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BREAKING: GOP Senators Wake To Nightmare On Their Personal Cell Phones After Kavanaugh Confirmation



Yesterday was a momentous and historic day on Capitol Hill. Judge Brett Kavanaugh was finally confirmed to the Supreme Court and the left had a monstrous meltdown over it. Personally, I celebrated. But leftists vowed retaliation in more ways than one and their targets included GOP senators who supported Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh was sworn in as the 114th Supreme Court Justice last night. His beautiful family was in attendance as he took the oath. This was a long time in coming and I hope that Justice Kavanaugh savored the victory that he fought so hard for.

The witch hunt against Kavanaugh was by far the dirtiest and most evil one I can remember in my lifetime. It was led by Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer who pulled out every stop to smear and defame a good man and prevent him from becoming a justice simply because of their hatred for President Trump, the Constitution, and conservative principles.

As the confirmation vote took place in the Senate yesterday, leftists screamed and wailed in the gallery. The Sergeant of Arms had to be constantly invoked by Vice President Mike Pence to regain order so the vote could proceed. Thousands of leftists (Or hundreds) gathered outside as did the Capitol Police who did their best to keep order.

Now, in the aftermath of the confirmation and swearing in of Kavanaugh, a number of GOP senators are claiming they are receiving death threats on their personal cell phones. After Ricin was mailed to President Trump and Mattis, and after Ted Cruz’s office received two bogus envelopes with white powder this week, I’m sure they are taking the threats seriously.

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It wasn’t that long ago that a baseball practice with Republicans in attendance was shot up by a crazed leftist. Steve Scalise was wounded grievously in that incident but fought back and is now up and around back at work. But security has to be at the forefront of everyone’s concerns these days. Being a Republican is a dangerous venture with these extremists out there.

As Kavanaugh was confirmed, hysterical liberals cried and screamed at the sky. Now, they are going after Republican senators with death threats.

At least one unnamed senator has evidently told Fox News that senators have been getting death threats text messaged and called into them on their personal phones. According to this senator, this is “unusual.” I certainly would hope so. Only a small trusted group of staffers have the Senators’ personal cell phone numbers.

The Gateway Pundit is saying that Fox News’ Peter Doocy is the one reporting this. He also says that some of the senators who flew home after Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote were accompanied by police for protection.

From FOX News Producer Pat Ward: “Fox News is told by this lawmaker that Senators share each other’s contact info through a small pocket-sized book issued at the beginning of each Congress, generally only issued to a small and trusted group of staffers.” If true, they need to find out who is leaking their information and fast.

This is low even for leftists. It’s a small step from a threat to action. I hope all Republicans are being provided with security these days.

Earlier this week during the Kavanaugh hearings Capitol Police arrested and charged a Democrat staffer named Jackson Cosko with making public restricted personal information. He doxxed at least three Republican senators: Mike Lee, Orin Hatch, and Lindsey Graham.

Doxxing is when you release the personal information of someone without their permission or knowledge. He posted home addresses, home phones and cell phones on Wikipedia. Cosko faces charges of witness tampering, threats in interstate communications, unauthorized access of a government computer, 2nd-degree burglary and unlawful entry. He could get up to 50 years for his fiendishness.

Among those getting the most death threats this week is Senator Susan Collins (R-ME). Multiple Twitter users said they wished to “punch” Sen. Collins. At least one person on Twitter issued a death threat.

Then someone named Austin Caylor said Collins should kill herself: “@SenatorCollins your are a traitor and a p.o.s. You have sold out every women in the country. If only you were capable of shame maybe you would kill your horrible self. You don’t deserve to call yourself a representative of anyone. Shame on you.” Others called her profane names and others said they would welcome her death.

I hope that the Secret Service is addressing these threats as well as the FBI. No senator should have to awaken to the nightmare of having a death threat texted or phoned to them. Their families are being threatened as well. This does not end anywhere good for anyone out there. The left is courting severe consequences by pushing violence like this.


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