged with a string of gruesome murders, often involving members allegedly hacking their victims to death with machetes.

On Tuesday, 22 MS-13 Gang members in the Los Angeles area were charged with murdering seven individuals over the last two years, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced. The murders, prosecutors say, usually involved MS-13 Gang members brutally murdering their victims using machetes and other “medieval-style” tactics.

For example, the indictment states that in one murder, six of the MS-13 Gang members charged kidnapped, choked, and attacked a rival gang member with a machete. The victim had his body parts dismembered and thrown into a canyon. One MS-13 Gang member used his machete to cut the victims’ heart out of his chest.

MS-13 Gang member Fernando Garcia Parada poses for a photo wielding a machete and throwing a gang sign in January 2018. (Department of Justice)

The investigation primarily focused on the Fulton clique, operating in the San Fernando Valley, of the Los Angeles-based MS-13 Gang. Thanks to growing levels of illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border, prosecutors say the clique was gifted with a steady stream of vulnerable, young Central American boys who were eager to become members of the gang. Their initiation to join MS-13 is to murder an individual who is “perceived to be adverse” to the gang.

In other alleged murders detailed in the 78-page indictment, a group of MS-13 Gang members hacked a victim to death with knives and a machete on June 4, 2017. A few months prior, another group of MS-13 Gang members allegedly hacked a victim to death with a machete in the Angeles National Forest. Continue Reading

Read the full Indictment here

Via Department of Justice:

LOS ANGELES – An investigation by federal and local authorities has resulted in a federal racketeering case that charges 22 people linked to the MS-13 transnational gang, most of whom allegedly participated in a series of murders, including several slayings in which victims were hacked to death with machetes in the Angeles National Forest.

A 12-count indictment unsealed Monday afternoon alleges that members and associates of the gang murdered seven people over the last two years. The indictment charges gang leaders who allegedly authorized and coordinated the murders. Also charged are gang members who allegedly murdered and attempted to murder rival gang members, those who were perceived to be cooperating with law enforcement, and, in one instance, a homeless man who was temporarily living in a park controlled by the gang.

The indictment focuses on a particularly violent subset of the gang known as the Fulton clique, which operates in the San Fernando Valley and has recently seen an influx of young immigrants from Central America. Under the influence of these young gangsters, younger associates who wanted to become members of MS-13 were “required to kill an MS-13 rival or someone perceived to be adverse to MS-13 to be initiated into MS-13,” according to the indictment.

In one murder detailed in the indictment, several MS-13 members allegedly targeted a rival gang member who was believed to have defaced MS-13 graffiti. On March 6, 2017, according to the indictment, the rival gang member was abducted, choked, and driven to a remote location in the Angeles National Forest, where six people attacked him with a machete. The victim was dismembered, and his body parts were thrown into a canyon after one of the defendants allegedly cut the heart out of the victim’s body.

The federal RICO case – which was unsealed Monday during arraignments for three defendants who were taken into custody over the past several days in the Los Angeles area – is the product of an investigation by the Los Angeles Metropolitan Task Force on Violent Gangs, which is made up of special agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, officers with the Los Angeles Police Department, and deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. A fourth defendant was arrested over the weekend in Oklahoma. Continue Reading


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